Circumvolution of the Antiquated Opulent Artists on Gyration-Cathedra to Perform

Stale Freedom

To be honest, there are many opulent artists that are not old enough for wheelchairs and that being said, it is the concept of over-usability that I am attacking. We see so many stories about the latest and greatest pop stars, rock stars, metal stars, country stars, rap stars, genre after genre, chart after chart, label after label. It is really rampantly out control, and better said, out of grasp of the layman to ever achieve on a fair basis. Like puppets, these artists seemingly come out of the woodwork and perform to the strings being pulled by the label, owners, promoters, publishers, etc.. And it is all to brainwash anyone stupid enough to buy their phoney intellectual art. Old bands, too many to mention, that made their mark and should be retired, are rolled out (on wheelchairs) on queue to quench the thirst for soulful music in a time when it was plentiful and “allowed” by the A&R of whatever label that wanted to capitalise on whatever artist that seemed, or was, hot at the time, taking advantage of the tail end of the freedom movement of the sixties, only to be “boxed in vinyl” for the seventies and early eighties.  Canned Freedom. Open it when you feel oppressed and this will cure, for a short period. Many bands of that era promoted freedom in their lyrics and feel of their music. Music is just a reflection of the times that are experienced. That is why since the late eighties on up to now, the music is a reflection of an oppressed society, thus although amusing, just does not quench the total thirst for real, raw, freedom inspired music. Are artists less talented then before? Not by a long shot. Just dominated and controlled by pecuniary strings of attitude adjustment, forced to adjust their intellectual art into intellectual madness and distain.

Intellectual Art Buyers, Beware

However, in a not so free society, one cannot expect much more then that. Control. There are many bands and artist out there in the wings. But that is the wealth of the pool, and when you are desperate enough, you will dance to the A&R’s tune of slavery. My advise to bands and artists is this: play from venue to venue and do not do it for free, and forget the illusive record contract of the so called “big labels”. The more bands out there that will travel and play in different venues will awaken the scene away from piped in garbage music enforced by the so called charts that now, really have no basis, reason or rhyme. Not that they ever did. But if a person prefers the ladder, then they are far beyond brainwashed. They are hopeless and conduits of commercialism. But what about Lady Gag-me or Katy Ferry, Madowner? They are major stars that have been dominated by the pecuniary strings of attitude adjustments, or more commonly preferred it seems, Monarch (MK, MK-Ultra) programming. Bottom line is brainwashing exists and is used on the populist on a minute to minute basis thanks to mass media and advertising. If you do not see any form of advertising where you are right now, you are most likely in the middle of nowhere getting eaten alive by mosquitos and gnats, thinking of course that you should of brought some “Off”. The biggest irritation about entertainment now is the  production’s need to control the outcome of your attitude after you watch, listen or read the production whether it is a movie, TV series, special, concert, video, music, book, etc.. As if they have been enforced to an agenda to manipulate your mind with commercial seepage, that will undoubtedly contaminate your thoughts after for a long subliminal period of time, if not for a lifetime.

Rise of the Monarch

The only way to fight this type of infiltration is to recognise the pollution so you can trash it from your mind. Once this happens, your mind will automatically reject all that is impure and free your brain cells. Victims of Monarch (MK, MK-Ultra) programming have so called meltdowns for this very reason because ultimately, their minds (brains) know the difference and reject it eventually. They appear to do strange things, but if they were left alone, would most likely totally shed this sewage spew and have a chance to become normal. People that charge money to help people to become “normal” after brainwashing are just brainwashers themselves with no real motivation to help people that are brainwashed other then to take the victims money. Why pay someone to do what your brain will do normally if you were just left alone in a safe place to work it out. I actually feel bad for these opulent artists because they are far more controlled then you or I. That brings me to the aged opulent artists wheeled out on queue when things seem to fall apart, where the charts and sales are concerned, and that bottom line is just not happening. Wheel them out. Let them give everyone a dose of canned soul to further pacify us to continue on and spend some money to feed the commercially fueled nightmare of “Control”.

Beyond of the Outer Age Limits

Everyone ages and for that are benefits and drawbacks. But when you see opulent entertainers that are old enough to be a 50 year old’s father touring like there is no end, you have to wonder why. Is it because they have no money? May be. They could of wasted it during their youthful famed years. But that would make them prime candidates for control and would make perfect sense why they are still raking in the cash with their overused epitomes of intellectual creep-age.  But to each his own and if they want to dominate the music industry until death, go ahead. It is just not very inspiring for young bands or anyone really, waiting in the wings that are breaking from the sheer numbers, molting it’s feathers. Capitalism is the inspiration for this type of adornment and clinging. Keep it rolling until it is ground into the earth and not useful anymore. When it is commercially useless, develop a new brainwashing campaign to fool the masses.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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