Knavery of the Pillarist

So you think you can Augur Life Skills?

You do not have to travel to far to witness the debauched approach of employers attempting to handle the labor force. There is an alarming, systematic “flash in a pan-ism” infiltrating our life lines. Our right to mature and receive the benefits of aging are being stripped away by scholars, Knaves, systemisers that figure they can learn wisdom by reading a book or listening to a lecture. In essence, they figure they can automate or simulate the absorption of “life skills”. To even think you can teach “life skills” with a text book, computer program, or eBook, that has been created to eliminate the need for generational wisdom, is absolutely retarded.

Life Skills, not Timothy Leary Pills

The only way to learn life skills is to live life. That is why they call it “Life Skills”. They do not call it, S.S. “Simulated Skills” To watch TV programs that show a young group of geniuses solving life’s problems in forty minutes or less, is not “Life Skills”. Thus if you take TV programs or methods like this seriously, then, SAO, “Smoke Another One”, or, HAD, “Have Another Drink”, or, PAPP, “Pop Another Prescription Pill”. Timothy Leary was the psychedelic, hallucinogenic, LSD  guru that attempted to learn wisdom by the use of drugs, ultimately attempting to stimulate inner growth by the use of drugs. An early example of some scholar attempting to gain wisdom by short cut. Kind of like Basil Brown who drank carrot juice until he died of vitamin A poisoning. But, it is proof that he had to live through that experience to die, learning that you should not drink that much carrot juice. Of course, he could of avoided dying by being aware of vitamin overdose warnings. Perhaps he wanted to die or he just did not possess any “life skills”, like being able to read or reason.

The Fool Succeeds Where the Hermit Knows Not to Tread

There are no short cuts to attain “life skills”. You have to live through the trials and tribulations that mold these skills. We can also learn from the mistakes of others. Like people that have the wisdom and benefit of living through experiences gained. Although we may be able to absorb most of what these experienced people tell us, we still have to live through these experiences to truly learn these lessons. These experienced people can only provide the knowledge, teaching us the best way to “live” through the situations. Older people that have survived as long as they have, offer valuable insights and wisdom that we should all listen to, and cherish the fact that they are willing to share. Yet, we seem as a society, to spurn this offer of valuable insight and throw these experienced, enlightened people in old folks homes to rot.  What a waste. Have you ever gone to the dump lately? People have absolutely no idea of the value they dump on a weekly basis. All one has to do is open their eyes to see the treasure.

Conformed Fear of Ridicule

Capitalistic societies seem to adopt the “flash in the pan-ism” philosophy on the merits that it “fits” into their 1 percent agenda of “Global Financial Domination”.  They use secret societies, IE: The Illuminati to achieve this aspiration through, where it makes sense, fear and ridiculousness. Scare the scare-able and ridicule the ridicule-able. This method is very effective especially in the “ridicule” aspect, keeping people down and non-inquisitive when pertaining to their illusive degradation only to keep conformed people in control by the use of the “conformed fear of ridicule”. You have to think of “purse strings” as the “puppeteer’s strings”. Purse strings are used by the one percenters to keep you dancing to their financial tune. Puppeteer’s strings are used to keep the puppets dancing to their whimsical control. Thus, the 1 percenters are the CEO’s puppeteers. CEOs are the  politician’s puppeteers, politicians are the employers puppeteers, and the employers are the everyday Joe’s and Jane’s puppeteers. Where does the religious or the cleric fall into this progression? It doesn’t, at least not anymore. They are beginning to be considered social outcasts because of the 1 percenter’s social engineering.

Free Mason’s Jar

It is hard to conceive how these ridiculous organizations have gained so much power and following. Mostly because, at one time, people looked to them as an alternative to anarchy. Anarchy was an useful tool during the medieval periods, creating the allusion that there was a need for one commerce to keep all who conformed, safe and secure. As people became more educated and less ignorant, it became exceedingly harder for the 1 percenters to keep control as an open monarchy rule. Thus trading monarchy for secret power societies that manipulate power structures, like parliaments, and democracies, to basically create a so called safe alternative to socialism. Socialism was the downfall to monarchy and is the downfall to the 1 percenters reign of power. They definitely knew this before it even was conceived by Carl Marx. Marxism, by conception, was to make everyone equal in their productivity. Everyone worked and earned equal retribution of the societies assets. No one would have control over anyone else, and everyone would have an equal share to the spoils of their productivity, and an equal say in the political direction. In theory, it was pristine. Only truly greedy people would find fault in this system, like the 1 percenters.

Spy verses Spy

Socially planted surrogates were quickly placed by the 1 percenters when socialism overthrew monarchy in Russia. Quickly, they were able infiltrate the political arena of the newly established reign of power that by design, was to put the workers of society in control.  These surrogates were very successful, and because of the death of Vladimir Lenin, his successor, (The one percenter’s main surrogate) Joseph Stalin, caused socialism to fail. That is to say, Joseph Stalin corrupted socialism into a communist dictatorship, hardly resembling what Carl Marx conceived, and what Lenin tried to implement as the reigning power structure of the new socialist society. Socialism died with Vladimir Lenin in 1924. Joseph Stalin was a full fledged dictator. Thus it is easy to see why his new communist party was the enemy of so called democracies of the world and also the enemy of the socialist oriented parties of Russia. Divided and conquered ensuring its death, even though it was a very slow death. To make a long story short, the workers of Russia were never in control.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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