Yadda Yadda, Cotton Mouthed Babble On!

Too High to Get it?

Yes, there is a recession coming about in the horizon, created by Justin Trudeau and his excessive liberal thinking, or would it be better to say, S.T.U.P.I.D.I.T.Y.! Silly Testimonial Undermining Populist Invoking Drug Institutional Torturous Yearning. Yes, turning Canadians into junkies. Or should we be called Cannabis-ians, or Methadone-ians changing our country’s name to Cannabis or Methodonia, exchanging the maple leaf for a marijuana leaf or a crack pipe. The drug revolution never started in the sixties, that was the freedom revolution. The Drug revolution started when Justin Trudeau got elected. Marijuana is the least of the problems created by it’s legalization. Just take a look around your neighborhood. Are you seeing a change? Are you seeing old vendor buildings being renovated and changed into drug centers? Are you seeing newly erected buildings, close to schools being built that will house these establishments? Are you seeing medicinal marijuana outlets springing up left and right? We are in the stranglehold of the drug revolution that is making junkies out of anyone too stupid to realize that they are replacing one addiction for the new and improved, governmental controlled addictions. And the best part, you do not have to pay for it! The tax payer does. You know, the poor saps that actually do work who have managed not to lose their minds and become additional junkies and burdens to society. Sooner or later, they will have the majority of people hooked on one substance or another, and the drug companies are all to anxious to comply, providing these drugs, for a price of course. Why work? Just be a junkie and live on social assistance. Don’t have a medical issue, no problem because you can go online and order all the weed you like, hash too! Kilos of it! Why? Because the supply you are legally suppose to have is virtually unenforceable because of the province to province loop holes and jurisdictional differences. So go ahead and bake your brains out until they seep from your ears to the floor. Need something stronger? Well, go visit your local neighborhood methadone clinic, or your municipal approved “Sons of Anarchy” dealers. If you are female, you may only have to prostitute for your fix, until they get tired of you, then you will have to pay like everyone else. What is this doing to Canada’s economy? Just read the paper.

You Would Have to be High to Buy That!

They do not come out and say it, but it is definitely related. When people loose their drive to be productive, everyone looses because nothing of quality is being produced. Thus, less buyer’s confidence and less sales across the board. This weakens so many businesses that expect their bursas and when it fails expectations, money is lost, employment decreases and productivity suffers more. Sure, we can bring in oppressed people from other countries to boost productivity initially, but in the end, they too will realize how little they make, and how little they are prospering by just purchasing food and everyday things. Once the credit is overextended, then what? Nothing moves and the banks sit on all the money, calling in all their overextended loans. Once the banks do this, that is what really makes the economy crash. Then the banks, instead of spending their own money, whine and moan to the government to bail them out by getting the tax payer to pay them out for all the bad debts. Funny thing is, most of these bad debts are just interest owned, not the principle, thus meaning they have not lost a dime and are just whining because they know the government will comply and give them more money they do not deserve in fear of an economic revolt or governmental change, threatening their overpaid jobs, enormous salaries and ridiculous pensions. So the reply from the government usually is, “how much do you need?”. Hey, it is not their money anyway so why would they give a hokum spew. But, don’t believe me and run to the Weed store and buy some brain shrinking burnable substances, then the methadone clinic to get your fix, and finally, if you have any money left over from buying fentanyl (which is why you went to the methadone clinic in the first place because you are going broke supporting your local “Sons of Anarchy” approved dealer), you can head to the Brain Honing Elixir store and buy your favorite flavor of good old fashioned brain pickling alcohol. Funny, that these stores seem to do well no matter what. Recession proof I imagine. Could it be because the people that patronize these establishments are addicted? Bingo! So goes the epitome of Justin Trudeau’s economic philosophy, keep them addicted and they have no choice but to patronize the source to subside their delirium tremens caused by withdrawals. Brilliant, wouldn’t you say?

Which Way to the Beach of Anarchic Mutiny ?

Legal drugs are now being sold by people who make minimum wage, not dealers. These legal dealers only collect the money and you will never see or meet them, ever. They will live in some exclusive neighborhood sending there spawned offspring’s to exclusive universities at the expense of your son’s and daughter’s habitual addiction patronizing these so call compassionate drug establishments that are making money hand over fist from government funding, paid ultimately by the tax payer of the middle class, keeping your son and daughter down, whilst elevating their sons and daughters above to become one percenters of society with their success assured for generations. You think I am exaggerating? Please!  Don’t make me humiliate you once again to look in your son’s or daughter’s room again to search for contraband, legal or illegal. But, I called it before when Justin got elected. It will be one hell of a ride or at least, one awesome beach party. Well I was slightly mistaken. One hell of a Jamaican beach weed party, with all the addictive opiates added. I hear Justin Is in negotiations with Coca Cola to exchange the caffeine additive for cocaine once again, to make it truly a classical soda water to be sold for a much higher price, as liquor or wine. Their philosophy is, weed goes better with coke!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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