Newel Proselytism, Lone Rondure Syllabus

Brainwashing the masses is in full swing, establishing relentless highbrowed bashing from the media and movies. When did this all become so important? It started a long time ago, and is coming to an inescapable conclusion that the 1 percent of society is looking for ways to panic the bourgeoisie so they can establish marshal laws all over the world to exterminate the excess of humanity not worthy to survive in the new world order. They have no use for the under educated and the ignorant of society, They look upon the masses as useable, disposable merchandise to be used and refused at their discrimination. They have no empathy for survival of anyone common. Only their own selfish needs and desires to dominate, rob, and plunder the masses in order to keep themselves secure above anyone not in that 1 percent of the wealthy (wreathed) society. The Mini-Monarchs of our world need to take control once and for all to satisfy their insatiable greed and desire to make room for their cess spawned  bloodlines of the so called intellect and upper crust of proprietary knowledge, creating mazes of confusion purposely distorted to make anyone, without the key, believe that they are not intelligent enough to be as worthy of the 1 percenters of this new world order. They count on the masses (mob) at the correct time to rebel and cause a chaotic ruckus in order to justify and implement systematized laws and controls making it simple to justify the brutality from the abuse of power that will be unleashed upon the proletariats.

This will be willful in order to accomplish the desired, manageable population of slaves needed to keep the New World Order functional. Because do you think for one second that the 1 percenters and their spawns would want to work or get their hands dirty? They need slaves to do their bidding and crude chores so they can lay about like the lazy opulent scum they really are. They use surgical gloves to count their gold and diamonds in order not to smudge or get finger oil on the commodities of lavishness. Daily they worship the golden gods of dissipation, then disperse to abuse their under aged servants sexually and humiliate them to suicidal rebuke. Demons of ravenous legions evoke this lust daily,  rupturing adolescent wombs ensuring the Mini-monarch royal blood line can never be contaminated by the commoner scum slaves of the New World Odorous Order. Stench of lustrous sexual deviancy continues day and night, only to ultimately end in a exterminating frenzy of over zealous gatekeepers whom receive the leftovers and used of the perverted wreathed Mini-monarch sluice of degradation. Blood and vomit, ejaculatory fluids slicken the floor, only to be mixed with more semen and menstruated ovaries, in which the gatekeepers of the scummy Mini-monarchs gladly lap up only to regurgitate into cauldrons to boil and congeal into hokum spew-age stew to be fed to the vassals that are misfortunate enough to be enforced to continue their servitude of the Mini-monarchs of the New World Order.

From the Slave masters through the Gatekeepers, Dragoons, Militarists, Politicians, Mini-Monarchs up to the one percenters, they grope and chain to each other in securitised scrutiny, not one trusting each other, only used as a essential power mechanism in this demonic chain of corrupt brainwashed command.  However, even with the sophistication of this well organized beast of enslavement and toil, the slaves still outnumber this cumbersome powertrain of deceptive laws, domination and disorder. The slaves, because they have not the ignorance of the past conquered souls, now take organized action, forming a massive standstill of production. The dragoons and Militarists start to attack and kill the masses, but because of their own oppression, and the fact that they are killing their brothers and sisters who are only displaying a non-aggressive standoff of non-compliance, turn their blades of death and aggression to the ground and join their families and brothers and sisters in their non-aggressive standoff whereby the corruptive machine of profit and proprietary production is stopped and dismantled. The one percenters immediately attempt to bribe the masses to hire more Dragoons and Militarists, but have no leverage left because the monetary system that depended on the love of opulence is no more and discarded, replaced once more by the populist dedicated to serve one another in a community that is dedicated to survival of equality and truth. Money, gold and other so called precious measures of wealth are discarded and ignored. They are not needed in the advanced civilization the once was, in the not so distant past and can be again. The devil has no refuge in a community of illumines and justice for the masses.

The 1 percenters strike back with another flurry of opulence induced corruption  attracting the truly greedy and callous that idolize the master/slave analogy that has enthralled our existence since Cain struck Abel with the large rock, spilling Abel’s brains and blood to the ground. Even, after the great flood, Cain’s influence carried on through out the ages, at first as a small glimmering trickle, then forming into a mass river of vile and degradation, promoting greed and aggressive idolization . But the meek are sure of their repose and intelligence, and remain steadfast, not giving into the temptation and creating an equilibrium that pushes the 1 percenters and their ravenous followers back, to allow new hope for the truly intelligent civilization that rejects the opulence that has enslaved our communities to serve the Mini-monarchs and their puppeteers, the 1 percenters. The seeds are being planted, and the 1 percent and their minions do everything in their power to contaminate these seeds before they germinate, in the attempt to control and conquer the masses once more to do their greed inductive bidding. But, it is the seed, not the contamination that truly sprouts and as long as the miracle of life can flourish, then the contaminants are shed like dead tissue, not able to truly control the natural paths, only distort them.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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