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When Men Were Men and Women Were Women. When was that again?

I was looking through the latest theater movies last week and decided to watch Sicario which was basically about the drug trade and how Homeland Security and other agencies were trying to keep the USA clean of drugs. This movie bothered me on so many levels that if I went through them all, this would a book and not a post.

This movie is brain wash material if I ever watched one. But more scary is the fact that they portray real men with bisexual tendencies. I use the description, “real men” very loosely because this is just a distorted vision either a Hollywood writer, director or producer or all three. Or, because it has Homeland Security stamped all over the movie footage, could mean Homeland Security had a large influence on this film.

If you watched this movie, you would know which scene or scenes I am referring to, and if you do not, watch the movie. The top billed star of the movie was a woman and she played the born again tough bitch FBI agent Macer, that emasculated her partners by her confident persona, making the poor chaps look like a wimps. The only men in the film she did not emasculate was the story characters Gillick and Graver whom are portrayed as the “real men” with bisexual tendencies.

Note: I am not using the actors real names because this post is not here to promote the famous. If you want to know what actors they are, look it up on Wikipedia.

Where Real Men are Bisexual Men and Women Emasculate Men

Is this a twisted contrast? Twisted Plot or just plain a gay agenda? I left the theater wondering WTF? I paid to see this swill? I thought the movie was well done and had some moments, but in the final assessment, it was pig feed. Then I started looking at all the recent movies, and just by looking at the titles and description, could not find anything that did not lean the same way as the “Emasculation Plot” in Sicario. In other words, I started looking through older movies which sucks a bit because I already seen them.

Then I seen some promise. Knock, Knock, staring one of my favorite actors and a couple of women as the villains. I thought this may be worth a gander. So I watched the movie. This movie almost had me going, especially when the female duo came back and caught him by surprise and started holding him hostage. But then the story started to dismantle itself and eroded very quickly. This movie started to send so many twisted messages, too many to mention, but the main message is “destroy the family unit”. The other twisted message I am mentioning is: “When Men think they are Real Men they are Pedophiles and Real Women that were Victims of Pedophilia can get way with Murder”.

So lets destroy the Family Unit! It is the “In” thing to do! Is it not?

This movie could not be more clear on these messages, and take a plunge to the abyss with the “destroy the family unit” message, by the total trashing of the home, especially the immature vandalism of the family pictures, which by the way, how many families really have that many family pictures every square inch on the wall space of the home? Total exaggeration of how perfect the family was, and how extreme the attack on the family unit was portrayed with the extreme, immature vandalism of the family pictures. I mean who really wrote this puke? Satan himself?

I think even Satan would have wrote this movie with more class, so it may of been one of his legion demons. But, when you are already brainwashed and get influenced by more astute brainwashing, frequently experienced by writers that have the misfortune of writing for Hollywood, then sometimes, you end up with plain, incoherent writing. It could also just be the drugs they do in Hollywood. No excuses, it is just plain dunghill writing.

Conformity? We don’t need no Stinking Conformity!

Since when do we need films that are suppose to entertain, written in attempt to have us think in certain ways? We all know that the government, one way or the other, has tried to control Hollywood. In turn, people that write for Hollywood, conform to certain genres, styles, and content. If not, it has no chance in hell to be produced into a film. Why cannot Hollywood find better writers? Because most good writers like to have there own control over the content and do not need the “editors from hell” forging their material into over exaggerated cess scribble.

Mentality wise, you have to watch most movies now with a large grain of salt. Yes, you may have some movies that are in the “normal zone” and according to the person watching dictates what normal is to them. If you produce a movie, you can produce what you want. If you go over the line of believable, then make it believable in the sense that anyone could put themselves into the position the movie is trying to get across. Pure fantasy movies have a lot of leeway to convince the viewer, but still has to make it believable that someone could find and ride a Pegasus, by first, where to possibly find one or summon one, and second, how you would approach the creature to mount and ride.

Where did I leave my Story Plot? I think I left it in the Inkwell!

Too many times, the movie leaves too much for the viewer to imagine or determine the origin of a situation and leaves them inattentive and yawning. Movies that take the time to walk the viewer towards these important details are the successful movies. But even the successful movies are laced with subliminal messages and images, sometimes embedded between frames, or in plain view for all to see, but usually do not consciously notice, laying the foundation for the suggestion that is formulated by a series of these messages or images. If I had any suggestion to anyone, it would be do not watch TV or movies. Even if you are aware, it still gets through to your subconscious.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on October 25, 2015

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