Is Laissez Faire Defunct

The Evil Eye of Instillation

I am amazed how our society is mastered by the elite time and time again throughout the ages. How they can simply rattle some change in their pockets, influencing us to come running like festering fools in case some loose change happens to tumble out of their 1000 dollar suit pockets. How we admire these people as if they are Gods and how we hide our true emotions and motivations of rapturous distain. Why do we cling to there coattails? We are conditioned (brainwashed) to believe that they will take care of us as long as we kiss their feet and cower before them. Capitalism replaced monarchy as a tool only. Because monarchy still exists and bully’s us on a daily basis to do the rich’s bidding day after day. We grow old with this master-slave idealism to the point of feeling inadequate for anything other then slavery. What we fail to remember is that we deserve as much as the greedy. The only problem is because the greedy are aggressive, they will grab more and not care about the person standing directly behind them. I believe the rapacious of society are the damnation to civilization as we know it and society will crumble like any other outworn greedy civilization of the past. It is difficult to turn a blind eye to shimmering gold. A shiny diamond or a precious jewel. In most cases, these items have no use other then adornment. They are worth so much because we, as a brainwashed society, will pay astronomical amounts of money for these trinkets out of, so called love bonding, then be brainwashed to destroy the marriage or family unit, thus pawning all these items of greed and opulence for a mere fraction of what we paid, to enable some greedy pawn dealer to further profit off our ignorance and despair.

Diploma in Thralldom

Do you feel it? Do you not feel that oppression when you wake up to the dictation what you must do for that day? Do you not feel that gut wrenching feeling that it is the wrong path? A feeling that you are not free and are in the chains of bondage? You are free to spend your hard earned cash on materialism and mind numbing social lubricants and in most cases have to use credit to get anything worthwhile. But we are confused to what worthwhile is in this money grasping society. In most cases we are brainwashed to purchase that next covet level possession. We think it will make our life better somehow, but all it does is add to your burden of material that we all cling to and drag around like bag ladies pushing shopping carts full of aluminum cans and bottles. How ridiculous we all really look, resembling over-burdened mules. If our society is such a good platform, using capitalism as a model, then why are our children in the wealthiest continent in the world despaired, haggled, distraught, depressed, oppressed and bungled? Why do they exit school with little or no skills and end up as drug attics,  prostitutes, gang members, thieves, homeless, destitute, or institutionalised? There are some that are lucky and progress into society, but they end up slaves to capitalism. The elite of course have their futures set and get no competition from the masses, because they are blood of the greedy and opulent of society. Greed knows no bounds and will take your last penny and look for more while you starve in the streets.

Phisher King

I really do not think we are learning. I feel depressed when I see people following opulent role models like they have the key to success or promise. But beware. They are leading us down the garden path, pacifying you to be a good little serf. Capitalistic society, to work, has to have slaves. People that will work for not their fair share. They need slaves so they can remain rich. Simple mathematics, take away from you and give to them. They make you feel they are doing you a favor, but in reality, they are stealing away the best years of your life. So stop doing their dictated “fop dance of slavery”. Do something for yourself for a change. Because when push comes to shove, they will just fire you anyway to save some money to send their opulent spawns to university to become your new mini-monarchs. But yet, we continue to feed the main con-stream media by listening to their lies and half truths, whilst being inflicted by their sponsors advertising their product jettisons and covet level damnation, being spoon fed swill of indoctrination and moronic subliminal brain honing spew. But we still cling to their materialism like it is the gospel according to “Judas” whom obviously believed that betrayal for gold makes it “ok”. Like we think, screwing thy neighbor for money or possessions is “ok”. It is ok to sleep with your brother-in-law’s wife because marriage is a superstition institution so it is “ok”. Or they implant doubts in your mind to destroy all spiritualism from you life, saying “why would God do this to you if he existed?”, while the rich and elite of society are doing this to you, not God. If they can destroy hope and spiritualism and vacate it from our brainwashing schools and institutions, then you will be molded to be a mindless, grasping, brainless serf product of societal destitution.

Pervasiveness on your Future

What are we fearing exactly? The police? Military? Who exactly? The police and military are enslaved as we are. They are our family and friends. People that are in the same boat of serfdom. Thus ultimately, they are on our side. We do not have to raise a fist or smash anything. We do not have to be violent or aggressive. Just be ourselves and say no to their infesting greed and opulence. It is simple to say no to these rapacious attitudes and trinkets. But we do not out of indoctrinated peer pressure and social engineering. Institutionalised schools are taking the place of smaller and community schools. Why? Conditioning and control. Plus they can jam more students into the classrooms, overburdening the teachers, ultimately, producing a larger percentage of mediocre leveled students that will be more manageable as slaves in our capitalistic society that depends greatly on the serfdom philosophy to keep the 1 percent of society elite. Capitalism and monarchy are basically the same thing. Because all capitalism comprises of is several mini-monarchs reaping the profits from the masses. Taxes are collected by our puppet governments orchestrated by the mini-monarchs who are owned by the 1 percent that is stealing your future minute by minute.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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