October 3, 2023

Evidence Suggests 5G is Harmful, and shares a Direct Connection with Sars Covi II Symptoms

Since the incident in Wuhan China in the fall of 2019, where people were mysteriously dropping to the street, there has been suspicions that 5G had an impact on this specific event, when the 5G launch in Wuhan commenced that late summer. Sceptics were quick to discredit this theory and ever since, these incidents were tidily swept away, pointing the finger at the notorious Sars Covi II virus that later in December 2019 surfaced, ultimately causing the worldwide pandemic that started in March 11th, 2020. It would seem to be a well-orchestrated discovery of this virus, just in the nick of time, to point the finger at anything other than Big Telecom and its worldwide launch of 5G. Many 5G companies based in China were competing against Big Telecom companies in the USA (Trump signs laws, Boosting 5G), racing to get their versions of 5G to market. Although Wuhan (Huawei) won that race when they launched their first commercial services upon the public in Wuhan China, the stigma of some people dropping to the streets would loom over their victory for quite some time after, even though the Sars Covi II virus was in the limelight. Ridiculously, 5G developer, Huawei, in desperation, stated in Jan 2020 that they were erecting towers within the city’s (Wuhan) interior to help combat coronavirus (covid 19).

Why the sudden concern in the fall of 2021? 5G was never tested in isolated areas and studies were never performed by any of these Telecom Companies to determine if 5G was safe to release on the public.

“During an exchange with wireless industry representatives, Blumenthal asked them whether they have supported research on the safety of 5G technology and potential links between radiofrequency and cancer, and the industry representatives conceded they have not.” -News Room, Richard Blumenthal

But in 2020, it was apparent that 5G was being implemented quickly throughout every city and community in Canada and United States. Even though Mom and Pop shops, small to medium sized businesses were closed down during the pandemic lockdowns, somehow, Big Telecom was able to launch and continue to erect tower after tower of 4G and 5G elements within the city’s interior, placing these 5G transceivers on hospitals, apartment buildings, long term health care facilities, old folks’ homes, etc. These towers were also placed prominently near colleges, universities, malls, fairgrounds, low-income housing and residential areas. Infact, you would be hard pressed to not see one very close to your neighborhood if you looked up and took notice.

Curiously, even though Big Telecom never researched the possible ill effects of 5G, several independent studies were performed well before 2020, all stating that 5G was not safe because of the high frequency (60 gigahertz), millimeter wave spectrum emitted via satellites by carrier and towers of transceivers on earth. The reason for the many towers within the community interior is because these millimeter waves cannot travel greater than a distance of 500 feet, thus requires a high saturation of transceivers within all communities to make this technology useful. The issue that arises is the EMF radiation emitted from these towers that are now placed very close to all residents in the cities, especially close to our most vulnerable. If you live close to any cellular tower, no matter what generation of service it emits, your chance of cancer dramatically increases. However, 5G, because of its use of the higher, once restricted millimeter wave spectrum, brings with it, a new array of issues and health concerns.

60 gigahertz is the oxygen absorption spectrum and in turn heats up the oxygen molecule, destroying its magnetic properties, and when breathed in, will not attach to your hemoglobin, failing to carry this oxygen to the most vital parts of the body, mainly the brain. This can produce a hypoxia state where the person begins to suffocate, similar to high altitude sickness. Strangely, during the pandemic in 2020, many people were subjected to intubation, during the mass implementation of 5G. Some doctors came forward stating that the symptoms of this failure to breathe was more related to high altitude sickness and not ARDS, a symptom that was allegedly caused by Sars Covi II.

The paper “Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G“, located on the NIH website discusses these relationships. However, these relationships are correlated as a combination of the Sars Covi II virus and the 5G emissions and EMF radiation. This paper is careful not to eliminate the Sars Covi II virus, factoring in 5G’s EMF radiation as an amplifier, worsening the symptoms produced by the Sars Covi II virus. In fact, this paper strongly suggests that 5G shares the exact symptoms of Sars Covi II which is Covid 19. The worst of these symptoms would be mainly the hypoxia and the heart related issues including myocarditis. The failure to account for the nine pages of side effects produced by the Pfizer Covid vaccines, which warns of heart related issues and myocarditis, seems suspicious.

Nevertheless, this paper suggests the most important issue, which is, 5G technology needs to be placed under the magnifying glass via serious independent studies to ensure it is a safe technology, especially when its transceivers are carelessly placed within the interiors of all our cities, radiating everyone that resides in close proximity to these towers of transceivers and streetlamps. Whether or not you believe that the Sars Covi II virus exists, you should be strongly concerned with 5G and its implementation by demanding your city’s councillors and mayor to initiate independent studies concerning 5G.

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