April 22, 2024

Tilted Justice, Courts Reformed for Globalization

It seems typically clear that there are many litigations in the last 3 years, since Covid 19 started. However, Main Stream Media seems to only tell tales of the “preferred” context of cases, especially against Ford which is anything but everything to-do with the Covid 19 plandemic and its intrusive mandates that were designed and implemented to destroy small to medium sized businesses and strip the average Joe and Jane of their rights, specifically their rights to mobility, medical privacy, the choice to refuse vaccines, especially the experimental Covid Vaxx, or any other medical procedures that includes experimental covid testing. If you review an old article in 2021, Ford had many battles in court for everything under the sun, including climate change, electric cars, student unions, carbon tax, etc., which leaves no doubt in anyone who was awake that they were concealing all those other cases, stemming from vendors that were not allow to conduct business whilst paying taxes for their business locations, that some municipalities deferred, but never forgave, placing these unfortunate businesses in further debt. Some say there was relief money payable to these businesses, but when it all came down to earth, just proved to be simply prolonging an agonizing death for most vendors that were struggling before Covid 19 and its redundant lockdowns. When logic surfaces, it reveals the total non-necessity of the intrusive lockdowns simply because they allowed large conglomerates and corporations to continue peddling their brand of goods and services, uninterrupted.

Electric cars are anything but new and has been a fiasco since the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car“, stating that Major auto manufacturers were ready to distribute the electric cars for sale but for some mysterious reason, destroyed these autos and went back to the fossil fueled engines. Could this be a purposeful market manipulation orchestrated by the elitists? More then reasonably likely. However, they can do whatever they like, at our expense because if you were to buy an electric car today, you would be looking at $50,000 to $70,000, purposely making them unaffordable to the average family to purchase, thus pushing the 15-minute city idealism to restrict everyone’s movement to a small piece of real-estate, overpriced of course, to keep you enslaved to an ideal that is great for the wealthy, but enslaving for the middle class and the poor. But what about all those other court cases that they keep pre-maturely throwing out or bullying into non-continuance? The fact is there are several cases for people that lost their jobs because of enforced mandates via our trusty provincial governments serving the interests of Her Majesty and the elitists. Because all in all, their attitudes about the masses is that we are an expendable commodity, or that attitude at its infamous worst, useless eaters, which has actually become a philosophy. The way they win these cases is simple. They know the average Joe or Jane has limited amounts of cash and usually cannot last in a court battle beyond the first tier of that court case, therefore will most likely not appeal. Thus they will throw out the case for any reason at all, perhaps you wore a color the judge disliked. But in reality, it is an agenda to dispel the masses, forcing them to accept the inevitable, or at least that is the motivation they thrive upon to win.

There are so many of these cases happening that the court systems are flooded with unconstitutional rights violation suits, led by entities like Action for Canada, Vaccine Choice Canada, Constitutional Rights Center of Ontario. Go to anyone of these sites and you will see what they are doing to restore Canadian’s constitutional rights that have been stripped away by enforced covid restrictions that had no legal basis in the first place, only that those who were afraid complied to this top-down overreach in the name of globalization, coerced into experimental vaccines and toxic testing procedures.

All one has to do is look at the purposely inflated housing market. Just for a story and a half home in an average to seedy location in most cities goes for a quarter to a half a million dollars. With a 25% down payment required by most banks, it is clear the housing market has been purposely manipulated to steer away that newly wed couple, forcing them to pay unreasonable rent, forsaking that couple’s dream of having a family, or at least, having a decent house to bring up that family. That in itself shows the motives of these criminals that populate our governments and house of commons. Hey, they just gave themselves a fat raise! Did they deserve this raise? Not on your shortened life they did.

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