Liegeman In the Orphanage of Non-Acquiescence

Doctrine of Proprietary Philosophy

There more lies in this world then the truth. But one ounce of truth can destroy one ton of feint. This world can not seem to rid itself of the constant barrage of ravenous thought and actions that put a stranglehold on our daily existence. If we cannot share our wealth then we are nothing. Colleges and universities put astronomical price tags on knowledge that should be shared amongst everyone. The internet is a positive stride towards shareable intellect, however, because of commercialism and profiteering, it is being scattered and produced into fragments and pieces of arbitrary, non-sited left overture. What is sited material? Bibliography? To show the reader where the information was derived from. Is it important? In my opinion, it really has no bearing other than making the reader comfortable that he/she is reading something that has been verified before. Like an author of a mathematics book who uses verified methods and formulas to create his/her own styles and varieties of solutions set forth in his/her “original publication”. This also sets the stage for the necessity for one to be aware of the history and hierarchy of information and knowledge which in turn sets a proprietary regulation, enforcing people to go to certain institutions to be brainwashed in the knowledge or doctrine people seek or desire. Usually for money, because that is how we have been conditioned to  believe things work and the only way people can be creditable or credible. The more you pay, the smarter you can become? I doubt it very seriously. But if you do have vast amounts of money, it can be bought.

Diploma of Homelessness

It can be a scary thought when all one really has to do is be from a rich family to get a university education. People do argue though that many people from any income bracket go to university. Yes they do and not without sacrifice. Bottom line is, there are many a street persons with university degrees. Many of them fell through the cracks and you can bet your great grandmother’s wedding band that is in the pawn shop because you had to buy groceries, that a person from a wealthy family that has some sort of degree is not the one on the street. The fact that this proprietary snobbishness dictates what information is creditable and what information is not, is the reason the internet is being converted from the information highway, to the  infiltration commercial sewer. Where the only thing a brainwashed mind would deem creditable or credible is what commercial corporate North America and their bought off main con-stream media says is true or creditable (credible). Once you tear down the illusive barriers the 1 percent of society props up, like a “B” movie stage set, you can see how they manipulate people into doing their bidding. In one word, slavery.

Certificate of the Indoctrination

The internet still has the information, if you scrape for it. You can pretty much find any information you need, but in most increasingly cases, you have to put up with proprietary commercial ads imposed upon you by the mini-Monarchs and the people that allow those ads on their sites, videos, etc. Some people will defend this to the highest degree, but in the end, you will find they are collecting a lot of money from these ads playing on there works. The commerce of commercialism changes how the internet works and feels. Surely I should show some empathy for these individuals, firms, companies, mini-Monarchs that impose this brainwashing spew on a daily basis, hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second, not. I despise commercialism to the highest degree. It has been so overly abused and compromised, that one would wonder where it really started and how did it get so twisted. Greed has twisted its’ intent to provide information where the commodity is available by attempting to brainwash you that you cannot exist properly without the commodity. People that watch TV and put up with commercials every 8 to 10 minutes interrupting their brainwashed entertainment really need help. But to confront these individuals is almost impossible. They will say things like; “I like to watch commercials. They are funny.” or “I like commercials because I can get up and get things done during the commercials.” or “Some commercials really do provide me with great product information.” I am almost positive anyone has heard these lines before in one form or another. If you do, then you really have a brainwashed victim on your hands. Now that streaming and alternate programming feeds are available, some people still flock to the same old mind deteriorating swill series, but now without the commercials. Better, yes but still brainwashing. Because they, in most cases, depending on the series, have one full hour to keep you under constant brain-hone mode, uninterrupted. Remember who ultimately pays for these series and miniseries. Commercialism, brought to you by, the mini-Monarchs of commercial corporate North America, courtesy of the 1 percent of society.

Doctor of Adverse Advertisement

Ultimately, what does this do to the people that reject the programming? It attempts to isolate us into desolation. In hopes that people around will label you into some sort of loose cannon and will attempt to humiliate you back to the program. Thus making anyone still on the program the gatekeeper for commercialism and they will defend greed, opulence, aggression, violence, barbarism, domination, and slavery. And, they will not even know it, only that they are defending the thought process of the status quo, capitalism. Greed = opulence, opulence = aggression, aggression = violence, violence = barbarism, barbarism = domination, domination = slavery. We have become divided, even in our own homes. It is the family unit they want to destroy, With that destroyed, it makes their agendas easier because without the family, our morals and dignities are at great risk. One can stand alone, because ultimately, that is how we are born and that is how we will leave this world. Isolation may hurt but it will make one stronger. People will see your strength because you are following your true life’s path. That can only inspire a following that everyone is equal and able to choose without fear of reprisal.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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