March 3, 2024

Globalists Do not Work on Weekends?

During the start of the Pandemic, the Lockdown Coalition of the willing, I noticed something that was disturbing, but also, relieving as time passed during this mass suppression of our rights. Although they were working overtime attempting to make all of this restriction appear to be on the level, there was one common denominator that was consistent. So consistent that one could set their closet rebellion schedule by this elitist phenomenon. Elitist and Globalists, who are one of the same, “Do not Work on Weekends“, ever. In all actuality, many of us “peasants” got a taste of the good life, that is, the ones who had the grit to stand up to their employers and told them to “shove” their covid mandates and policies, and were summarily either discharged, suspended without pay, or the most famous, placed on an unpaid, involuntary leave of absence until they complied to the top-down Governmental overreach.

An overreach that pushed Covid mandates and untested, unproven vaccines via the Provincial or State governments that were not actually decrees, only surface legislation, skipping all legislative procedures to pass this into an actual law, using the so-called “Health Emergency” based on an unproven, never isolated virus that never really killed many people, if any at all. Labour lawyers commented that companies were placing themselves into huge liabilities adopting these mandates for their company because when all the dust settles, it is just a strong case for wrongful dismissal or the illusive, “Constructive Dismissal” where they do not really fire or discipline you. They just put you into an unpaid limbo indefinitely. Thus, people that were displaced in this manner also got “weekends off” from the tyranny, and a whole lot more to conduct their research on a pandemic that really had no merit.

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