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Community DisMemberMent

Nestled in the heart of a residential community, where once, not so long ago, stood a temple where the community consecrated their wealth for safe keeping so all could feel secure that their spoils of labor was safe and secure. Slowly but surely, when faith was replaced by greed and opulence, banks and banking institutions replaced the temples and started to charge interest for loans to people in exchange for interest paid for the use of the community’s money that was kept for safe keeping in these banks that once were community temples. Slowly but surely these banks monopolized the community’s wealth and charge them fees to keep the community’s money safe. They still paid fair interest for this use but only to the wealthy, to whom, they would pay prime interest. For the rest of the community, they would pay a very small interest, if anything at all. And if they paid better interest, the average community member would have to lock away their money for long periods of time and would charge that community’s average member large penalties for the access of their money. The government would also follow suit and tax the withdrawn money’s portion of interest as income. After the locked down term of their money (maturity), and if the community’s average member did not need to withdraw this money, they would successfully gain an interest generated portion of this money which in the end would not seem worth the amount of time the money had to be locked down. Not to mention, the government taking their cut deeming this small amount of generated interest as income. In the mean time, the bank got to use the community’s member’s money for 1 to 2 to 5 to 10 to 20 years depending on the term, and the bank generated 10 times the amount of money they gave the community’s member as earned interest.

 Commandeer Accrual, and The Comptrollers of Defalcation

With these large gains the banks generated from the community’s members, they formed a mini-Monarchy for the rich and opulent to prosper, and slavery for the community’s average members to squalor. As time went on, the rich of the community joined the 1 percent and served as mini-Monarchs to provide vast wealth to the 1 percent all at the expense of the community’s average, now poor members. As the mini-Monarchs prospered at the benevolence of the 1 percenters, the average, now poor community members started to live solely off credit because the mini-Monarchs and the 1 percenters successfully stole all the community’s average, now poor member’s money and prosperity, that at one time was measured by the commodity, but now measured by owed interest, that deflates the worth of the community’s commodities when sold, and inflated the value of the commodities when sold back to the community’s average, now poorer members. Now, vast loans are required to prosper enough to pay back the interest owed by the community’s average, now poor and oppressed members, just scraping by from pay check to paycheck. Instead of banks, the mini-Monarchs and the opulent 1 percenters created money stores to further reach into the community’s average, now very poor and very oppressed member’s pockets to make sure 90 to 100 percent of the community’s average, now enslaved member’s borrowed prosperity is re-circulated back to the mini-monarchs and 1 percenters.

Assimilated Pervaded Anonymous

If you cannot see what is happened to your community, it is because we all have been conditioned (brainwashed) to accept this as standard living. Money stores have existed for decades, and as time goes on from generation to generation, the 1 percent and their mini-Monarchs hope that no one will remember how it was and how it came to be, such as it is now, a rich and opulent society dominating the masses, forgetting our rights as community members because we have been conned out of our prosperity for 3 generations. If you are young, then you would except “credit” as a staple of existence and would certainly not be able to dream of existing with out credit. That is a sad thing because it has been embroidered into our everyday life as if it was “the gospel according to capitalism”. The 1 percent and mini-Monarchs will continue to destroy the church and anyone with  faith by disproving the need for spiritualism. As churches and temples crumble, the mini-Monarchs and 1 percenters will shun people that have faith in spiritualism and deem it is necessary to worship money and opulence. Something that  you are sure never to see or experience, because you are the slave to the society (1 percent) that controls your future. It does not matter what faith one has because the 1 percent of society has no use for any of these religions and will continue to tear down these beliefs until no one believes or cares. If you think that this is an exaggeration, then look at all the abandoned churches in almost any community, in any city in commercial corporate North America. Even if you have no faith, you will still be a serf to the whips of extravagance.

Deceptive Eloquence League of Hypnotic Parables

We have all been conned to think the church is the enemy. The church was the symbol of the community. Not the Pope, not religion on a global scale, not the Vatican, not the vast wealth that certain false prophets have amassed through the populist, not the sexual abusers that hide behind the church, not the greedy that have reaped mass wealth from the church. The church’s true meaning is the community, where the community enjoyed spiritual activities that only enriched the community, making them stronger. It does not take a genius to see why the 1 percent of society wants to tear religion down. In most communities, they have been successful and have enslaved the people in those communities to work (slave) for one common objective. To keep the 1 percent of society and their mini-Monarchs idolised as a way of life. However, that way of life can never be attained by all, thus becomes illusive and waning. In basics, spirituality teaches us to rely on one’s self to continue their journey. Ultimately, that is all spirituality is all about. It does not need a temple, bank, or money store. All it needs is belief, and it is free. So if you prefer to listen to that rich opulent artist chant their melodious intonation rants promoting capitalism, greed and opulence, all at the cost of freedom, or that commercial ad about how great people are that buy that opulent, overpriced vehicle, or commercial programming about cops busting the poor and indigent of society.  Then you will never be free. Just a conduit of commercial adornment.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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