Endless Fables of Regurgitated Prosperity, Ho Ho, you Ho Yo

In December, You are Incredible. In January You will be In-credit-able

Economists for the 1 percenters of the population toil over how to make the system look fair amongst the masses, the backbone of any greed induced economy. This time of the year is extremely special because the 1 percenters want to convey that they really give a hokum’s ass about anyone  other then their own cess spawned families and relatives. So, in a not so perfect illusionary world, everyone who works gets their fair share of the spoils and prosperity. And to show this appreciation from getting your fair share, you must do the “Fop Dance of Consumer Consumption”. So, as you play favorite Country, Rock, Pop, Rap or R&B CD or stream of that famous, rich, opulent rebel artist, playing or singing their brainwashing tunes, wearing multi gold chains and rings, bought by you, who were stupid enough to buy their unoriginal aneurism inducing intellectual art, you can spend all your money in all the commercial corporate establishments with confidence that you are being financially sodomized. How popular is sodomy? Just do a internet search and find out. By the time you are into the 3rd week of December, most people and families see that they are financially broke. What do they do now? Don’t worry. Just pull out that credit card and start charging, if you haven’t already done so. And for those that have already maxed out their credit, the 1 percenters and banking institutions will take care of you. With their money stores! The 1 percenters have faith in their slaves. That is why they will let you borrow on your next payday! So instead of living paycheck to paycheck, you can live from next paycheck to next paycheck. Or next, next pay check to next, next paycheck. There is really no limit to the downslide of credit. That is, until you lose your job. Once that happens, then you will be financially exhausted and in-credit-able.

You May be the Next Billionaire on “The Fantasy is Right!”

I have learned in this world that to be fair, one must assess what one has in order to be fair with someone else. If I had $10.00 and you had $0.00, would it not be fair to give you $5.00? Of course it would. Would I do such a thing? To be honest, I have no idea. But I think that is because we are valuing paper and not the actual commodity. If I had a plate of food, and you were hungry, I would gladly give you my plate. But brainwashing tells us subliminally, that we cannot trust anyone. So if you say you are hungry and need $5.00 for food, The first thing that enters most programmed minds is that the person is soliciting money from you, so do not give him any. He does not really need any money. If he does, let him find a job. Is that fair to think on those terms? Not for a second. But we all do, not by nature, but by distrust imposed on us by the 1 percenter’s commercial brain honing. They want you to think like they do. How else can they live with the fact that they have billions of dollars, gold and almost every other so called precious commodity and not share while nations of people starve to death. They can live with it because we allow them to live with it, hoping we will be a billionaires some day, not! If anyone could fathom how much space you would need for 1 billion dollars, it would exceed most small apartments in space. How much space would the bank need for your money? A small coffee can most likely would suffice.

Molding Golden Calves of Wanton

It is opulence that defeats us. What real power does the 1 percent of the population have on the community? Nothing. Can they eat money? Gold? Diamonds? What real practical use do these items have anyway? Nothing, other then the measure of wealth. Who is giving them the power to measure wealth with these inanimate objects and paper? We are. And we continue to allow them to control us in the hopes that we can someday be wealthy. It is a pipe dream. It is a distorted illusion of success. Do you really think that everyone on the planet can be a billionaire? Even a millionaire? Of course not. So why are we idolizing these greedy people and their greed inducing media of brain control? We as a community can have it all and be happy. We as a community can grow are own food and livestock. We as the community can build our own houses and barns. We as a community can blacksmith our own tools. We as a community can make our own generators. We as a community can pulp our own paper or make our own lumber. We as a community can make our own clothes. We can survive without opulence. And if we find a lump of gold, we can melt it down and use as a conductor. Or use it for a doorstop. If we find a diamond, it could be used as a frequency controller or oscillator or we could see how many times it would skip across the lake. These things, other then being shiny, are just things of opulence. Not worthy of any community’s worship. If any community knew what power they really have, the 1 percenters would attempt to crush that community with some sort of police action and/or label it as a extremist cult or commune justifying intervention by the FBI or CIA. Come on, you did not think that they knew that this may happen? They have nightmares about it every night. That is why they have such organizations like the FBI, CIA, NSA, RCMP…etc.

No Diamonds in the Manger

You can’t fool a government/establishment founded upon insurgency. Or at least a government’s puppeteers who are the 1 percent of society. No hope? Not by a longshot. We as a community have the right to insurgency. It says so in the constitution of USA. But it really does not have to say so in any constitution. For a community to take action in order survive is the right of any community and every person in that community. Survival is an instinct. Cannot be bred out of us or abolished as a way of thinking. It is a natural response to aggression. And it is legal to survive. If anyone knows of any laws that prevent survival of a person, group or community, please enlighten me.  But to rebel in an open evasive action is outworn and antiqued. It is our thoughts, not our actions that rebel successfully. Because eventually, it will be taught to our offspring that opulence is truly our enemy and the destructor of the independent community. Merry Christmas, the true meaning of the birth of Christ.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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