The Magisterial Covetous Ensorcelled Myriad of Debenture

The Patrician, The Proletarian and the Vagabond

Greed and gold. People (proletarians and vagabonds) are mesmerized by the possibility of being filthy rich. So much so that they will hock there last possession to purchase a lottery ticket. Yes, that chance to become a millionaire (patrician). The odds are astronomical, but if you pray hard enough, Jesus will hear you and let you pick the right ticket or select the correct numbers. However, you are praying to the wrong affiliation. You have to exchange your soul for true wealth. And when you die, you will be in the sanctity of Hell. Being rich means greed through and through. In other words, there is no reason to be billionaire or even a millionaire (patricians). And no, if you do win, you will not share it with anyone. You just say that in hopes  God will think you are truly deserving and fix the lottery just for you because you are so dammed special. That is why the Bible is being shunned and dismantled to suit our decaying morals and turpitudes of greed. So the next time you purchase a lottery ticket, don’t pray to God. Sign your name, in blood, to the Devil. In exchange for your soul, he will let you win, well something. Enough to make it seem worth it at the time anyway.

Spaghetti Western In Hell?

All God wants is faith. The devil wants your soul, which is basically everything you have once you depart from your flesh and bone abode.  Once you are in the kingdom of Hell, you are owned by the Devil and all his demons. You are not even worthy at that point of being a demon. All you will be is Demon food and they will rip your soul apart for seemingly eternity. Will you ever be released from hell? I have no idea other than if you truly want the light and can withstand the pain of illumination, then possibly you can be released. Some people suggest the earth is hell and we live it everyday. But in reality, the earth is a dimension of trials and tribulations. What you do on earth determines if you will rise or fall. If your soul is pure enough, you may ascend to the heavens. If it is stained with excessive sin, you may sink to the depths of hell. The most popular scenario would be purgatory, where you are weighed and judged whether you are worthy of advancing or being recycled back to earth. Yes, the Devil is choosy too, and to be accepted into the depths of hell, you have to be either truly evil, or ready to sign your soul away in blood..

What if Abel really Killed Cain and Assumed his Identity?

You may wonder how many times your soul has been recycled and the answer would most likely be, several times. Each life usually gets more complex as to the trials you face and even more confusing as to what the correct course of action would be for every trial we face. Should I give that homeless person some money? Should I, as a homeless person, share my last piece of bread with that millionaire? Should I, a middleclass individual,  help that junkie purchase more drugs? What are the correct answers to these situations? It is not at all clear and you would most likely not share your last piece of bread with a starving millionaire if you were a homeless person, even if the banks were all closed and he was starving for real. The correct answer would be; sharing the piece of bread with this millionaire and not expecting anything in return, only that you helped this person in their time of need. But we would all expect something in return and that would not be a sincere motivation. Instinct could interfere, and we may hoard and eat that piece of bread, and if the millionaire attempted to grab a piece, we would grab the nearest rock and bludgeon that person to death in the fight for survival. But our intellect should reign and contemplate the correct response to this situation, depending on your moral integrity. Some of us would definitely share the piece of bread selflessly, but many would definitely bludgeon the millionaire to death and steal his possessions (possibly assuming his identity if they looked alike), seeing the banks are closed and he had no pocket money to buy lunch.

In Pharmacies we Mistrust? Or is it the Spawn’s of  Nihilism

Now, you have a gold Rolex, some very expensive rings, possibly some gold teeth, some expensive clothes and shoes. You are most likely going to pawn all these items for some money, once business hours arrive. You will either start a new life, or purchase more drugs and booze to continue your life of destitution. If you were a middle classed individual (proletarian), you would probably use the money to make your next few mortgage payments. If you were rich (patrician), you would most likely take the possessions and stash them away as trophies. In most cases, the average person (proletarian) enjoys a derangement of the senses, enabling them to forget their crappy job, their excessive bills and payments, and their desire to be free. That is why booze, cigarettes, and now marijuana are great money makers. The pharmaceutical companies, owned by the 1 percenters (patricians), love the fact that Commercial Corporate North America has a population full of junkies and neurotics (proletarians and vagabonds), just looking for a reason to go on prescription medication or purchase that next batch of illegal drugs from their friendly pharmacist or the “Son’s of Anarchy” approved local dealer .

Prosperous Chit Inducing Specie Hoard

Just another excuse to go on disability and pass your burdens onto the people that still work (proletarians), who have managed to not lose their minds working for lazy, wealthy deadbeats (patricians), that we are all so ready to admire and serve like slaves. Our society is so deranged, that it sells money to people through cash grubbing Money Stores. People (vagabonds) that receive social assistance, disability, welfare, or government provided incomes, will pay hefty fees to cash these cheques in receipt of liquid money that is already theirs in the first place. The 1 percent (patricians via the proletarian) issue these cheques with this in mind knowing most of the vagabonds do not have a bank account. How stupid can we get? Well, if we are stupid enough to deal with money stores to buy back our own money, then we have already hit the threshold of total idiocy. People (patricians, proletarians, vagabonds) will do anything for money, and now, most vagabonds will spend all their government provided money, siphoned from the pockets of the working class (proletarian), to get and remain totally drunk and stoned. Yes, people (vagabonds that were once proletarians) have heartbreaking stories explaining why they are living their current circumstance, but soon gets washed away in a river of booze or gagged and diminished into a haze of drug sedated smoke. That way, the government and the rich (patricians) can get away with their abusive rule, enabling all of these destitute people (vagabonds) to continue their hopeless journey to self-destruction.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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