The Crown of Cellular Thorns, An Interview with Lucifer…

Interviewer: “Hello Lu, may I call you Lu?” Lucifer: “Sure, I have many names, but I never fear the informalities of the “Common Folk” and their pretentious hospitalities.” Interviewer: “Thank you, I was wondering about the current state of the world and ponder what influence you and your angels have had in this plight to our humanity and freedoms?” Lucifer: “Amateurs! I would never influence such Tom Buffoonery, excuse my metaphors.” Interviewer: “So you have no stake in this take over of the planet. You see no benefits to its succession?” Lucifer: “I have no stake in stupidity, but will accept the fallen souls as the result, kind of like a poorly cultivated garden, even though the yield appears to be waning, I, in the end, will benefit from what Death reaps at the blade of his scythe.” Interviewer: “That is fascinating because I would have sworn you would have had a more active role in this takeover, seeing how many people are committing suicide and the collateral death and maiming introduced with the experimental vaccine.” Lucifer: “Yes, suicide is rampant and more death has been registered, keeping my entry clerks completely swamped with souls, however, many of these souls are returned as to their purgatory status, meaning, even though this vaccine is experimental and it is classified as suicide, can only be valid if there is proper “informed consent”. Without that, my soul acquisition ratio of returns goes out of control, rendering a deficit that ends up to be a waste of processing time and resources. Heaven can be a stickler to details like coercion and improper knowledge of certain actions, like coerced suicide, meaning, under those circumstances, it is not suicide, only murder.” Interviewer: “So you do have ethics. I would of thought you would have a deficit in anything positive.” Lucifer: “Who says ethics has to be positive. Ying, Yang. It would depend on which end of the scale, that ethics would apply as in, good or evil. There has to be a balance to make any of this “fun”. Tipping the balance in your favor can be elating. That fine line that makes one truly evil, but must have some goodness in their temperance. Otherwise, it just no fun at all. Someone that is truly evil has to derive from a truly good person, that had innocence, corrupted and now a true agent of misfortune.” Interviewer: “I would have thought you would approve of the bondage that is being placed upon the earth, as in bio-digital convergence, controlling our every thought and move, true slavery.” Lucifer: “Sounds very boring as in, where is the choice? And here again, there will be many purgatory recalls, a complete waste of my time. Martyrizing all souls that are in bondage, surely destined for purgatory as in to recycle back to the rebirth that will continue to be a sleep fest as in acquisition of truly evil souls, never knowing the difference between true good and evil, getting back to “informed consent”. How does one get properly informed if they are dumbed down with digital control? No choice, no true acquisition possible, only a boring conveyer belt of recycled energy as dismal as a generator and its constricting power lines. Why on heaven’s gate do you think I was created and cast down? Plutonium was getting bored and wanted to “spice” things up.” Lucifer chuckles. Interviewer: “So, you like the challenge of soul acquisition as in, the chase is more satisfying then the catch?” Lucifer: “Of course! Watching a youthful innocent bungle and botch their way through humanity when they first strike out on their own, Those are the most satisfying souls to acquire, when they compromise themselves with drugs, then prostitution, losing all self worth, ultimately committing suicide, falling into my lap of deceit and treachery, feeling the scorch of my inferno, and all of the time, having the choice of removing my chains at their own will, but keeping them in place out of fear and ignorance. Yes, I will miss those days indeed. Interviewer: “The story sounds more intriguing, kind of like a Mark Twain episode or something.” Lucifer: “Well, entertainment is half the bang for your buck, if not all of the bang, as in interest. Why would I want to end up with just Birx, Fauci, Gates or Schwab, among others. Perhaps Biden if it can be determined if he is not already converged to a digital state that is offsetting his dementia. They have all sold their souls to acquire what they have. If this is the end yield then it would be truly disappointing as in, knowing already what you are getting for Christmas.” Interviewer: “You celebrate Christmas?” Lucifer: “Of course, don’t you?” Interviewer: “Then, you are a true “sportsman” indeed. This takeover must pain you as to what dreariness is to come?” Lucifer: The world, before this shutdown, was spinning way out of control. A feeling of dread was overcoming the psychics of the earth and the greed and apathy was rampant. It was shaping up just nicely and I was on the verge of my greatest acquisition of truly deserving souls that were placing the chains of bondage on willingly, without any help from the elites, that to my disappointment as to giving them their fortunes in exchange for their souls, are conspiring against me, getting greedy, not surprising, and attempting to become immortal at my expense. This just won’t do!” Interviewer: “It sounds like these elitists, that gave up their ever lasting souls, are victims of divine intervention, as in a whisper from an angel as to the secrets of becoming immortal, undermining your work that was so eloquently mastered, and was victim to the applied brakes derived from this divinity of intervention? Lucifer: Ah, yes, devious indeed. But who would of ever thought he would be capable? I am not sure that would be within the rules, however, all is fair in love and war. I will have to consult my prime evils as to this possibility or better put, infraction of the cosmic rules. If so, it just broadens the playing field. No more questions, please. I must retire in contemplation.” Interviewer: “Thanks Lu!” Lucifer: “Anytime.” Lucifer disappears in a puff of smoke.

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