FOSTA Festus Optimum Stupor Tax Advocacy

They’re Spew-ky and they’re Puke-y, But all they want is Nookie, They all smell like Sushi, The FOSTA Family

FOSTA seems to be a real wake up call for freedom and anyone who would give a night soil about our right to speak and author what we like because well, it just is not lucrative enough to care so why should anyone fight for freedom of speech? Just because most of the major news publishers and main con-stream media owned by Commercial Corporate North America have been bought and paid for, does not mean we should just give up. But we have haven’t we? Does anyone really care about whether Craniumslist can have a personal section? Does anyone really have any concern whether offers free personals? I really do not think anyone on this planet does unless you are an eccentric control freak like a not so recent president elect, whom seems to think he is everyone’s “Daddy”.  In my opinion, unless the FBI can come up with some substantial charges against, then they are, in the whole sense of the ideal, on a witch hunt which is about as base and primitive, not to mention ignorant, as it comes. Sex has been totally virtualized by the internet and there is a furious fight on who is going to control those billions in the next decade to come. Yes, do not think for one millionth-second that is not the score. They are not going to get rid of virtual prostitution, sex trafficking, porno sites, escort services (which is just a legal front for prostitution) Child abduction/pornography, pedophilia, incest, rape or anything else that can make a buck on the internet. In basics, human trafficking is not myth or something that is rogue controlled by a few shady individuals. It has been very big business all over the world for a very long time and the internet has enhanced these perverted practices, nothing more. The only question remains, is who is going to control the billions of monetary bursas yielded from these illicit endeavors. Not only does the government want to be your dealer, they also want to be your pimp.

Their House is Helter Skelter, For all the Wealth can Shelter, Plus Gold and Metal Smelter, the FOSTA Family

Yes, legalize marijuana and control prostitution, That is what they want. Not hard to figure that one out because, if it makes money for the wealthy only, it has to be ok, right? Wrong, unless of course the 1 percenters are willing to send their daughters to audition for Somehow I cannot picture that for some reason. But if I had a daughter, and thank God I do not, it would be ok for her, once she turned eighteen, to audition and become one of the many exploited on a minute to minute basis by these so called rogue elements in our business sectors. You will find, that a lot of these sites and establishments have major financial backing and benefactors. This is all completely cool to the FBI and IRS because these sex exploitation firms are paying taxes. Or am I looking at this all wrong and these companies are just too savvy to be caught? Or is exploitation an acceptable trade in commercial corporate North America and the rest of the world. So, they just slap down the cowboys that want to break into the industry to keep the ones that have plagiarised and pirated their way to the top of the money grab, safe from competition. It is so obvious it is totally boring. The internet is becoming a commercialized cesspool of broken ideals and monetary capitalization all made possible by places like De-Faced-Book, Ewe-Boob, Droolgle, Microbsoft, HooYa, LOA, virtually all dating sites and many more that I really care not to mention. It has become the 1 percenters tool to control your brain, if you still have a brain. Just pay your taxes and be a good little surf.

They will sell you Marijuana, to make you a Moron-a, Then screw you in a Sauna, The FOSTA Family  

In the last 10 years, we as individuals have played right into their greedy hands, because of our own need for greed. While the 1 percent laugh to the bank, they howl at us who are retarded enough to offer them slapstick humour via fights in Booger Kink or fights in Mc-Dumb-ass. I do not want to offend anyone’s creative abilities, but that is just as low class as it gets. Perhaps we are low class but we do not have to be low IQ. If we all just stood up and said what we really feel and stood up for our rights, this world would straighten out in a hurry. It is hard to respect yourself if you have no respect for what is happening to your offspring, especially your daughter on the street prostituting herself as the government basically says it is ok as long as she is paying taxes working through a bogus Escort Service front that pays taxes from their monetary control over your daughter exploiting herself to get her next fix of opiates or crack. Callous am I and callous it will be, but better to be humiliated into pulling your offspring off the street then viewing their abused corpse in the city or county morgue. That is as serious as it can get, and the reason you do not worry about such things happening to your kids is because commercialism brainwashes you to think everything is hunky-dory and the system is looking out for their best interest. Do not be fooled, and home school your children, trash your television and any other commercialised devise that will just rot their brains to become zombies for the system.

They will exploit you on some film, For some crack or may be pill-m, Until you want to Kill ’em, the FOSTA Family

Possibly there will be a surge of people demanding their rights and we can turn the tide away from these ravenous elements that is controlling our entertainment by means of cat and mouse. Give you a little freedom and take it away. Buy this and get this app free but if you upgrade, the system does not support that app anymore, but you can re-buy the version that can be supported. We cannot have much respect for ourselves if we allow them to abuse the constitution over and over again to suit their financial cravings. They are like scavengers picking our bones clean, waiting for our offspring to take our place so they can pick away at their bones.  We cannot be humiliated over and over again without growing out of their control, and we will. When that happens, we will be feasting on their bones.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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