The Unholy Wars of Dominance, Submission; There is nothing to fear but Greed itself…

Israel and the USA have been trying to start a holy war in the Middle East for decades, perhaps for the last hundred years. All of this seems to have repeated itself over and over again. Many have watched the indoctrination since the 70’s. It is always the same ole story, nothing new, really. Palestine extremism, plants a bomb or a suicide bomber killed a bunch of people in a restaurant etc, etc… Or in this case, launches missiles unprovoked into Israel and sporadic terrorist attacks, whereby there is proof floating around the internet that some of the films used by media about this so called attack are from controlled demolition in Israel in 2021.

Does not seem to be a credible beginning to what is transpiring now. However, it seems all media is taking the same theme to this predicament. Israel and the US have been partners in crime for a long time. So why should anyone take this story as an extremist maneuver? It sounds like a war that was started amidst suspicious circumstances, as usual.

To be sure, some of these so called protests are exaggerated or even fabricated. Nazis, Nazi sympathizers; this is a desperate maneuver to gain the attention of the slight of mind, wearing their Covid mask, sitting behind a bio-shield, then leaving the confines of their bio-shielded area, removing their mask to have a smoke, being sure everyone can notice the brand of cigarettes, as they pull the faggot from, exploiting the manufacturer’s package, displaying numerous health resultant pictures of what could happen if one continues to smoke. Where is this all leading? Attempted domination of the Middle East that will start world war 3? One must admit, using Nazism as the motivations of a Muslim attack (so called attack) or at the very least, trying to group Muslim into Nazism, is a desperate global ploy.

This is about world domination and who rules. So called Truther and alternative News is now siding with mainstream media and are not coming up with their “original brand” of rebellious reporting, not to take sides, only report the facts. And the facts are suspicious and have the same tone about the Middle East that has been for as long as one has been old enough to read/watch news stories. Certain reports show, that children are being killed, and if they are, would motivate a cease fire that Israel refuses to make permanent.

Is this a Mossad maneuver? If not, then why not a permanent cease fire? Or is there something else that does not meet the eye. The death of children on either side is enough for a cease fire. But that does not seem likely seeing that did not stop the US from invading and conquering Iraq, killing untold amounts of civilians and children when the Iraqi military complex (supplied by the US) was rusting into the desert storm perpetrated by the US military and US and Israeli Air force…

Thus anyone who thinks this sort of analogy is anti-Semitic would also have to say it is anti-American on the Federal and espionage level, where mutual interests of the two countries exist within cohort community, IE Mossad, CIA, NSA, FBI, etc…. The fact that they ignore a cease fire proves that it is a cohort operation with an agenda of creating a world war struggle. Once they create that form of chaos, where countries within will be split, and armies will be attacking its own citizens that protest the war, it will create the ultimate chaos, a chaos needed to create the New World Order.

Thus, any mainstream news outlet, no matter what country will utter on about this propaganda, and thus will all the alternative media channels, picking sides, either with Nazism, Islamism or Jewish-Americanism, mostly Semitism as Israel wages war with the world, with the help of select countries, mostly bullies and buyable countries, like free enterprise systems, largely America. How is this done? Conglomerations no longer lobby the government because they “own” the government and/or controlling interests in most corporations in that country, not to mention, owning the very politicians of that governmental system.

With that much power, it makes a government for the people ineffectual to the point of total injustice when a citizen attempts to apply their rights that, during the lockdowns and pandemic were arbitrarily abused and ignored by bought off people in all, or most, key positions in the tribunals, courts and governmental institutions, making these judgment calls, whether a human rights case fit the narrow criterion that is telescoping daily. As time goes by, these corrupt individuals will only allow cases that are to the benefit of the government’s overreach of that time period, as in, whether they prevail.

Keeping the masses occupied with worries of who will min the next election in hopes to distract from what is really transpiring under everyone’s noses, hoping that no one wakes up and continues their commercial pacification of covet level possessions and trivial social media tripe that is designed to consume as much as one’s time as possible, making that individual totally ineffectual, at the same time, being a well performing serf.

They despise freedom of thought and intelligence, unless they can control it, and is why they demonize liberalism. If they are successful in that venture, people will not need an election because everything will become far right. The liberal movement of late has been infiltrated by surrogates employed by billionaires to accomplish one simple goal. To ensure the masses comes to the conclusion that there is no choice and give up on freedom. That is where the whole world is headed because the billionaires of this planet do not want to share their wealth with anyone but their own spawned scum. But, because you think that someday you will get rich, will never open your eyes to the reality that if you did take that vaxx and all of its boosters, you will have a very short life span, and most likely become a total slave to the Utopian regime, unless you wake the fuck up.

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The Autonomous Murder of our Sovereignty

We have all been under the illusion that we were born onto a sovereign state, as in citizens of a country. This is most glaringly apparent in North America, the so called “New World”, a world that was already occupied by the indigenous, the North American Indian. It should be common knowledge that during the time of the settling of the west, west referring to the continent west of Europe where Europe and England were emptying their prisons and sending them to the New World, most likely as a relief tactic because of their over-populated prisons. Send the undesirables to the New World and if they survive, then it would be safe for the nobility and royalty to setup business interests to reap whatever resources the criminals may have found or developed. Keeping a watchful eye on their progress, it was apparent, at least at first, that this land was occupied and these Indian nations had no intentions of sharing the land to these invaders, invaders that were preceded by the Spanish attempting to settle the USA and Canada via from South and Central America.

However, because of guns, the bow and arrow did not provide the resistance needed and slowly but surely, were pushed further west from their eastern invaders. Already pushed somewhat north from their southern neighbors from South and Central America, it was apparent that the European invasion would progress slowly west and north. But because of the French settlers from France, were getting pushed south beyond the Canadian Border. Once civilization and cities started to spring up, and a bursting economy was apparent, England mainly had intentions of usurping this bustling economy for their own, both in Canada and the USA.

As history has it, the English failed to conquer their way into the USA, However had different results in Canada, where they eventually defeated the French army in Quebec’s Plains of Abraham, filtering further and further west taking control, to a point. Fearful of an all out battle with the French to completely conquer Canada, they instead made bargains and deals, pacifying the French occupation by utilizing trade, especially in the Hudson Bay area, and the use of Christianity and Popery to dominate and disband the Indigenous people, pushing them into reserves by the use of secret treaties and other trickery. Because the French already were trading with the Indigenous people for many years and had somewhat of a peaceful cohabitation amongst the Indigenous tribes, mainly the Iroquois nations, proved to be a useful tool to further England’s occupation that gained momentum, outlawing tribes and chiefs that would not cooperate and remain on their reserves, that for the most part, were changeable depending on where the resources were found.

Today, since the 60’s and 70’s, a traditional movement from the Indigenous was apparent, which was actually labeled as extremism and terrorism by the FBI, who needed the excuse to jail or kill the organizers of this movement. The FBI was also aware the traditionalists were in possession of these so called, secret treaties, which stated in general, that the occupation of the “white man” would be tolerated only if the Indigenous were guaranteed to retain vast portions of their lands, which spread from Mexico, clear on up into Canada, mostly occupied by the Sioux nations. The only problem with this arrangement is that the settling parties of the time only entered into this agreement to segregate the Indigenous onto these reserves to isolate and kill them, imprisoning their Chiefs and tribal councils, taking away their ability to organize and fight. Alcohol was also used to pacify and distort their capacity to organize and effectively fight back, turning most who succumbed to the alcohol, into lawless criminals and marauders.

In the last several years, this movement was manipulated by North American leaders, in attempt to start a race war between the masses and the Indigenous, utilizing events that happened more than a hundred years ago, blaming the Catholic and Christian churches for events that were most likely caused, by the British armies and Canadian conscripts of the time. Because there are no real records of these supposed crimes, leaves a confusion amongst everyone as to who was responsible. Of course, the Canadian and American governments point the fingers at anyone else, refusing accountability of the actions of the Union Armies, who was well known, at that time, for the mass exterminations of the Indigenous, both in Canada and the US, mostly in the US. Because the Union Army failed to invade Canada on specific occasions, being ambushed by both the Indigenous and trappers, successfully turning them back, did not mean the Canadian conscripts and British armies of that time did not participate in this extermination, who were mainly in the more populated areas.

Canada Day represents the spurious independence given to Canada by England, in hopes that an all out ambush type warfare would not develop, that would of destroyed the already fragile supply chains, which would devastate any control England may of possessed at this time. But to be sure, they resented this concession and waited for the day they could usurp this independence away, and take control once again, innocuously of course. This time, if they successfully get the Indigenous and the masses fighting on the street, they will implement martial law and totally destroy what’s left of our sovereignty and economy. Then the enslavement and extermination will commence to rid of all undesirables, mainly the patriots, and Indigenous inclusive. Globalism is the key word, and currently, the elitists and their bought off politicians are stopping at nothing to achieve this objective. Any politician that attended the World Economic Forum in any capacity is bought and paid for, property of the elitists. Soros and billionaires like him are funding radical organizations that are attacking the heart of these indigenous groups in attempt to radicalize their beliefs and movements to take back what is rightfully theirs. And the more Indigenous people that get pushed off their reserves because of staged forest fires, water contamination, etc., the more we have to buckle down upon the government to take accountability for their invasive acts of treason. We as the population have to ask for their resignation. If we do not, we will be living a Utopian state where prosperity will be a figment of our imaginations.

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