Media Decimation

Freeze Shame

Pictures as believed by ancient aboriginals were “soul traps”. They feared  getting their pictures taken because they did not want to lose their soul. This interpretation is not far off from the actuality of pictures and what they can do as in setting an attitude or belief of what the picture portraits. In most cases, main con-stream media uses pictures and film to ridicule or disgrace the specter. The specter being the one misfortunate enough to be captured in the moment or that series of events. Because now, what ever the picture or film portraits, is a “dead” event of that persons life, taking a piece of their soul. Never to change unless the picture or film is destroyed. Pictures, in ancient times were believed to possess power over people or situations, and some believed that if they “altered” a picture of a particular present event, would change the future or reality of what situation that picture portrayed, thus changing or persecuting the people involved in that “captured moment”. Media is used for power. This power is used for control and brain washing. Could media be used for positive motives? Possibly if it is used for humanitarian and environmental awareness. But in most cases, it is used for greedy self-motivated purposes to make a quick buck. Most aspects of social humiliation can be related to pictures and film. Captured moments of destruction, domination, compromise, sexual deviation, injuries, infidelity, etc.. All of which make money due to the fact that people tend to watch these films or clips more then anything else. The more destructive or disastrous, the more the draw, and more advertisers are apt to make lots of revenue reaching the populist that are viewing these captured atrocities. Is this human nature, or side effects of control. Domination, is how we live day to day as oppressed slaves in a world that is seemingly free, and to find the limits that society sets, one does not have to stray to far from the program.

Lobby Loiterers

People argue that we have the freedom like no other country,  that commercial corporate North America is the best place to exist. This is the biggest con job of them all that the majority believes. The sad truth is the masses in commercial corporate North America are limited like no other country on earth. Why are we controlled and brainwashed that we are free? This is necessary to keep the 1 percent of society rich, opulent and secure. But as you go to your depressing job everyday and can only look forward to 2 weeks off per year, you would feel the oppression every time you walk into that employers door. Our labor laws are non-existent because of the backlogs and the pecuniary lobbying these industries can afford, influencing the law makers, making labor suits and complaints ineffectual to the extent of non-existence. If you have the misfortune of having to claim compensation in commercial corporate North America, you will be black listed for 7 to 15 years, making it virtually impossible to find suitable work, even if you fully recover and do not need accommodations to do the job. If you think that lists like this cannot exist in a free society, then you must be a permanent resident of Wheaton, New Jersey.

Unionised Work-farce

Large companies, corporations, conglomerates, and industries all live with the same general attitudes about human resources.  That we are all expendable and disposable. They have little or no real empathy for their work force, only apathy. They view all employees, even upper management, as foppish serfs to be used until they are useless. Many of these employers have no pensions or real benefits and if they do, they have been cut down and compromised by concessions given back by their workforce out sheer fear of being unemployed. Unions are bought and owned by the companies and in most cases are really not unions at all, just a phoney fore props to attract skilled workers to apply. Once they apply, they have to pay to become a member, anywhere from $400.00 to $1500.00 to be accepted as a full fledged member. Any union delegate or representative are bought and paid for, and are nothing more then corrupt money grabbers, not in the game for a long haul, only to grab what they can and run. Internal delegates that work within the company’s work force are just puppets with no real power of decision making. Are there legitimate unions? Possibly, but to be honest, I never encountered one.


Large corporations view of Green Peace and other organizations that are dedicated to saving the environment as “terrorists”. If you have ever sat in one of these corporate internal meetings of an environment offending company lecturing about Green Peace or other environmentalists, you would see the indoctrination first hand.   They feel these groups should be persecuted for attacking large companies that pollute and compromise the environment. Large corporations think, because they are rich, they live above the law. Large corporations enjoy this treatment by our government and our law enforcement agencies because of the corporation’s lobbying and pecuniary attitude adjusting.  And in the rare occurrence that someone with integrity slips by the decorous education filter and makes it into a position of authority and calls these corporation’s double dealt hands, the corporation will either bribe them or destroy them. There are many victims of “integrity” and the most prevalent are the people that get snared in this moral turpitude of places like Hollywood and/or the entertainment industry. These conflicts arise and are most visible on alternative media hubs, but seem to get buried quickly or so called “de-bunked”, a term used by the alternative media community when a sceptic or more commonly called, “gatekeeper”, attempts to destroy the validity of the alternative news story. Alternative, referring to, in this case, a news source other then the main con-stream media. If the story represents too much relevance (proof) to the accusations made by the accuser, that accuser is summarily socially and credibly destroyed. “Media Decimation”.  Of course, the only people that would believe Media Decimation are the truly proselytized.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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