Who Amongst is The Bettor Plunger? Cardsharp Profligate?

Is that your Brain? Or are you hiding a Pea?

Seeping down from our social media and mediums, like slimy, spewing, refuse regurgitating into our brains, honing us at will to believe we may just win that pay dirt! Who amongst us believes gambling is the deterioration of our morals and faiths is a better question? In the end, however, when you have been repined for all that you are worth, you will know the true meaning of gambling. When someone houses a casino, or games of speculation for people to play with their hard earned cash, they are playing to win. End of story. So you may think you have a flawless, honest system to win, but in the end, you will lose. End of story. Anyone that denies this probably owns there own casino or houses games, legally or illegally. They know what side of the enterprise makes the money. It is the house, not the gamblers. If it were the gamblers, then there would be no house, book maker, stakes holders, etc.. It is like the old grift game of shells. Guess what shell houses the pea? In most cases, none, because the pea is only placed to appear to be under another shell when revealed. Honestly, it is never under any shell when you make your selection. You never seem to choose the correct one unless the grifters allows this to happen, to give the appearance someone can actually win, or to encourage the bettor to up his stakes. The pea, in actuality, is hidden in the grifter’s palm, thus he can make you appear to win at will and lose at will.

Sentinels of Misappropriation

Some will argue and defend gambling to the death. Suggest it is honest and legal (where it is legalized) and they would never intentionally cause someone to lose all their money, possessions and property. In other words, they say, when controlled by the state, province, and/or municipalities, it honest and upstanding. But they are only defending this unscrupulous enterprise because they are making money or benefiting from the gambling one way or the other(Gatekeeper). But, others also say gambling is a disease? Addiction? It must be kept under check. You must gamble moderately. If the government, federal, provincial, state, or municipality, controls the gambling, it is somehow cleansed and sacred? Somehow the government supersedes established morals and philosophies? Gambling is so old and common, that societies, though the ages, are well aware of the ills of gambling. It has been written and re-written and made illegal for, in my opinion, good reasons. Because it is immoral, dishonest, and ruthless. Just ask anyone that has lost everything to these casinos. These casinos never say: “You gambled away your life savings? Well in that case, we will give it right back to you.” or “You just lost your house? I am sorry sir/madam, we will give your money right back!”  If you think casinos have these types of morals and remorse, then you must of just bought your first house in Wheaton New Jersey and are waiting for directions to move there!

Finis of the Habituated

I know people that gamble and think they know the system. It is pathetic to listen to these people talk and attempt to convince you that gambling is a friendly, harmless activity. Common sayings would be: “I never bring more then $50.00. Once that is gone I stop! I swear!” or “You just have to know which machine is paying out, hot. Once you master that, you will always win your money back, or break even!” or “I am just going to make one more bet. Just one and that is it!” or “I have studied the methods of blackjack and other card games. I have the perfect system. I cannot lose!”. These sayings are clear indications of gambling addiction. So if you care about that person, encourage them to seek help immediately. Before they lose everything and are asking you to bail them out. Worse, this could be your spouse gambling away your money and property. Why has the government adopted gambling as a vocation and an acceptable enterprise in commercial corporate North America? Because they can control it and tax the royal dung out of each and every casino, not to mention getting bribes and other incentives to legalize and normalise the corrupt activity. They can also tax the winnings, so they have both hands in both pockets, one in yours and one in the house. (Canada has tax free winnings, but not for long.) When I see a billboard or some other form of advertising for gambling and casinos, it makes me very saturnine and fearful of where society is heading. But clearly I see it is greed and opulence that creates this rapacious and unscrupulous behavior. We are defeated by opulence. That is why gambling is prolific throughout commercial corporate North America and the world. But who is it serving? The 1 percent of society. Make no mistake.

Advocates of the Injudicious

I am standing in line to pay for fuel that I just filled into my vehicle’s gas tank. The line is going painfully slow. Unusually slow. Or should I say, usually slow, or bad timing. Who is ahead of me in this line? People that also purchased fuel? Some. But it is not the purchases of fuel that are causing the delay. It is gambling. Mostly older, semi- retired or retired individuals with their scratch tickets, lottery tickets, raffle tickets, faithfully checking each winning ticket and purchasing more tickets in hopes to win the big stakes, or at least another ticket so they can keep playing. If they lose, does this stop them? Never. They just keep buying more and more tickets, slowly exhausting their pension checks, savings and legacies that will most likely be depleted sooner or later if they live long enough because you can bet you last money store interest payment that they are in the local casino 2 to 3 times a week. Yes, they have successfully conned our elders that gambling is the way to financial freedom, something that they are suppose to already be enjoying, but because of our weak banking systems and morals, their pensions turned out to be a fraction of what was promised or cut down. In any event, “freedom 55” turned into “serfdom ’till you die, fool!” Yes they may even of got the level of pension they were told, but inflation and recessions caused the difference, mainly the value of a dollar, that always mysteriously cannot buy as much as it did in the past. Like the grift game of shells. Always mysteriously ending up somewhere else, most likely in the 1 percenters pocket who is the ultimate grifter of them all. But, words of avaricious wisdom told to me by a local business vendor, who by the way, never even sold any gambling tickets in his establishment, said quote: “You can never win if you never play! That is what I tell anyone that criticises gambling.” end quote. Are the 1 percenters fooling us? You can bet you last marriage’s hocked wedding band they are.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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