Covidtose Canadian Election Results Lose Ratings to Rerun Episodes of Friend’s, or the Big Bang Theory? You Betcha!

Where Have all the Kahunas Gone?

With most Canadians cowering under their Master’s (employers) whip, or hiding behind their sweat stained masks, getting flashed visions of a Canada that was once a free nation, whilst hiding under that comforter that smells of body odour and stale sweat from the last 6 month lockdown, not withstanding the last 2 months of oppressed freedom that resembles pre-pandemic oppression, they stare at their mail-in ballots that list all the potential illiberal party candidates in their oppressed ridings. Without a clue as to the truth, only subjected to the fear porn served up nightly courtesy of our mainstreamed fanatical media which are; ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, CBC, CTV, BBC, to name the most common culprits, that bask the entranced viewers in more terror, further indoctrinating the viewer’s brainwashed mind. The dream of prosperity and freedom is now pulverized into a used tissue of discarded snot that could possibly be used as a PCR/Antigen test that may yield a negative result which would gain you entry to do your oppressed job for another day that is encompassing, in the name of safety, shrinking rights, benefits, wages and dignity. Knowing that they should of at least completed the mail-in ballots days ago, they quickly vote for the oppressing party that got the country into the mess that it is currently in, that features horrendous debt to the world banks, severe travel restriction, dangerous vaccine mandates, and phony PCR/Antigen tests, that have been disproven one full year ago by Nobel prize winning scientists and eminent doctors by the hundreds. Still, they choke, breathing through their soiled graphene oxide contaminated paper mask and seal the envelope, making their way into the hall. Dropping it into their outgoing mail slot, they make sure that no other biological threatening unclean human is in the vicinity. Of course, this will be tolerated by the current administration that magically did not lose, just in case they can gain another seat, validating these snot covered votes, or disqualifying, if it was another minority party vote that would just be a problematic thorn in all of the corrupted parties that hold current seats in the parliament.

Trudeau Dee Trudeau Dumb, Trudumb, Trudumb

But it does not surprise me in the least that he was whisked right back into the Prime Minister seat via Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, Larry Fink and the World Banks because of the high stakes that they speculated upon, like our vast resources, uranium, gold, trees, not to mention water, oil sands, etcetera, etcetera. Yes, and that slime ball Trudeau is selling it all away. Trudeau makes Mulroney seem like a choir boy in comparison, being Mulroney was pretty much solely responsible for the NAFTA agreement which started our merry way to globalism. But why worry? Everyone thought Trudeau was trying to attain a majority government. He did not acquire the majority so he failed, right? Wrong again my pundit friends. They just wanted to ensure he would remain in power as their Schwaby boy puppet until 2025. Oh Schwaby boy, the swabs the swabs keep swabbing, from bung hole to bung hole… and they will attempt to get everyone used of the incessive PCR testing, whether it is the fast antigen test or the regular brain scratch method, that infects your sinuses, whether you are vaccinated or not. You did not think one vaccine was the end of this nightmare do you? Vaccine passports will lead to being chipped like a dog in no time at all, labeling you like a product of Pfizer, or Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson or whatever other jab manufacturer is producing these death serums. And you will die, no question about it my friends because there is no antidote for this jab. If you don’t die on the first, you will possibly die the second, or may be the third, possibly the forth and so on. But why does he want to be in power until 2025? That is the magic marker date whereby depopulation will be fully underway. By then, if that slime ball Trudeau and Larry Fink of the World Banks and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum have their way, we will be either dead, stripped of all our assets and property, enslave to load dead bodies into incinerators or residing in that comfy detainment camp not to far, close to a neighborhood near you, awaiting your death.

Trudeau’s Hench Woman, Patti the Witch Tells all into a hot mic, setup by her neighbor…

Patti The Witch and her Monkey Slave

Patti the Witch narrates: “Oh my pretty’s. Just wait for the detainment camp we have selected for you to replace your tiresome home that carries such an oppressive mortgage. Yes my pretty’s, you will all reside in comfort at a special detainment camp, designed solely for you and all your middle class friends, so you can all smell the stench of your rotting flesh, as you die one by one, getting a whiff of all that baking body meat, I will cook up at high temperatures, ensuring that you will all be transformed into large piles of ashes, whereby me and my satanic friends will watch via monitors, as we pedophile your children and transform them into sexual chatelaines or gigolos, soulless husks, whose sole purpose is the servitude of their masters who will train them to be obedient slaves to the elites. Oh yes my Pretty’s, Just line up for that jab and join the Debt Forgiveness Program so you will be under my roof of enchantment, where you will give up you own flesh and blood to stay alive for a little bit longer, kneeling at my feet, begging for my mercy, hoping to be my slave, serving me as my zombie. But, you are far too old for such a position that would better be served by your spawned offspring. But please, keep begging. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac that elates my sexual potency, enabling me to enter torrent sessions with your offspring that is sure to be evil and orgasmic. Yes my Pretty’s, you have already sold your souls taking that jab, that brands your DNA with the mark of the beast, the beast, the only entity I will bow to, other than Trudeau, who I frolic with when his wife is away, never does she know why he is smiling when she returns. But that is another story my Pretty’s, far to complicated for your brainwashed mind. Line up my Pretty’s” recites Patty with a seductive, evil stare, as she giggles fiendishly, whilst her zombie flying mutated monkeys chatter and hoot, the very monkeys that died from the animal trials of the Covid jab, but were necromanced back to life by Patti’s alternate love, Dr. Fauci, the Pandemic Hero.

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