Pseudonymous Brand of Cabal

Trepidity of Nescience

In the scheme of things, the 1 percent of society has every aspect of your life “locked down”. You cannot do anything without their permission. You think that, one day, you will be just like them. So you follow their hierophant image of rules and regulations and be so compliant and subservient with a smile! Oh, can I shine your shoes? Would you like me to get on all fours so you do not have to step in the mud puddle getting into your gold plated limousine, using my body as a stepping stone? Would you like me to sell my 14 year old daughter to your slave masters as sexual amusement? Can I lick the dirt off your boots? Would you like if I bent over and let your whole family of serfdom slave drivers and their commanding mini-monarchs sodomize me? Am I serving you master? I am only here to serve you master! Sounds cliché right? It sure does because we are afraid of their slave driving haughtiness and bullying. Pecuniary bulling that makes us fearful to counter their mind control antics. As the Tower of Babel symbolizes confusing the common language, this philosophy is useful for people that want to create ignorance and slavery. They want you confused. They need you confused. Otherwise, they cannot remain filthy rich and opulent. In a 1 percent of society mind,  to get their gold, all one has to do, if they are not civilized, is to smash the one percent’s heads in with large stones, thus stealing and taking control of their riches. But because they fear this from the masses, they have countless dragoons to keep them “safe”. What do you think 9 11 was really about? Cutting through the analysis, misconceptions and false “blame trails”, ultimately ending up sniffing your own tail end, it was really all about taking back wealth that was being fairly acquisitioned through fair trade practises. Essentially, that was what the World Trade Center symbolized. That is why it came to be. But the 1 percent of society could not have “fair trade practises”. Because then, they would have to share the world market and their opulent, unfairly acquisitioned wealth. It was a symbolic “Tower of Babel”, because 9 11 was engineered to make the masses scatter in fear, leaving their rights to equality, pecuniary or otherwise, behind. And we bit into the dung sandwich like it was filet mignon, running and crying like school children, cowering behind the teachers dress, all hiding in the cloak room. Symbolically, 9 11 should really be called,  “The Towers of Inculcation“.

Please turn that down? I cannot hear myself being Indoctrinated!

Yes, on TV, whilst César plays his violin while Rome was burning to the ground, in our imbued minds, we cans still see the World Trade Center buildings fall in a symphonic, linear, collapse in a perfect harmony with the systematic mini-eruptions of Pecksniffian carnage. Like the metronome clicking in a precise timing, as the hypnotist swings his gold plated pocket watch back and forth, putting us all to sleep, then with suggestive mind control, tells us what really happened, or at least what they would like you to think what happened. And when we finally wake up, well, it is far too late. In the mean time, go to work and slave your life away for the 1 percent of society, as they all play videos of 9 11 during their S&M parties, whipping young common school girls or boys in a pedophiliac frenzied orgy. Taboos and lustful dominance fuels this opulent philosophy of greed and dominance, even though they would never admit to this type of creep idiom. However, we think they are saints as a rule. We think because they are rich, they have to be good. But that is because of brain honing 101, when we all were in serfdom schools, learning how to be a slave, while thinking we are free. Yes we live in a free society where we are free to worship any 1 percenter or mini-monarch we chose. And we still pay homage to the 1 percent (formally monarchs) and min-monarchs (formally trade merchants that got bought out by the 1 percenters) by either “revenue of income (20 to 30%)” or revenue of need (food, shelter, and commodities)”. That does not even include interest on loans and credit cards. It is not hard to see where your money goes when you break it down like that. Keep in mind, everything you buy, except for some food items, you have to pay the government (Puppets for the 1 percenters) an additional 10 to 15 percent of the commodities inflated worth. In the market, that commodity is marked up usually 30 to 500%. For argument sake, let us say that goods and services are marked up 30% (bull dung), that means 30 + 20 + 10 = 60%, leaving you with 40% buying power which barely covers your food, shelter and commodities). But we all know the ratio is much smaller on our side because of greed and uncontrolled markup and profiteering. When people traded with each other, at least they traded for face value of the commodity and not “ignorance of worth” value (inflation).

Shim Sham Shilling

But if the “ultimate grifters (one percenters)” can make the majority of North Americans believe their fairy tale fable that terrorists flew aero-planes into the Twin Towers and caused them to collapse defiling every known laws of physics, because the hokey 9 11 Commission Report  said so, does not say much for our own desire for the truth. Or our desire to look intellectual. How many 1 percenters that were involved with 9 11 split a gut over the bologna lined story the main con-stream media fumbled and re-fumbled during that disastrous event, covering up the truth because they wanted to keep their high profile jobs. Being instructed with re-instructed what to say and force fed the public what was really not happening, commanding reporters to deny what they were seeing and hearing, and tell the story they were verbally force-scribed to tell via earpieces. Shipping evidence (metal beams) immediately off the site to be recycled in Asia. Hmm, sounds really hokey. Orson Wells (Radio broadcaster of “War of the Worlds” that caused chaotic public reaction) would be rolling in his grave. Like a 1 percent sham scam, thank you ma’am. The only thing worse then lies, are the people paid to uphold these lies, for they are the ones that can truly sound convincing enough to bare false witness, grifting an entire civilization.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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