Pied Pipers and Master Bards, Leading you into the “Valley of Death”

As we attempt to begin our lives in the direction we were headed before the plandemic, watching mainstream TV again, as if they have justified the last 3 years of deception and dissent to our rights and freedoms, watching a sexually divertive halftime during your favorite indoctrinating sporting event, pushing more propaganda through your well trained, brainwashed mind, as you sit back and snap open a cold one, your favorite brain honing elixir, choking back the thick smoke from a doobie of your freshly bought, legal weed, thinking how free you are, living the “Free Life Illusion”, so long as you can get a beer and a joint of your favorite high test that, was gown in a hydroponics lab by a former meth lab cook who was busted a few years ago, and now released and retrained as a weed horticulturist, growing more intense weed, to keep the public stupefied and “Lame in the Brain”, at the same time, pacified from all the intense EMF radiation propagated about, thinking that all the censorship laws being devised, is solely to stop medical misinformation and accusations about genocide, using experimentally approved vaccines for something no more than the common cold, a reaction the body takes when exposed to intense EMF radiation, that they are imposing via 5G and other cellular generations of technology 24-7.

Doctors, nurses, or whomever else endorsed this killer vaxx, at least the ones with a conscience, are moving to Switzerland, thinking if they reside near the “World Economic Forum”, world based location, they will evade justice, once the public figures out WTF is up, just like the Nazi’s did, when they were squeezed out of Germany by the Allied Forces who were funded by the elitists, who were also funding the Nazi’s, just in the remote case they won the war, so they could continue to profit from the death camps and slave labor, fabricating their products for a mere fraction of the price they would have to pay a person in a self-deceptive, self-governing society, or better put, a democratic, capitalist system.

Thus as they kayak and take pleasure in their illusive freedoms enjoyed, riding on the coattails of the WEF, hoping that they will stamp out those nasty masses and put them in death camps, better known as FEMA camps, to eradicate the lot of them, ensuring there is enough resources kept for the elitists and them, their slaves, so they can maintain their lavish lifestyle, being guaranteed as more people drop dead from the vaccine, watching the obituaries in every town or city bloat, reporting record deaths for that week, meanwhile thinking that the masses are too stupid to figure it out, mistaking that it is due to the baby boomers.

All good things come to an end, even for the elitists, as they sit in the White Room, populated by the most indoctrinated world leaders, or simply put, self centered and greedy, sit in their white housecoats, at a glass table, lit by only candlelight, ensuring no spies can infiltrate and leave with evidence, being they are all nude underneath these white housecoats, as they plan what to do with that 10 to 15 percent of people that just do not buy their scams and indoctrination, who they cannot bribe or coerce via blackmail. However, election time is coming, and not a moment too soon, so they can distract the stupefied with lies that Trump is some sort of Elitist martyr in the wings, who will save America from these “freedom orientated democrats”, who, at the moment, seem to allow extra freedoms to illegal immigrants and sexually divertive individuals, at the same time, attempting to stomp out freedom of choice (vaccines) or freedom of speech, speech against the experimental “killer” vaccine, which is described erroneously, by all governments of the world, as safe and efficacious, saying the benefits outweigh the risks, continuing the lie and production of more vaxxes and boosters, continuing the coercion and deception that people persist to buy, having no clue of what is really happening. Even if they catch a glimpse of the truth, they run home to their 70 inch screen and continue the indoctrination to make them feel right again, that everything is normal and hunky dory.

And if they do venture into the restricted zone of the so called truth movement, they will be even more indoctrination and misdirected by organizations like the JCCF, the RCMP infiltrated Trucker Convoy, and other constitutional rights centers, that are only in it for the bursas fueled by donations and court cases funded by the small to medium sized businesses who were being stomped out by the municipal governments, who are bought and paid for by Bloomberg and other WEF associated organizations who own all the newspapers, large or small, controlling the advertising of the small to medium sized businesses, who revived the century old “League of Municipalities” for their own selfish ends and control, ensuring that small to medium sized businesses bleed more and more, at the hand of their own Municipality, if they do not cooperate with the farce lockdowns, meanwhile charging every small to medium sized businesses full taxes, ensuring to bury them in more and more debt, as they curtail their ability to conduct business with the public, ensuring their slow and agonizing death. So as people pay $40.00 to see Tamara Lich perform, attempting to popularize the RCMP infiltrated Trucker Convoy, or pay $90.00 to $130.00 to see a personality from the JCCF talk about our disintegrating rights, or pay $19.99 for your copy of the “Freedom Passport”, whilst filling their so call charitable bursas so they can all “get paid” to tell something that you can see as plain as the next phony freedom advocate with a price tag intruding, right in your face, they will go down in history as folk heroes, or more like pied pipers leading you astray, and selling out your rights for a few donations and a price of a ticket, to keep them doing what they are doing as controlled opposition. Sounds like greasy advocates to the shamdemic? You Betcha!

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The Great Forest GumperFickle, a CBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and other mainstream production, Perpetuating Gender Confusion

Watching Mainstream media is a real challenge, and for the last 25 years, it has dipped to abysmal depths in pursuit of the all mighty ratings. For people that actually still watch mainstream news, or anything else for that matter, would be a real stigma to their reputation, as in, would anything they utter in a sentence, whole or in part, be their own willful idea? Or would it be programming they received that evening, ringing out, hurting the tender ears of those who have broken free from this programming and propaganda.

Not only does this propaganda assaults one’s intellect, like steel claws scraping on the  old style, slate chalkboard, the retro instrument of brainwashing and misinformational education, it creates “mutants of the monster”, the monster being “Big Government ideology and values”. Values that change with the current marketing campaign of the biggest funders and lobbyists representing the largest conglomerations, which spoon-feed anyone stupid enough to consume, their propaganda pabulum of the stupefied.

Indeed this manipulated educational system taught us our ABC’s and Mathematics, but always contained the governmental “Easter Egg” of instructional idiocy and compliance. This seemingly is accepted by the working parent who barely has time to scrutinize the curriculums subjected to their children that are sent to school, which in reality is used as a daycare so they do not have to be responsible for their child’s safety when pursuing the 9 to 5 slave driven job that just perpetuates more indoctrination that solidifies his young son’s or daughter’s request to become the opposite sex, treated now as trivial as getting a couple of D grades on their report card with a “try to do better” standard lecture, and encouragement to become that opposite sex, if that is really what their young offspring really wants to do, so long as the parent does not have to pay for the surgery, and their current health care insurance will cover the transition.

As random as it may seem, although it would appear, as you are driving down the street on your way home from the supermarket, that sold you a couple of boxes of Sexual Diversify styled breakfast cereal, that hooked you on the rainbow colors all over the box, not realizing it is more propaganda to enable your child to, in basics, become a sexless drone, trained to do the bidding for the elitists and their spawned scum offspring, that will certainly be allowed to repopulate the earth with their own line of greedy, self-serving derelicts, that in the end, will perpetuate the extinction of the human race.

Carl Marx developed the ideology of Socialism in its purest form, untouched, sublime, explaining how all men and women in a community can be equal and receive an equal share of the spoils, so long as they participated in one shape or another to the society as a whole, as in, in part of their labor, efforts and skills to contribute to the society’s sustainment. This ideal of course, was perverted into communism, which in basics, is the same thing, ergo, contains a ruling military class which had absolute control over this army and the society underneath. Very similar to Monarchy, wouldn’t you say? This of course, was the ruling’s class answer to Marxism, that transpired into Marxist Leninism, whereby a parliamentary rule of the “parties”, whereby the Party in control had absolute rule over the army, hence over the populist enslaved into that societal philosophy of party dominance, and submission, being the worker’s state really had nothing to say about anything, only continued to toil for the restructured elitists. From there, of course, Stalin took this newly conspired, dictatorial Government and created the Military Elitist, hence communist state.

This is why when certain so called truthers always draw the Marxism Card, when in reality, do not have a clue of the political scientology it sprouted, merely spouting off, that anything that is non-capitalistic like, is Marxism, Marxist-Leninism, or socialism, as in Communism, as if they were all the same thing, when clearly, they have little to do with each other, rather the corrupted relationship in which the transgressed into what the ignorant see’s as Marxism. The promise of Marxism has been eluted for more than a century and is always used as “bait” to capture the activists, the ones that would, in the end, see this through to the purest form of socialism, which is, Marxism.

Defenders of Capitalism whom are the Conglomerate Gatekeepers, the entities that will fill your head full of socialism, communist style, perpetuating the fear of such a government, when the government you should fear most is the Capitalistic Democracy. Capitalism is certainly not compatible with democracy because Capitalism houses the greediest families on the planet.

Although Capitalism attempts to promote freedom to choose so long as you have the coin, it also promotes freedom to dominate and manipulate others financially. Hence, democracy has little to do with the constitution, a constitution that reflects the socialistic approach to wealth equity and sharing. That is why the current parties, left or right, want to do away with the constitution that protects the common person’s rights to equitable shares of the spoils, or at least to their dignity as a citizen.

Thus we are lost as to the correct direction to take being there is still, a redundant “Two Party” system, even though there are other parties, mainstream media, left or right, indoctrinate you as to these two narrow choices, which in essence, is no choice, or “none of the above”. This was glaringly apparent during the Corona Virus health scare propaganda, used for, in essence, to cover up the possible sickness and death produced by the current electrical change of the earth which would be 5G technologies, or more so, the release of the millimeter waved broadcast and transmission utilizing the once restricted, higher bandwidths.

Unlike the Spanish Flu, whereby the sickness was caused by the newly introduced radio waves released upon the earth (electrical change), originally thought to be an actual biological sickness, which was definitely discovered to be non-transmissible from host to host. Of course when they finally realized it was from the radio waves now being transmitted worldwide that was causing mass death, they covered it up to protect their collective lily-white asses from the shark effect litigation of mass death and injury.

Thus, keep buying those lotto and scratch tickets in hopes to become an elitist, merely wasting money that could have been given to the homeless person panhandling outside the store, in favor of supporting this inequitable system that would rather see you starve to death before they actually told you the truth. The truth being, you are an expendable slave, fool.

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