May 31, 2023

As far as these experimental mRNA vaccines go, informed consent is fairly sketchy, and if you talk to anyone who has submitted to these vaccines and boosters, they do not recall anyone who was pushing the vaccine, informing them of the numerous risks involved, only that, “the benefits outweigh the risks”. This statement has become a household phrase that is supposed to pacify any reluctance to take this experimental vaccine.

Further investigation of these mRNA vaccines reveals the use of many heavy metals, one in particular, Graphene Oxide, which has been deemed as the best delivery ingredient by many big pharma claims. However, further analysis of graphene oxide shows that it is indeed toxic to the human system, some humans more than others. Further, Graphene Oxide acts as an antenna once in the system that will attract electro-magnetic waves, especially millimeter waves (5 and 6G) to the human body that are small enough to enter our skin cells. If this is not bad enough, this substance can act as an electromagnet that will temporarily make the body that has just received this experimental vaccine attract metal objects.

Logic tells anyone that this is a definite side effect that was not properly informed to the recipient of this mRNA experimental vaccine. I can go on and on of the numerous anomalies produced by this experimental vaccine but that is something that is better to leave to your “own research”. It is out there and if you dig a little, you will find all kinds of information on these subjects, as to what is in this vaccine. For a lack of a better description, it is the “Hienz 57” of all vaccines ever developed.

This article is really about “informed consent”, and if you were not properly informed, you were duped into these experimental injections. Pfizer via the FDA, who also was pushing this experimental vaccine, was court ordered to release all documents that reveals all the potential diseases and side effects. Pfizer and the FDA attempted to hide these documents for 75 years but was court ordered to release this information. Other manufacturers, for this experimental injection, essentially use the same technology and ingredients to make their versions of these experimental vaccines, thus you can probably be assured that the number of side effects and diseases will be in the relative ballpark as Pfizer. This document can be viewed here. The list starts after page 29. Disclaimer: Because of the numerous mRNA batches and the possibility of placebo injections randomly being used to ensure confidence and recommendation, encouraging others to follow suit and take these mRNA experimental vaccines, The South Gillies Hound recommends using this information objectively.

The bottom line is, even if there were just a handful of side effects and diseases involved, you as an intelligent person would want to know as in, “informed consent”. If your doctor advised you to take these experimental vaccines, then, time to get a new doctor. The truth is; if informed consent was never produced before taking these experimental injections, then liability definitely follows those who neglected to provide anyone with the required “informed consent”.

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