Are You Asleep?

Answer these questions honestly:

Are you proud to be a North American?

Do you believe there exists a free market in North America?

Do you think our political system truly reflects the voice of the population?

Do you think our politicians in North America are honest People?

Do you have any idea what freedom means in North America?

To be blunt, at this day and age, if you answered “yes” to 1 of any of these questions, then you are brainwashed. If you answered “yes” to 2 of any of these questions, then you are at the normal brainwashed level, possibly slightly below. If you answered “yes” to 3 of any of these questions, then you are brainwashed and afraid. If you answered “yes” to 4 of any of these questions, then you are brainwashed, afraid and asleep. If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then there is most likely no deprogramming in the world that will break your hypnotic, controlled slumber.

I was so Scared, I forgot to Scream!

Many people would say, What is wrong being proud of your country? The only people proud to be an American are either brainwashed or are in the upper crust of society. People that have been in wars for this establishment may have another view. But in most cases, being proud is an enforced speculative attitude enforced upon each and everyone of us by gatekeepers (bullies), slave drivers, teachers, police, civic leaders, politicians, actors, famed people, and the 1 percenters. Any of these individuals would attempt to humiliate you into listening to their brainwashed foaming at the mouth speech on how it is your civic duty as a citizen to adhere to the views set forth by the fortune seeking “campaign of the day” . What ever bull dung that may be. These attitudes are just ways to get anyone that is stupid enough to listen to, act or do what the bottom lined agenda is attempting to enforce, usually out of fear. If one really assessed what there is to fear in this society, then you would come to the conclusion that most of the fears are inductive, exaggerated slander. Inductive meaning purposeful. IE: Some 1 percenter seen a homeless person panhandling near their multi-million dollar home, thus reports (enforces) there is a dangerous pedophile on the loose. So the policeman that takes the report will take it very seriously because he wants to be “just like them”.

The Feared Mongered

However, there are people that will lie to discredit anyone to make themselves look good. Unfortunately, those people make it hard for the rest of us that are just trying to live honest lives without being bullied and brainwashed. Those grifters and 1 percent wannabes push the limits of believability for their own self-gain. But in the end, if you are honest,  it will surface above the deceit set forth by greedy individuals. But the clouded motivations of people truly self-motivated are the pitfalls that we as slaves fall into trying to break free of the self righteous greedy behaviors that opulent seeking people impose on each and everyone of us, attempting to justify capitalistic beliefs that damage and corrupt people to be “just like them”. How does fear start? It is implanted slowly everyday by this news story or  that editorial (observation). Main con stream media half truths embellished scribed scribble, written by halfwits or journalists that gave up on the truth and actually listen to their editor’s swish swashed, “I don’t want this story to bite my ass” censored drawl. Thus, stories written by people in fear, is going to translate into forebodes of fictitious, ” you’d better be home and in  bed by 10:00 pm or you may be accosted by a wide variety of derelicts, like that pedophile reported lurking about near that certain wealthy community where, one day, we all want to ultimately live! That is how stupid stories start and are used to create fear.

Streetwise Corner Superstore Control Board

Truthfully, the government is so desperate to make more revenue, they are starting to normalize the use of marijuana and other , so called, harmless drugs. In my opinion, they want to legalize the drug trade for control. They want to control the sale and distribution of every drug, illicit or otherwise. They want to make sure, if you are growing that hybrid marijuana plant, they are getting their cut from every toke you take from that joint. “Zero tolerance. We want our due if you want to get half baked!” So when you pay 12 to 20 dollars for that singular seed and cultivate it, in exchange for changing the laws of cultivation, pay us our taxed due.”  Like booze, you will be spending your hard earned cash on dope, that intensifies the fear set forth by main con stream media, keeping you now, all brainwashed, drunk, stoned, and placid while watching your favorite, brain honing series, a series that in most cases, produces wanton, fear and fantasies to be “just like them”. Pathetic. But people like to stay inebriated and clued out from how badly we have been hosed by the rich for the last 30 years, destroying our unions and severely weakening our labor laws, enforcing us all to work for less money and more hours without overtime pay.  Governing Importune. Personally, I do not care how may people like to do drugs. But some how, they call reefer, not a harmful drug. I disagree. I think marijuana causes a paranoid reaction. They call it the “Weed of Wisdom” but all it really does is causes a person to overthink problems and situations, usually at a result of making another bad decision, trying to do something that takes concentration while stoned. Like voting.

Sweet Willy Is Alive and Living in your Country’s Capital

My opinion, they will have more control of a populist that is strung out on drugs. Marijuana is not physically addictive. But it does have psychological dependencies,  similar to cocaine, but not as intense. Everyone will love a government that is their drug supplier. I am surprised the 1 percent of society is giving up their illicit financial ties to the underworld in exchange for over the shelf availability. Perhaps they see more money? More control? Most likely both. Best policy to follow is your own heart. If you do that, no one has power over your destiny.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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