Corporate Broadcasts Co-Corruption

And the Dung-balls Keep on Rollin’

Some programs (radio, television, cable, streams etc.) relentlessly promote the 1 percenters idealism from dusk ’til dawn, only breaking for the national (main con stream media) news. They even play, well, I think you can call it music (radio), but that would be very debateable, and even the classic rock stations are just playing the same old “hits” of that time over and over. Anyone that likes that snobbish, intellectual diarrhea and/or repetitiveness, is definitely a 1 percenter, wannabe, or just too dammed conformed.

Where do the broadcast producer’s and editor’s priorities really lie? Because, they must be puppets on a string controlled by a higher hierarchy, ultimately leading to a hierarchal, pushing the 1 percenter’s agendas. The personalities of these shows, in my opinion, have the ultimate dream jobs. Because as long they keep slinging vomit patties to the public, the hierarchal will be satisfied, and because this hierarchal does not like change, will keep these personalities on the same broadcast shows, until the are too old, grey, feeble, and senile.

I Dream of Authenticity With a Veritable Flair

It is just an example of this hierarchal riding out the success of a formula until you just cannot beat the dead horse anymore. I mean, really. Ratings are the key to any program, but anyone that has knowledge of how they actually collect information on ratings, would consider the method, shoddy and selective at best. That is why certain programs, unbeknown to anyone, survive.

There may be some people that think the main con stream media reports the news in a truthful manner. However, half truths come to mind because that is the only way to make it semi-believable, thus the stories should be based on some sort of fact. This, however, does not make the foundation anymore sound, just subject to what version has been told, and the interpretation of the dung slurry, that was carefully mixed with a truthful fact or two.

We Cannot Tell the Truth, The Whole truth, and Nothing But the Truth, So Help us God!

Reporters and personalities would argue that they have to follow a format or they will lose their jobs. Pussies! That is all that come to mind when I think about that sort of compliance. Although they have a point I guess because if they do go against the grain of the network’s strict adherence to the 1 percenters pecuniary dictatorship, they are out of a job. I say, that is understandable. But, if they were faithful to the news and reported the truth, people will listen, because no one likes to be screwed over and lied to, all in the name of saving and making money, for the wealthy and the 1 percenters. We need reporters and news mediums with some balls.

Where Can I Hear the Truth? Do I Have to Take an Oath?

I would imagine that is why there is such a large swing to alternative media to get the news. However, the main con stream is attempting to contaminate the alternative pool and trying to “buy it up” exercising damage control methods to save the main con stream media’s ass, sort of speak. Because, once the masses start veering away from the main con stream media’s influence, that puts everything commercially fuelled in absolute jeopardy. No control for the wealthy, 1 percenters and their bought off politicians. It is too bad however, that the main con stream media is infiltrating the alternative stream because now there is a 50/50 split on what is genuine alternative media and what is corrupted, alternative media. This basically attempts to push the ridiculous in place of the truth, in the vain attempt to push people back the to main con stream media.

Bull Dung Overflowing the Levees of Our Reason.

This all makes me think of the bleak conversations I had the misfortune, more then once, of hearing at my work places over the years. I think everyone in the commercial corporate North America has had this misfortune. Overhearing these individuals venting their dissatisfaction on how some people are on welfare and why they are not working instead of living off the government’s tit. How it is such a financial burden to the tax payers made up of individuals that do work supporting these lazy people. How they should not have to pay more tax then a person that makes $20,000.00 dollars a year because those people are just plain stupid and cannot get a better job, therefore should be living in a slum, but not low cost housing because that puts a strain on the tax payers that make over $35,000 dollars a year. This is a result of corruptive, greedy thinking that has been brainwashed into the tiny brains of those complaining individuals. I actually feel sorry for them.

Reporters and News Mediums Really Follow Their Sworn Oaths to Bring Forth the Truth? Hmmm.

But we can thank that sort of attitude to main con stream media that has smeared this type of thinking into peoples psyche ever since they were old enough to watch TV, or some other corruptive medium. How the only important people are the “winners” of society and how we, the “losers” (masses) have to worship them to be put in our proper place in society. To have our brains nourished from the 1 percenters brainwashing sewage spew. If you think that is over the top, then obviously you like the taste of the 1 percenter’s dung meal.

In God’s eyes, we are all equal and unique humans that have received the gift of free will . Why do you think religion and the mention of God is so shunned in these times. We all know why. The people that believe in spiritualism are in direct contradiction with the main con stream media and commercialism. Because capitalism teaches us, that the rich (greedy) are correct and anything else, that does not make money for the wealthy and 1 percenters, is simply just outworn and does not conform with greed, thus has to be shunned. Ergo I warn, the 1 percenters should beware of the wrath, that will surface, from non-conformity and spiritualism. Because to be truly spiritual, you have to be an individual.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on November 16, 2015

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