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“The Problem with Dating Sites is”

Too many con artists. The conception of the “Dating Site” originally computer dating, where a computer with inputted data about different men and women would attempt to match the couple according to their interests, age, creed, relationship, desires, etc.

Now, the philosophy is somewhat the same, but allowing the user to enter this data on the actual website with little or no scrutiny, rather then submitting a questionnaire at the computer dating company where they could clearly see if you are a man or woman, old or young, etc.. This induced upon the user to use a certain amount of honesty that would make sense to the personnel processing the data from your submission.

Even if the user had to mail the information to the dating company, there was still a certain amount of scrutiny to be at least semi-honest. Once the computer bulletin board became popular, then later the actual websites, that gave birth to cyber dater. In other words, WYSINNWYG. What you see is not necessarily what you get.

This can cause a number of issues, especially for free dating sites. All you really need on a free dating site is a valid email address. And that is about it as far as verification goes. The issues that this causes is too many to mention. A few would be pertinent to at least list however.

  1. Men posing as women
  2. Women posing as men
  3. Men and Women lying about their age
  4. Men and Women using old pictures
  5. Men and Women stating they want a relationship, but really want a casual one night stand
  6. Prostitutes (male and female) using the site to solicit services
  7. Scammers posing as young men and women, trolling for older men and women, to con them out of money to free them from some foreign country, they are phonily financially anchored.
  8. Men and women sharing unsolicited illicit photography of themselves to potential suitors.

The list goes on and on.

The Actual Date

On the most part, if you expect a female, that is usually what shows up and visa-versa. However, only 60% of these will look actually close to the pictures. On the most part, they are usually heavier and older then the pictures, but the right sex. Only 40 to 50% of these turnouts actually want a relationship even if their profile stated that is what they want. And, if they feel pressured into a relationship agreement for further dating, in most cases, that is where it will end or shortly thereafter. Chances are that you will meet some very scary people. You know, like that commercial one popular dating site uses that attempts to show if you purchase their service, you will never be surprised by a scary date again? Well, surprise, surprise! You will meet liars, adulteresses, adulterers, perverts, prostitutes, schizophrenics, sexual and physical abusers, drug attics, junkies, alcoholics, and your average, everyday weirdos. If you meet someone normal? You are very fortunate.

Premature Jack Action

So why do people even use these sites is beyond comprehension. The best answer would be, it is a quick way of finding a date. Even though it may not be what you expect and can be downright aggravating, you still get some social interaction with a live human being, well, most of the time. But the sincere beware. There a lot of “trolling trolls”, male and female just looking for “jack action”, or a free meal. Some of these so called “dates” are just looking for a “backup date” or an “envious accession suitor”. What is an “envious accession suitor”? That is when the male or female attempting to get another suitor back through jealously, so you become the “envious accession suitor”, being used in a pathetic attempt to lure you out on a date, and/or to their home, knowing that the desired suitor is watching by surveillance, thus inducing contact from the desired suitor through possessive jealousy. Some people that are possessive and jealous, even though the have more then one lover, cannot stand another other suitor in the company of their (lovers) property.

Creepy Crawly Posers (Witches and Warlocks)

When this possessive jerk/bitch goes back to the person you just dated, you are not needed anymore, or at least not at the moment. You will receive a “Dear john/Jane” text/message politely asking to be friends, or saying they just decided that you are not what they are looking for as a mate. But one would think that they could of just said that at the first meet. That is what the initial meeting is about. In a nut shell, there seems to be a lot of dater abusive suitors not sincere no matter how they attempt to appear initially. If you meet, then date someone, and you have more then one date, with the suitor showing no signs of dislike or refusing contact (holding hands), and the next day they send you the “Dear John/Jane” text/message out of the blue, you can be pretty sure that you have been used. Especially be aware of the first meet turning into a date and lasting over 5 hrs, and then being invited into their home. Sure sign that they are trying to “advertise” that you are dating them, attempting to induce jealousy, or their spouse is out of town for the night. Either way, you may be wise to refuse going into their abode, and just to go home, to avoid possible conflicts and/or severe bodily harm.

Three Thug Night (Mama Told Me not to Go)

I was told/warned through the “online dating grapevine”, that one abusive dater(female) actually hired 3 thugs to severely beat a man (almost to death) she was dating because he caught her messing around and wanted to end the relationship. Thus, you can see the real dangers of online dating. This dating medium seems to empower the reckless and non-sincere individuals using the “deceptive cloak” that online dating sites provide because of their lack of identity verification. You might as well just use Craigslist because what is the difference? To be a successful online dater requires a “proverbial horseshoe” up one’s rectum. However if you are just looking for low quality entertainment and company, then online dating is your “one stop” shopping place. You will find more insincere dates then you cheating heart can handle.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on October 27, 2015

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