March 2, 2024

We are Being Tossed into the Dry Well of Moral Turpitude

Every so often in our lives we are met at the doorstep, by those who want to strip away your harmony that you have worked to keep for your family. We are met by these culprits on occasions that seemingly we are in need of outer intervention, however it is not their management we seek, it is within ourselves we have to sought, and come up with a solution. Government has assumed this most unscrupulous role, knowing that people are seeking direction. They are confused and want solace that everything will be “Ok”, a similar solace we as children may have received from a parent comforting us in times of woe.

Make no mistake that the Government is assuming this role for their own self-preservation, and they are using this exact weakness to dominate you and your family, making you believe that somehow, you need their intervention to survive. Thus, those who are seduced into this belief, that the Government is there to protect you, are being led into this dry well of distain, which will lead to ultimately, their own death, by their own choosing, and once the cap of the dry well closes shut, blocking all sunlight of illumination, they will freely give their soul away in exchange for this illusive solace that was ultimately in their control in the first place. The confusion started with the so-called Pandemic in 2020; in basics, an asset stripping operation that featured the attempted demise of small to medium sized businesses, and the prosperity of the average Joe and Jane, the masses, forcing them to default on their mortgages and loans, stealing their equity by repossession.

John Kerry, a well-known Climate Change advocate and American politician, believes North America should cease its farming endeavors in order to save the planet from un-natural global warming, a phenomenon that has never been proven, however advocated by scientists on the payroll of the World Economic Forum, an organization funded and controlled by the wealthiest families on the planet. It is not hard to determine why this would be part of their climate agenda because United States (North America) is the largest food exporter on the planet. Control the food and you control the planet. And that is exactly why the WEF wants to cripple the US economy; to starve the world out and bring them to their knees. They believe this will save the planet. But if you read between the lines, it has nothing to do with saving people, who have become an expendable resource, starting with the free countries of the world. Get rid of the freedom minded first, and depopulation would be much more efficient, because in their view, those in fascist regimes will not show too much retaliation.

Global warming is a natural phenomenon and will continue to warm whether we like it or not, even if we cease all activities said to contribute to global warming. The real question is why? Why now are all these climate gurus crawling out of the woodwork? Why were a lot of these climate experts involved in the deforestation of many rain forests? Could that be a reason why the carbon issue has come to a head? Because they eliminated far too much rain forests that used to absorb the CO2 and produce oxygen? All in the name of profit and the same environmentalists were caught with their hands in the cookie jar (see the movie (Planet of Humans).

Could it be that the population has crashed beyond 8 billion? If anyone knows about that magic number, then you know about the elitist’s worry and what is to follow when that number crashed beyond 8 billion. (Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030). Depopulation is their goal, and the masses are in the crosshairs. In 1974, the population was about 4 billion, and now it has doubled, 49 years later. India and China have contributed to this number more than any other country, yet for some reason, North America is the prime target for all these climate games and depopulation schemes. In any event, greed is a human emotion and seemingly shared by the elitists in abundance. Most of the CO2 emissions come from strip mining and large polluting corporations that turn their scrubbers off when it gets dark enough to cloak the emissions spewing into the atmosphere. We can pretend that it is not so, but it would only serve the better part of the elitist’s fantasy that they deserve residence on this planet more than anyone else.

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