Fallen Equinox, The Murderous, Genocidal, Maniacal Cull

The Marxist Deception Equality

With September knocking at our door of our constrained freedoms, will we answer the door with a howitzer of opposition, or will we just comply to their tyrannical rule? To do nothing is what will lead us to the slaughter. But may people are still brain dumbed by the mainstream media and big tech social networks of communism. Laughing at stupid posts that really mean nothing and are nauseating just to read. People in a whole have lost their individualism, or just traded it for socialism to avoid the confrontation. But you have to invite confrontation and stand your ground. You have to face the opposition and bravely, defying their totalitarianism. I do not think you are ready to be culled. They will convince the weak that culling of our population is necessary, however in the end, it is just to save resources to enable the elitists to enslave the unlucky ones that are kept alive and horde all the remaining resources for them and there greedy, grasping spawned scum. But in actuality, if you are contemplating socialism or Marxism or Marxism/Leninism or Communism, which was a Post Monarch wet dream of the elitists to somehow retain control in disguise, using the military as their kingdom and the soldiers as their dragoons, protecting their newly shaped power hierarchy from the scummy masses, or so they believed in their sick corrupted minds, then as a bad episode featuring Gomer Pile; surprise, surprise, you are still the serf. Only now, you have no real capacity to prosper and are forced into a pathological mediocracy that will keep you in total dependency to the military/police state.

Pecuniary Delusions of Science (Citizenry of Coercion)

Maniacal impediments imposed on our businesses and citizens perpetrated by our bureaucrat, as dictated through secret meetings and treaties, discussed by the Bloomberg Foundation featuring barmy man speakers such as Bill Gates, and eloquent deception masters, such as Bush and other former presidents, secretly deciding our Great City’s future during this obscure plight as set forth by the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset”. Pondered and insinuated by our so called sovereign leader, better known as the “Prime Minister”,  whom stated on numerous occasions that; This pandemic is our opportunity to adhere to this “Great Reset” collating compassionate theft programs such as the “Asset Acquisition”, offered to faltering Canadians that have lost their livelihoods to this mysterious virus, which can appear and disappear depending on the current political climate and public adherence to these perpetuated infections of political aspirations which float in the wind magically as to whom they infect. Yet, people believe, as in asserting blind faith towards a computer generated science that models this virus isolation, only in theory, that cannot be proven beyond a shadow of any doubt by any stretch of the imagination, unless you’re aboard the “Enterprise”, exploring strange new worlds, whilst discovering strange new viruses that can be proven beyond a shadow of any doubt on Mars, possibly, depending on the gravitational pull and atmospheric pressure, which would change the science as in results, at least, concerning free fall speed, which could indeed, shatter the demolition theory of the World Trade Centers.

As it is Written, So it Shall be Said?

What side do you stand on? For Christ or for Satan? You may say to yourself, “I do not believe in God or Satan (Lucifer). But in the case of the ladder, belief is not required and your soul will be harvested for hell if you comply to the works of Satan. Which is the “Great Reset” as proposed by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum which is just the front for the Masonic Order of Lucifer, The Light Bearer, who, by the way, is the same entity as Satan. So, if you comply with the vaccine, you are aligned with Satan, You are receiving the Mark of the Beast. Not sure what that is? Think of the app you will be required to put on your phone, at your own expense, to prove you are current in your vaccine, as a precursor to the identifier that will be lodged under your skin that will serve as a passport because they will deceive the public into believing it will be un-hackable, unlike a phone where anyone can acquire and falsify as their own. Yet, one could just hack off your hand and use your chip, couldn’t they? Hmmm, I guess they never thought of that one. Or have they in the scenario of forced compliance? However, back to the Mark of the Beast analogy. Once you agree to expose your medical information and history, they can tie that together with the nanobots (created with Graphene material) existing in your body via the vaccine, enveloped and delivered with the toxic Graphene Oxide into all parts of your body, beyond the Blood Brain Barrier, where they will be able to control your mind by influence, using ultra low brain wave inducement, better known as Operation Crimson Mist, matching your brain wave frequency. Only problem is, the Mark of the Beast has to be updated every 3 months by Bill Gates and Microsoft so if you have received the vaccine(s) which so far, already amount to one every three months, prepare to roll up your sleeve, or drop your drawers, every three months for the new update of this vaccine (Gene Therapy). Yes, this vaccine actually changes your genetic and RNA/DNA structure/signature to be marked as to the vaccine manufacturer’s intellectual property, all rights reserved. Now, ain’t that a pretty Mark of the Beast, same as you getting your ass branded by the World Economic Forum brand acronym, being WEF. Well, cattle are branded as to their owners and so will you be, as to the technology you allow these pirates to inject (brand) you with, or better put, brand your RNA/DNA as to their property. Sounds so much like selling your soul to acquire what you already have like a job and freedom of movement and travel, or just to breathe. And that kids, is just the beginning.

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