Farcicality of Society’s Tomfoolery

Do You Really Think That is Funny?

Or did you laugh because you heard the Laughing Machine. Society over the millenniums have been programmed to what is dictated as funny. Most people cannot laugh unless they hear others laugh. That is why we are 100% brainwashed and march to the 1 percenter’s drum of social approval. That is why so many brainless morons are “hooked” on so called comedies on commercial TV. Still, you have the mini series and the so call series philosophy of home entertainment. Instead of making a good movie from an even better book, they release a series with half rate actors to mesmerize the population into commercial obedience. If you have no idea what I just said, then you are totally brainwashed. You will see the lifestyles the 1 percent are promoting at the time for their own amusement. Because the 1 percent do not watch TV. The 1 percent watch you bungle and botch for their entertainment. That is why so many rich people like the news and journalism. Even though half of it is badly written, they still get immense satisfaction out of the daily news, elevating themselves as above it all, so they can feel superior. Until they start getting killed and maimed. Then it is an atrocity and should not be publicised and must be contained and kept under control so they can feel safe and superior again.  Watching a billionaire get their head cut off? I think that would be something to see.  But instead we get to see “Joe Terrorist” bite the dust. Who is Joe Terrorist? He is a CIA fabrication of your fears and imagination, portrayed by some poor unsuspecting chump . Could you imagine what the wealthy and the 1 percent were thinking when the Czar and his royal family were killed? In reality, is this why Russia, not even a century later, went capitalism? Of course it is because they could never allow a government of the workers, for the workers ever survive on the planet earth. That is just plain idiotic to the 1 percent of society.  Now they can all wear $200.00 blue jeans, smoke marijuana and act like retards, just like the so called free people in Commercial Corporate North America.

Life is a Hierarchy, And you’re a burnt out Stepping Stone.

Cheep and Bong, reigning out of the seventies of the last millennium, were regarded as cult heroes of the drug culture. But what were they actually heroes of? Because they helped promote that marijuana is a harmless vice and should be legalized? Or did they just do this for the money? Will they do anything anymore for free? Or is it because of their high profile and seemingly advocacy for the now popular drug culture, that they can still command high dollar for their appearances, now as Senior drugged up hippies because of the recent successes, legalization and commercialization of the drug to be consumed like cigarettes and liquor? I guess Sargent Stadanko will have to put down his electric marijuana pipe and purchase a crack or fentanyl apparatus to be showy for his possible appearance in the next Cheep and Bong Movie called; “Still Vaping and Irritating”. Face it Cheep and Bong fans, you were used to elevate them into stardom and fame, so they can look down at you as peasants and groupies. I mean, now that it is legal, will they make fun of crack heads or fentanyl users? How it is cool to be totally addicted to these substances? How comical it can be if you are prostituting yourself, performing fellatio for $10.00 to $20.00 to get your next fix, satisfying old washed up hippies now posing as the pillars of society? Give me a break. They act as if the so called “New Drug Philosophy” will save the world. If you look at the accelerated decay in your community and the streets in the last 2 years, it should be a wakeup call to anyone that cares at all about where society is really headed. But hey, don’t take my word for it and light up another doobie and wash it back with some brain honing elixir, and make sure the label of the bottle is displayed prominently as you take a big gulp, to ensure you advertise their product after you paid for the privilege. Are you a loser? Decidedly.

It was So Funny, I Forgot How to Laugh!

In all actuality, being a star or the elite of society has to be an enormous burden, keeping that insulated buffer maintained, securing themselves from the masses.  How is this done mainly? Gatekeepers and lots of them. How do they afford so many? They don’t actually pay gatekeepers. Gatekeepers work for free because of their illusive position as a fan/subscription club member. But that is how hierarchy works. Fan adornment, wanting to be, “Just Like Them”. But in defense to the people hooked on drugs, what can they really do? It is a physical addiction that is almost impossible to beat without enforced isolation. We, as a society, have to step up to the plate and show some courage. Make drug treatment mandatory and enforced, not optional. I see it everyday. Substance abusers soliciting money many different ways, after they have exhausted their government/municipal provided monies, and spending it all on drugs and/or liquor, getting totally inebriated, stumbling back to the shelter at night if it is too cold to sleep outside. In the morning, they head for the soup kitchen or food banks for their food. So, where is the incentive to straighten out? Any money they get, goes towards their addictions, back into the governments or some dealer’s pocket. Further, they can actually get apartments if they are diagnosed with some sort of disability, getting their housing for next to nothing, being paid through social assistance, and spending the rest on drugs and/or booze.  They can also get prescriptions to maintain their addictions. Only most of the junkies sell these prescription drugs to get their preferred fix, usually Fentanyl. There may be some families in this predicament that are more responsible, that actually feed and care for their children, but the horror of it is, a lot of these families don’t, having their children frequently awarded to children’s aid and foster care, or worse, on the street doing the exact same thing. If you are not concerned, you aught to be, seeing you are paying for all of this via taxes taken off your pay cheque. Not a very comical situation. If there is a comedian that can make these situations seem funny, you can bet your Mother’s third wedding band that is accompanied by her previous two matrimonial trinkets, sitting in some local pawnshop, in hock,  that the government will make sure he/she rises rapidly to fame, keeping you occupied during your drugged out drunken evenings being mesmerised by commercial television.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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