October 3, 2023

Mixing a Slurry of Gender Diversity, Grooming the Sexual Landscape

LGBT and SOGI 123 programs, seemingly, without counter from the majority of parents, has established its curriculum within our learning institution corridors. There has been widespread criticism from religious groups, however, not enough to stop this sexual methodology from infiltrating our grade schools. In fact, the quieter it becomes, the more likely it will survive, indoctrinating your child with this redundant information. LGBTQ has become a target within the schools more than a protection against those children that have embraced a certain sexual diverseness, either through choice or grooming. In reality, within the school corridors, perhaps 1 to 2 percent of children make this choice, supposedly without any suggestive behavior from this child’s home environment or sexual abuse within the home or from relatives that frequent the child’s household, perhaps abusing this child without the parental notice of that household. The reality is, sexual or incestual abuse occurs in 1 out of every 3 households. Whether it is from the blood parents, stepparents, adoptive parents, or some other relative, neighbor, stranger, or sibling, secrecy of these events ensure that this abuse will continue. Eventually, the child will leave the home to avoid this abuse, and this is when the child is the most vulnerable to street predators who will encourage this child to “hit the streets” for survival via prostitution. With this comes drug abuse that will include highly addictive drugs like fentanyl and other opiates ensuring this child will continue the prostitution to remain “high” out of physical need (dependency)

The governments of today seemingly endorse these programs that will influence our youths that gender diversity is natural. In reality, sexual diversity is a natural response to an unnatural habitat. Anyone that has knowledge about animal husbandry knows that if you eliminate the males from any flock, whether it would be birds, cattle, sheep, etc., one or more of these females will naturally assume that male role. Even though reproduction is futile, this still occurs, no matter if it is in captivity or in the wild. In flocks of all males, some of the males will become submissive to the more dominant males, providing a simulated but reluctant female role. It seems to be a problem that nobody wants to attack on the root level, where this behavior began, however it is well known and mostly ignored.

IF a child is that confused about their sexual identity, placing protections about that child’s diversity and exploiting this fact may not be the answer. In reality, in the boor huddle of the student body, ridicule is always an issue and targets those who are “different”. LGBT and such programs unintentionally center these children out for ridicule. That is human nature when forced into an enclosed huddle of competition, something our outmoded school systems provide in abundance. The “group” will always “push” out the ones that are labeled “outcasts”, thus making LGBT and like programs futile and more damaging to the sexually divertive child.

Bill 5599 in the USA provides a slim bandage to this damaging situation when the child ends up on the street, whereby leaving this to self-proclaimed experts that are usually just order followers to make the decision whether to engage the parents or ignore the parents in this crucial decision-making time. Mixing these children in with the “common rabble” in a homeless shelter will cause more damage than can be imagined and can set these youths into a precarious path of self-destruction and sexual exploitation. Other facilities must be established for housing to keep these youths that are deemed out of the parental jurisdiction and must be monitored by an independent, non-profit body of experts who does not gain one way or another. This will ensure that the parent will be re-integrated back with the youths, with the youth’s agreement in a timely fashion, safe from grooming, exploitation or bullying that will most certainly occur in a homeless shelter or like establishments.

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