My Country and Your Country are Pelted By the Mire..

Central Illusive Agency

Syria? Who really knows WTF is happening in the middle east especially in Syria. Syria and Iraq or somewhere in there, is where the birth of ISIS developed. You know, that phoney baloney anti Christian fundamentalist rebellion group who is really a CIA developed surrogate, agitator group designed to create upheaval and rebellion in the middle east, creating unrest and a dust storm, to cloak the greed for oil, and the completion of the pipeline, to feed the 1 percenters pockets with insane oil profits. Man, what a joke.

The Wall has Crumbled, but the Propaganda still Floats

Now Russia, as been reported by the main con stream media, is attacking Syria. Ok, then it is the world against Syria? Who knows. But was it not the USA a few short months ago doing the same thing or at least threatening to? Israel is made out to be the agitators of this whole mess, but we all know it is commercial, cooperate run and owned North America, creating this swine-pen dribble. Still trying to make Russia look like a militant, communist country, with a militant leader. And who says this? Commercial corporate North America says so, that’s who.

Electro-Magnetic Puke Shield

Russia, Iran and some other countries are supposedly going to wage war with the world. Destroy North America. They are suppose to have a secret, powerful, EMP weapon(s) that will totally disable North America, then summarily, nuke the royal dung out of North America and other “free” countries. EMP devices do exist, and theoretically, can disable electronics/electrical components. But these components, can be easily fixed and/or shielded for prevention of EMP devices or just general naturally developed EMP waves or other destructive magnetic waves or signals. Also, EMP technology is hardly a new thing and commercial corporate North America has the same weapon technology.

I wish I was in Dixie, Away from Bull

It sounds like they are whistling “Dixie” through their bung holes, because if you have any brains whatsoever, that is exactly how it is going to sound. There is so much propaganda being piped down the main con stream and the alternative media pipes, mostly on the main stream, You Tube, Face Book, and other self publishing mediums. You cannot trust a lot of these feeds on either side. Why, because main con stream media and the commercial corporate owned politicians and North America know there is a big swing to alternative media, thus are infiltrating these mediums with vague personalities (posing as the anti-establishment gurus) to vent their propaganda. Keep you brainwashed. And, they make money off every hit.

Where the Hell is the Money Shot?

There are a lot of these alternative media feeds that are legitimately anti-establishment, and freedom orientated individuals that uncover very interesting news and vent these stories as it should be displayed. This would not include however, Christian fundamentalist groups and individuals, or otherwise that have channels trying to convince everyone that Obama (America’s first black president) is evil because he is black. Of course, they do not come out and say this, they just try to make him look like the anti-Christ. It is so obvious, that it is nauseating. Yet, these bigoted puke slingers keep right on with these videos/stories. You know, kind of like soft pornos. You see a lot of tail, but never any penetration.

Click them Your Money, Please

Thus, my word of caution to all who dabble in alternative media. Know who you are listening to and/or reading. Do your own research and stay away from the ridiculous. Beware of shills calling others shills. Just use your own common sense and avoid being a sheep. And the biggest tell tale of them all, is when it is a sale’s pitch to buy a book or whatever. Remember, they get paid per hit on You Tube and other commercial fuelled sites. So why give them more money. You already paid for your entertainment by clicking on it, even if you do not watch, read or listen. Especially beware of supposed religious oriented or otherwise news feeds, declaring the end of the world, country, or economy every two to three weeks, asking for money for survival tips, kits or other redundant information that your own government (even though they may be commercially, profit orientated) will provide for free. Beware most of all, of the main con stream media because they have not told us the truth since the Nixon administration.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on November 6, 2015

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