April 22, 2024

The Dogma of the Corruptive Rule of Overreach

Daniel Bulford, a former RCMP officer and Trudeau sniper guard, testified at the National Citizens Inquiry about his experiences of the law enforcement involved during the Freedom Convoy that took place in early 2022, after cancelling their movement that was scheduled during September, October 2021. Why was the freedom Convoy cancelled in 2021? Only one can speculate, however, if they were to have protested in October 2021, just before Trudeau’s political slam, things may have turned out quite different. During November, December 2021 Trudeau attempted the mass enforcement of the vaccine, stating no one could travel by a plane or a train in Canada unless they succumbed to the vaccine, hence the vaccine passport system they were desperately trying to implement across Canada, utilizing employers to “push” this Vaccine policy through. Of course, it ultimately did not succeed and ironically, the Freedom Convoy, which was just a conservative flagship, resumed their Convoy to Ottawa, after the trench battle involving people who had the grit to stand up to this massive government overreach was well over. These were mainly employees that challenged these Covid policies that employers were implementing, November 1st, 2021, in line with Trudeau’s travel restrictions pushing the vaccination passport. Most of these employees lost their jobs and are still fighting to get them back. It is little known that the Freedom Convoy was well on their way towards Ottawa in September 2021, so close in fact, that they were approximately 15 hrs. of driving from Ottawa, mysteriously turning around, disappointing supporters in many communities that were awaiting their arrival with food and welcome galas. Why the sudden change of strategy? One can only speculate again, but, to the logical mind, it would be a purposeful withdrawal to accommodate this Government overreach as in, controlled opposition? It is clear that the Conservatives and the Liberals have drunk the “Kool aid” of globalism. The only question remains is what party gets to be in power during this transition from Patriotism to Globalism. Presumably, Tamara Lich was elected as the Freedom Convoy Leader? That is why when her name started surfacing more and more during the beginning of the infamous but late trucker storm on our Canadian Capital in 2022, after the trench battle was lost in the fall of 2021, that no trucker really knew who Tamera was? Self-appointed, or elected? Speculation once again? It is clear there was an agenda by placing her as their so-called leader, but her rise to becoming the leader is somewhat sketchy at best.

Daniel Bulford’s testimony reveals that the RCMP, and other Canadian law enforcement agencies, were abusing their powers pertaining to the trucker movement as a whole, and other protests about Covid 19 restriction related activities. He said that the basis of his testimony was from a collection of evidence and facts he revealed during his extensive research into the subject matter that focused on the abuse of power by constables, fueled by the executive, or so called “higher ups” that were encouraging the dismissal and ignorance towards evidence and complaints that were abusive to people’s (employee’s) rights, and a blatant purposeful ignorance to the constitution of Canada, all in the name of the experimental vaccine, as to “how many arms can they penetrate” with these injections. Daniel Bulford refused the vaccine like many others, and the end result was termination. Because of his spotless service record and explementary tenure, when it came down to the extreme government overreach pertaining to the Covid vaccine and restrictions, he was treated no different than anyone else that refused to cooperate. Most likely his investigations into these matters also played a large role leading up to his dismissal.

During his investigation into the covid vaxx, he found surface data about the injection on the Health Canada website, as was, the WHO, CDC, and others, which provided nothing more to make an informed decision. Because of the lack of accountability nor acknowledgement to the already known side effects, like thrombosis, blood clotting, myocarditis, etc., pushed his investigation forward for answers whether or not this vaccine was safe, or even efficacious. However, fact sheets obtained from Moderna, Pfizer, etc., listed some of these side effects caused by the vaccines during their brief trials in 2020 when “Operation Warp Speed” was afoot.

Typically, any vaccine before 2020 took at least five years to approve as safe by the FDA. Strangely, these benchmarks were obliterated in favor of the “flash in the pan” ideology of the mRNA and its computer program-based theology as in, “virtual simulation” of a virus that has never been “physically” isolated. Although the governments around the world, including every province in Canada, were assuring that this vaccine was safe because it was approved by the FDA and like bodies, they did not emphasize that it was approved as an “experimental vaccine” and caution should have been exercised by anyone that agreed to these experimental injections. This was and still is, a hugely imposed negligence by the government and its mainstream media. What was even more blatant was the fact that, because it was an experimental vaccine, waives anybody’s rights who agreed to take the vaccine as to litigation for compensation in the event they experienced any side effects from the experimental vaccine, no matter how severe. However, even though a first-year lawyer could prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this negligence was apparent during this mass immunization, there is zero accountability from those who recommended or coerced this vaccine as in “informed consent”. In other words, surface information stating it was 95% efficacious, ignoring all the possible side effects that were of record, does not constitute “informed consent”.

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