Homophobic, or Heterophobic?

Where the Hell is Levis Quebec?

When I was a small boy, my mother divorced my father for another man, took my two sisters and moved to eastern Ontario, then later Quebec where she stayed in Levis Quebec (among other places). At this time, my brother and I was living at my Aunts because my father moved to the states to work with a construction company and once settled, would retrieve us to live with him.

But before that happened, my mother decided that she was to bring us to Levis to live, so away we went. Being a 11 year old boy, was excited and pumped up from the tales my mother told my brother and I about how great it was going to be with all of us together again. That story overall is very complex and vexing, so I will not explore that here. We later moved from the three room shanti where we all lived to Quebec city (across the river) to a much larger, very old colonial styled house and lived there for three years.

Wow, this Place is, err, Different

Here is where I was exposed to an array of people. Very different from the people that I knew back home. My mother was friends with several prostitutes. I guess that was because we lived in a very seedy, economically challenged area where a number of the women her age were either prostitutes or strippers, or both. We also met a lot of musician types because my mother’s live in spouse was a musician by profession.

There I was exposed to homosexual men for the first time. I did not know what a homosexual was, but was taught very fast when a male homosexual (one of the musicians) was attempting to convince me to touch his “lump” on his lower end of his stomach. Just as I was about to appease his request, my mother saw and heard what was happening and chased the man out of the house furiously. Then she gave me the facts of life about homosexuals.

Being young, I barely caught on what was being explained only that I was to keep my distance from those types of men when alone. This man was one of the musicians that was working with my mother’s spouse at the time. I was amazed after I understood what he attempted to do, that he was still allowed in our home, even for rehearsals.

The Good, The Bad, and the Phobic

I guess that should of given me a case of homophobic tendencies, but being a child, forgot about the incident very quickly and continued to live as a normal child, as normal as the circumstances of that area would allow. But now as an adult, I do not understand the term “homophobic” anymore then I understood fully what that man attempted to do to me when I was a child. If he was successful in his attempt, I may of been living a very different life, either traumatized from sexual abuse, or simply becoming a homosexual due to the influence that would of been imposed.

Is that being homophobic? I do not think so. There bad homosexuals and there are good homosexuals. There are good lesbians and bad lesbians. There are good bisexuals and bad bisexuals. Just as there are good heterosexuals and bad heterosexuals. I know there many more classifications like, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, transvestites, etc. But for the purpose of this discussion, I think I mentioned the adequate groups. Of course, there would be some people that would attempt to explain that mans behavior, but in the end, it was pretty plain he was trying to sexually abuse a child. And, there are heterosexuals and other mentioned and unmentioned groups that also sexually abuse children.

There is a movement now, depending what side of the fence you sit, to empower homosexuality, lesbianism and bisexualism as a mode of acceptable behavior. It is very obvious, and seems to accepted, and most do not seem to have a problem with this empowerment. In fact, the term bisexualism seems more fitting because since this empowerment, people on both sides of the fence that have never drifted before, have drifted back and forth in experimentation. Freedom of sexual preference.

To Birth or not to Birth, That is the Question

Large criticism of Russia discouraging the empowerment of homosexuals and lesbians has developed in recent years. What is the real reason for Russia’s scrutiny of these groups? They want people to act in a heterosexual manner to reproduce their dwindling population. The fact that they have more women then men would put a lot more scrutiny on homosexual behavior , strongly encouraging all men to reproduce with women, rather then pursue a same sex relationships that cannot reproduce naturally.

In countries that do not have that population issue, rather having too high of a birth rate, like countries in North America, encourage same sex relationships for the opposite reason. To cull the birth rate. But, again , some would argue that the Russia regime is nasty and hates homosexuals and lesbians. I say, I doubt it is that simple. That attitude works well for countries in North American, trying to revive the old communism, capitalism rivalry, especially with capitalism now being viewed as outworn, and just plain lopsided towards the 1 percenters and the wealthy. What is so hilarious about that argument is that Russia is not communist anymore.

A Word to Cull For

Being a heterosexual, do I care that homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals can now, in many places, marry and adopt or have children using a surrogate or artificial insemination? No, why would it bother me? I do not really care what they do as long as they do it in an ethical, and responsible manner, free of abuse. But the term homophobic has got to go, because it is a term that is clearly created to cause upheaval between the same sex relationships and the heterosexual relationships. I would also say, if you are gay and use this term, then you are heterophobic.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on October 22, 2015

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