Mossbacked, Exodus of the Seditious

Stands with Hands in our Pocket

More and more, I see people cling to our so called leaders for proper guidance and leadership. But it is the conformed that seek this guidance. But where is the basis of this trust? The track record these incompetents leave, time after time, should make everyone realize our system of over-commercialize existence is outworn and useless. Besides, they are puppets and are not fit to lead, and are just scripted what to say, commands written by the scribes of the one percent of society. We cannot be governed by these morons no longer. Because they are just in it for their own prosperity and livelihoods, protecting their own spawn of over-wreathed, opulent bloodlines. They continue to steal our property and prosperity, and tally it up in their own over-loaded bank accounts, having more then they could ever use and wanting more. Greed is a disease and the only cure is revolution. Redistribution. It has been done throughout our histories and needs to be done again. But it has to be done right this time. Where do you find people that are not greedy that would redistribute fairly? Cannot be done. We are too grasping by nature to share in a fair manner. One could say to himself, “If I had a million dollars, I would give my own family all equal shares.” But once it happens, it is never done because of coveting. We covet everything around us we do not have. By nature, the beast has taken control of our reason, luring us to be the same, greedy opulent money grubbers as the rich and powerful, if given that chance, which you will never get.  Because you are a financial slave.

Speaks with a Fork Tongue

So why cannot we change? We could. But we do not for one simple factor. Brainwashing. We are brainwashed to think we cannot change the fate that has broken our will to rip the hearts out of the greedy 1 percent of the population. We could do this and more. But because we have so many slave masters and gate keepers that have sold their souls cheaply to these devils, they connive and influence those of us who fear for our security and livelihoods. But all we have to do is bring these dark souls to the light, a place they are very uncomfortable and will burn from its righteousness. But instead we hide and make it easy for them to manipulate us to slave for them. Where does that leave us? In a void of hopeless existence. Stuck in a traffic jam of materialistic bondage. If you loose your job, you will first think of all the negatives that will happen to you. But in many ways, it is the best thing that can happen to you. You may not know it but you are free. We could lick their boots to get another oppressed job or we can live out our true life’s path. But in the end, it is money that is the root of all evil. I am sure most people have heard this tidbit of philosophy.

Dances with Grifters

Have you ever wondered where the money philosophy came from? How it replaced us serving one another, sharing the work load, providing each one of the community with what they need in exchange for what we may need? How did this become some jerk’s desire to control what they never worked for in the first place? How this person ever manipulated the community, that was bound to serving each other, to serve that one greedy individual? And that is how it happened. One individual in that community of 100 people decided they wanted to control it all. It is simple. Not rocket science, not that rocket science is that complicated either. They connived and stole, manipulated, over complicated the process, discouraging the community to think that they needed this plagiarized, phoney, systematic epitome of greed and domination. Plagiarized in the sense that the community already had or has this knowledge and the manipulators (1 percenters)  re-wrote the formula to their own benefit and wealth, conning the community that they somehow know a better way to pasteurize (Louie Pasture) milk or how to make cheese, or butcher a cow, or how to grow a potato. But the community already knew how to do this so why did the community allow this shyster to control the commodities and re-sell it back to the community that produced it in the first place? Sounds pretty silly if you break it down. But we all think that we need their management of opulence and rapaciousness.

Writes With Rubber Neckers

I could write an article about how communities could take back their prosperity and be self sufficient but that would be a waste of scribe. If the idea indeed became popular, it would be plagiarized and re-written by some economics major in order to capitalize and franchise. They could call it “That Old Community Knows How Inc.”  and sell shares to oppress more honest people that will work for minimum wage and/or excessive hours for the new franchise, wear a lame company fop suit displaying the company colors, and it will become another bull dung enterprise designed to get the rich more rich. If you really analyze things, you would come to the conclusion that they have franchised rebellion. Anarchy. Look at how many records and CDs have been sold by our so called rebellious role models that we looked up to during our youth. They still have a host of these rebellious opulent seeking false prophets ( wealthy musicians and entertainers) writing fop orientated mind shrinking intellectual art (over educated formulated uninspired cookie cutter plagiarism). Guaranteed to brainwash you to think they really are rebellious. But the only time these money grubbers get rebellious is when they don’t get their expected due for their so-called work. Are all musicians and entertainers like this? The famous ones are because they do not want to lose their millions or billions. So really, how can you idolize a rich greedy rebel? It just does not work in my mind. I idolize the oppressed, because in most cases, if they tell you something out of experience, you can bet they have lived through it and did not learn it sitting in a sumptuous university classroom or reading it from some cloaca scribed text book.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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