The Bastille Nix, Gulag, Septentrional Fredonian

We are the Internees, of the World…

A large bulldozer chugs along, in a snow covered, remote community pushing large, heavy crates of materialism, consisting of diesel/gas high watt generators, backhoes, mining and forestry equipment, testing and analyzing equipment, office equipment, toppling over older smashed and broken crates of untouched, unused but weathered equipment of the similar categorisation, only to be covered with more snow and other natural seasonal shedding debris. Rejected tools of conglomeration representing millions to billions of dollars. Why are these items of profit being disposed of unopened and unused? Why would these tools of profit and natural devastation be rejected like the plague? One could say ignorance? One could say laziness? One could say progress avoidance? I say it is most likely the deposal of unwanted government gifts with large, string like chains of bondage attached. I say it is a strong message to the government that the community will not accept these items of slavery as payment for the community’s resources and/or lands. To the layman in corporate fantasy land, it looks like a defiant strike against the government and unpatriotic. But only the truly brainwashed would think on this naïve level, not thinking for themselves. But the main con-stream media will feed you as much bull-dung hokum as you can stuff down your throat, with out choking and spewing all over their corporate Persian rugs and mahogany desks, not that you would be in that area, or floor of the conglomeration anyway.

Hollow Seeds of Prosperity

We need to follow this example in all communities. The only real enemy of the people and their communities is the conglomerate, franchising, incorporating, self-serving, profit reaping, prosperity stealing corporations. When these gifts mysteriously end up awarded to any community, we as the community should do the exact same thing. Leave as undelivered, only moving these gifts of gulag for storage as not to clutter up the community, awaiting the sender to remove as to being unclaimed. Because if the community accepts these gifts of deception, that community will be destroyed, and its populous removed and replaced by the more deserving slaves that the conglomeration wants to place in order to serve the slave masters of the mini-monarch’s corporate annexation of the once independent community. When a community appears to be weak, or not prospering, shrinking in size, makes these communities perfect (ripe) for corporate take over. How is this accomplished? By killing the community trade and prosperity. This in turn pushes the populous of that community to places like Malwort, SuperScore, WafeSave, Gartet, Pimpson Fears, HomeoRepot, Woles, 11 7, Crac’s Cart,  Messo, Spell, Crusty, Retrocan, Dead Owl, Dikea, Done Kin’s Wilnot, Robbings Blowhut, Jim’s Horkings Tollrut, Jest Buy, Crapters, Mork’s Fop Scarehouse, McRubles, just to mention a few. If you are confused what corporations these are, then you must live in Wheaton New Jersey.

Live Now, Go Bankrupt Later

But to dwell on what businesses these are is just promotion for these businesses. They are the culprits and as long as we patronize these money hording conglomerates, it will continue to get worse, a continuing downward spiral to excessive debt and bankruptcy. You may say to yourself, why would they encourage people towards bankruptcy? Would it not be better to keep you paying? Yes, logically, it would. But it is a number’s game. A con game. They know how many people may go bankrupt, which is a percentage, usually low in reality. But it really does not matter to them because, when you claim  bankruptcy, you are pretty much done anyway in a credit productive sense, so they really do not care at that point, because the debt is written off and the remaining tax payers will pay for it anyway. Besides, by that point, you have most likely paid off the materialism purchased by credit threefold, so it is just interest generated money they are writing off, which means, it is money that you really do not owe in the first place, other then generated by interest agreed by that particular purchase agreement. The only downside to that scenario is you lose your shirt and the conglomerate does not. The only thing the conglomerate loses is a potential credit abusing slave, for about 7 to 10 years in reality. This is why prosperity is credit generated. To get the “covet level possessions” one must borrow or save. To save, is a great option, however, in most cases will not keep that new spouse happy for very long living in a seedy apartment or run down house, with a “ready for the junkyard” vehicle, located in a demilitarized zone of the city. Very few couples can tolerate this type of existence before they crack and take a ride on the credit train to oblivion.

Illusionary Dream Home of Allusion

In reality, people that make under $50,000 per year as a household income have to go into major hock in order to get even an old house in a semi-respectable area of the city. Houses can range from the reasonable to the astronomical depending where the house is situated. But unless you luck out and find an estate sale, you can find an acceptable, but not pristine house for approximately $80,000 to $100,000 in a semi-secure neighborhood any where in North America give or take depending on the demographical incomes and populations. This would not really include very large metropolitan areas that have their own sets of income/property/demographic ratios. But as you can quickly figure, for a household that makes under $50,000 a year and has children, this would be a struggle to maintain as a mortgage making it impossible not to use credit on a weekly, or even daily basis to keep food on the table. Will you get a head? You could, if you resist the credit temptations and live within your means which does not generate much excitement. That is where brainwashing from our friendly home entertainment providers get you, with their subliminal suggestive behavioral and monetary messages, basically saying, it is ok, borrow!!! Use your equity!!! Get a second mortgage!!! Say OK to that credit card they keep sending you in the mail or offering on the phone!!! You are worth it!!! Do not let your frugal spouse limit you!!! Use your credit!!! Leave him!!! Sue him for half of everything he owns, or borrowed for!!! He is limiting you and your potential!!! And if you do leave, and you end up not having enough to maintain your own life, then sell yourself!!! You are worth a lot!!! Now I do not want to get to obvious, but yes sexual innuendoes in brainwashing exist. Planting that seed. Females and teenagers are targeted. It is a multi-billion dollar a year trade, and is growing rapidly. So why struggle when all you have to do is sell yourself?!!! Spitting up the family unit creates more need for credit and borrowing. Just ask your friendly neighborhood divorce and family lawyer, for a substantial fee of course.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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