Pecuniary Princesses’ Mental Mentors

Queen Bees, not Black Widows

Kristen Mary Kardashian (mother), and daughters Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendell, and Kylie, all the products of the Pecuniary Princess Syndrome . Kris, the mother, married Robert Kardashian in 1955, the decade where the “Pecuniary Princess” syndrome was birthed. Later in 1991, she married Bruce Jenner and produced (already mentioned) daughters Kendell, and Kylie. Commercial (corporate) North America have found great uses for these role models, to push their bisexual agenda, attempting to create some sort of unisex culture for the masses to adopt.

In other words, unless you are a 1 percenter, then you should follow our role model’s lead how to act, dress, wear your hair, etc. because, well, you are just too damned worthless to be yourself. I seen in one of the rag tabloids portraying the Kardashian women as “Black Widows” because they have been summarily destroying their spouses (men). I would think that the “Queen Bee” analogy would be more appropriate, because the “Queen Bee” has drones (male bees) which are produced from the unfertile eggs.The drone will mate with the Queen and his penis and associated abdominal tissues are ripped from the drone’s body after sexual intercourse. Sound familiar? Look at Bruce Jenner.

No Cock in the Hen House

WTF has happened to Bruce Jenner? I think he is just too lost in substance abuse to really know what he is doing. Hopefully I am wrong, because, imagine if he were you and you woke up and felt your crotch and said, “where is my penis?” However the greater question in my mind is how can anyone really buy this sewer scribe. North Americans cannot really be this stupid, can they? I call it brainwashed. No one in their right mind would be entertained by this idiocy. Yet, if you are a woman, you will be empowered to emasculate your current or potential mates, therefore aborting your children before they are ever even conceived playing out the “worker bee” role, keeping the women of society chasing that carrot they will never snare. Men, well who cares what they think because ultimately, besides their sperm, they are mainly useless (drones) in line to be castrated.

Just Hit Me with a Sledge Please

When I see stories like this on the TV or in some news rag, I get chills down my spine, then fear sets in, in light of this all really happening around us. I pinch myself and say, please wake up, it is only a dream. But it is not a dream. Commercial (corporate) North America, because they control politics and politicians, are making sure that it is being inbred into our daily lives, like inbreeding in the Cajun culture. No regard for religion or what is truly proper and correct. Forging a corrupted morality, perverted and full of distain. Once fully forged, we will not know the difference of true right and wrong, whereby the rightest is the one that makes the most money.

Blooded Funny Money

North America, especially in the USA, has a big problem that is just growing in size, and the more people that get themselves deprogrammed from commercial brainwashing, the more distance these individuals will put themselves from this corruption machine. People may say, “it was the same when the Nazi’s were in power”, or “look at Vietnam”. “That stuff happens over there”. This may be true, but the Nazi’s brainwashed a nation into killing 6 million Jewish people by utilizing the Jews in concentration (slave labor) camps, forced to work themselves to death. Vietnam was a corporate maneuverer. Had nothing to do with winning or losing the war. Just to protect corporate investments and assets. And look at Cambodia, Laos, Panama, Columbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and on and on. War makes money from others misfortunes.

Your Sex is Ok, My Sex is Ok, So what is the Problem?

This agenda really has nothing to do with the “gay” movement. But has certainly latched on to it to create a separatism between the bisexual, unisexual and the heterosexual. My proof is, that they (corporate North America) did not invent these sexual tendencies. They have all been around for centuries, but they would like everyone to think it is a “new” thing so it will be guaranteed to be adopted by a portion of society, thus leaving the portion that chooses not to embrace it, separated. Do they (corporate North America) really care who wins? Not really, because their objective has been achieved. Less reproduction, more divorce, and separatism, debt dependency, more depression, suicide and death of the population. More sales of alcohol, drugs, healthcare and tobacco across the board. All of which funnels hordes of money back to the pockets of the 1 percenters.

Illusion or Allusion, is there really a difference?

To keep the masses mesmerised by the Kardashians and other fabled-famed celebrities is the goal of commercial North America. In the 1970’s, where music and rock stars held peoples attention, convincing the masses that a particular rock group, or entertainer had the secret to the mythology of life, keeping the masses buying up all their intellectual property in exchange for insane profits. Profit for the false prophets, then, and more so today. These master bards keep us mesmerized, leading all of us to ruin. Don’t get me wrong. Plenty of good original music came out of that era, and even today, although cloaked, there is some great intellectual creations, but at the same time, it is more controlled and scrutinized then it ever was before, counting on peoples greed to convert this intellectual property, into intellectual swill.

Most celebrities are victims of greed. Most celebrities get caught in a financial maze, just like the masses, but a much larger scale, to ensure, when needed, that celebrity will do exactly what they are told when needed, at the right moments. Like the Kardashian women. Or Bruce Caitlyn Jenner. Many others to be sure. What happens to the celebrity that resists? Just think of door hangers in August, 2014. The Jokers grand finale. Fast and Furious WTF release was that? Just hanging around in the closet, hands tied, meditating for kung fu kicks.

You might think I am sick. But remember, I never made any of that up. I prefer my original creations have a bit more soul, and less mayhem. To have some light at the end of the tunnel. Because if I cannot see that, it is truly a dark moment.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on October 30, 2015

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