Step-Mother of Inventions. Did I not see that before?

Full 360 Asphalt Pirouettes

I remember a while back, decade or two ago, a Mad Magazine article about the evolution of the roller skate, whereby it evolved into the roller blade, and back again. By the article’s illustration, the wheels went from side by side horizontal alignment, slowly intersecting vertically, then slowly back to the horizontal, (original) alignment. Thus showing a loop of inventions, or more realistically, modifications, of the roller skate, to the roller blade, right back to the roller skate. I thought the article (comic) was priceless because it showed the folly of original creation. The surrogate of innovation. The Step-Mother of invention.

Genuine Intention or Intensive Forgery

Inventions have and still are, built off something else, an idea, or article, or sometimes a series of articles or ideas already though of or created. This has always been the norm and as long as the outcome was genuinely original, then it received a patent for the idea or prototype, or actual creation. Intellectual creations can be registered/patented as original, but are extremely difficult to prove if someone plagiarizes. Still, these systems are in place and are anything but inexpensive to utilize, thus making it a system for the wealthy and the 1 percenters (corporations) to use after they steal the original thought from an employee or an unsuspecting inventor/artist submitting their idea/material for evaluation.

Songwriter Competition! Win a Trip to Nashville and Meet the Stars!

I mean lets be serious. Why do you think Nashville had so many famous artists with fabulous, original material that are No. 1 hits? Because these artists were talented, or good for that matter? We have all seen the obscure ads in magazines, papers, new rags, asking people to submit their material (poems/music) for evaluation for different motivations, like stardom, fame, money, prizes. But in a nutshell, it was a scam to steal your intellectual property. Where else do you think these halfwit artists get their material? From you dummy. Most of these artists are not artists. They are performers/musicians that never had an original thought in their lives.

Invention Prevention Protection for the Relentless Pretentious

To be fair, their are some artists that have made it through the swine dribble, able to perform their original material, but few and far between. If you think I am just spit-balling, then just take a look at all the patents that Tesla submitted and how few came to reality. Why? Because he had no interest in serving the wealthy and the 1 percenters. He wanted to serve the masses even though he was spawned from a wealthy family. Thus the 1 percenters (mainly Edison) made it their goal in life to trash Tesla at every turn. Despite all the reputation trouncing and defamation, Tesla is still today a very respected and renown inventor. He died broke by the way.

Publishing Stealing House

Internet publishing makes things a bit easier to submit original thoughts, create a following, make money, but all in all, has not solved the problem of plagiarism. It has made it far worse, sort of speak, because there are some people on the internet that have mastered the “high jacking” of intellectual property. If you come out with an original thought, they will “high jack” it and call it their own. If a movie is in the theater or a new CD/Blu ray have been released, they “high jack” the internet stream and publish it via VPN (virtual private network), torrents, or both. The more unexperienced “high jackers” just upload the content to YouTube to get several thousand hits to make some fast money before the material is taken off their channel by the internet anti-plagiarizing entity. Who are, or what is this entity? I don’t know.

Cannot say I feel sorry for the corporations or greedy performers/musicians/actors/producers that plagiarized the material in the first place. But I do feel for the legitimate artists/musicians/actors/producers that are genuinely trying to promote their original material. You see I left out corporations in the latter statement. I mean, why feel sorry for those money grabbers. Corporations are like the mafia, or syndicate (and the mafia does exists), always trying to make money off the blood and sweat of others.

Hollywood Street Sweepers

Hollywood is a mess and always has been and always will be until they, all of the sudden, clean up their act, which will never happen. Hollywood has a foundation of death, prostitution, broken ambitions, ideals, dreams, that forms a cess pond of lust and destruction fuelled from the original thoughts of unsuspecting residum. It is a wonder that anything good can be spawned from that corporate stench mill of venality. The key word here is corporation, corporate, conjoint, hoarded, syndicated. If you are in, you are just a tool, or fool of compliance for the top executives that are just puppets for the 1 percenters.

Go Back to your Plow, Johnny!

So, if you are thinking of starting your career in Hollywood, please think again and find something else to do, unless this description excites you. Then, by all means, go for it, and good luck. In a nutshell, there is nothing truly original, but if you come up with a good idea, do not tell your employer. Work with it yourself. Try to manifest the idea on your own, then try to sell the idea in pieces, keeping the key pieces until you see some money. Promises of money means, “give us your idea and we will evaluate it’s marketability, then, don’t call us, we will call you.” Next thing you know, you see your idea making millions of dollars for the 1 percenters who have written you off totally, into ambiguity. In other words, “who are you again?” they will deny any collaboration with you.

Just a Good, Red Blooded All Corporate North American Thief

Step-Mothers of Invention are everywhere. They are the ones that stole an original idea, or just took credit for the creation that was not originally successful or orphaned. There are so many examples of this plagiaristic phenomenon that it is almost getting to be accepted as normal, red blooded behavior. You will notice that I said, “almost” because we that are not brainwashed to think that this is normal behavior, think it is iniquitous and attuned, mutilated ruminative. Original thought processes are obtained from inspiration and integrity, which is why I think, their are only a few individuals that are truly capable. Mainly because there are too many money grubbing people that get lured to the rapacious.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on November 21, 2015

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