The Macadamized Skidder Byway, The Chagrin of NWO, Part Two: The Rhizome of the Penurious…

Don’t be a Bogart! Pass the Damned Joint!

Normally, I do not zero in on a specific place, and definitely try not to point the finger at a specific person, well, except for Trump, but he deserves the criticism and everyone’s scrutiny. Trudeau? He legalized Marijuana, so that speaks for it’s self. If there was a leader that could start a world war, Trump is a definite candidate. Trudeau would go along with anything Trump does because of his classic passivism. Trump will run in 2020, so we will see. Up until then however, he will most likely behave in order to get re-elected. The worst he will do is smoke a couple of doobies with Justin while they visit on so called official business. But this is not a blog about either of them. This is a blog about stagnation and greed. NWO (not the New World Order) has been stunted of growth since it’s conception. Conservative minded people that have been rich here for generations (old money), from the beginning, and still dominate the non-growth of the largest community in NWO, which is Thunder Bay, among other larger communities that suffer from the same emboggment. We all know about the macadamized skidder byway that snakes through our territory, weaseling in and out from town to town, on its way to Southern Ontario (east) or Manitoba (west). Anyone that has driven on this skidder trail called the Trans Canada Imperial Highway knows the feeling when surrounded by tractor-trailers averaging 120 to 140 km per hour, rain or shine, sleet or snow, or what ever the conditions. That is 75 to 95 mph to those that still use the standard analog method of measurement. This byway is definitely not the autobahn and no where near a standard freeway. It is a chagrin that we have to endure living in this area of Ontario. Well, it is not the worst roads in Ontario. Just ask any aboriginal that has to travel by ice roads to venture off their assigned reservations.

So, You Want to be Free, eh?

So where is this all leading to? What am I talking about anyway? I am talking about growth and prosperity for everyone. If we have to play this stupid game called L-I-F-E, then why cannot we all prosper? Because of greedy people holding all the purse strings. We are suppose to be part of the commonwealth, but for some reason we cannot immigrate freely to any other country in our commonwealth. Why do we have to endure the Queen’s aged face on our money if we cannot live in England? Why? Mainly, they sent our forefathers here to settle this desolate winter wonderland because, they were emptying their prisons. Similar to how the US of A got its settlers in the beginning. Who else could they con into coming here? Besides, the officials and tax collectors needed slaves of some kind and of course, a population they could actually collect taxes from. But that is ancient history. We even gained our independence. Well, sort of I guess. Actually, no, we did not really because we still have to pay homage to that petrified bitch called the Queen of England and all of her royal spawn scum. But, as long as we are a parliament, it will never go away until we have a real revolution. But that will bring communism?  Bull dung! It will bring a far better democracy and a better system if we do it right.

The Queen Hoar of the Royal Dragoons.

But I am not talking about the Queen. I am talking about her influence on this land and how they discourage growth. Cities in NWO could be a lot larger and more prosperous, but due to the parliamentary rules and taxation, they want to keep us small and controllable. All they want is to suck this area dry for all of our natural resources. That is why NWO should separate from Ontario and become their own province. Hell, NWO should separate from Canada and form our own country. Then we could grow. There is no other way really. We have most of the water, trees, uranium, gold, silver, great farm land and ultimate tourist attractions. We would be a rich, independent country after not being sucked dry by the Federal government and Southern Ontario. Anyone that lives here knows it is true. If you do live here and dispute this, then you are most likely bought and paid for by the boorish population of Southern Ontario or worse, the federal government. So what are we waiting for? Lets revolt and form our own country. We would not even have to raise a fist of fire a weapon, just wilfully take what is ours. Possession is 9/10ths of the law and legally, all we have to do is set the border right around Sault Saint Marie. If they do not want to be in our country then, who cares. Place the border right there and enforce it with our own border patrol. We can treat the Southern Ontarians like the Mexicans. Or, we can build a wall and keep them out, just like Trump. But would that be Fascist?  Of course it would be, but if Trump, the leader of the supposedly most free country on the planet earth, can build one, then why cannot any community do it?

The Man, or Woman,  with Ewe Brains

It is in the Constitution on the United States. If the old government is not working, then form a new government that will work. No, it is not communism. It is common-sense. What is in the Canadian Constitution? Nothing but boorish, snobby guidelines imposed by the Queen and her Imperial hedge hounds, only to create fear and dominate the little people to be her slave. I say, let England provide her the slaves. Why should we be her slaves? You are most likely thinking right now, unless you have critical thinking skills, we do not pay homage to the Queen, we are an independent democracy, sort of. If you think that then you are a slave and will be until you are old and half crippled, living on social assistance because your savings were taxed away, or siphoned by your family spawn who condemned you to an old age facility that you escape from every other weekend to get away from the haughty slave driving nurses, forcing you to do puzzles and eat slop before, during and after they give you all the depressants (antipsychotics) you need to keep you a zombie. You think I am crazy? Good, because that would mean you are a pawn for the boorish government and elite of society due to the fact that you want to be, “just like them”. Stop burning your brain cells using legal marijuana or your favorite brain honing elixir, and practise some originality and intellect. If you are still struggling to understand what I am saying, then may God have mercy on your soul and give you a real brain, or at least a replacement.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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