Cursed Effervescence Excretions of the Onomatopoeic, Intellectually Emaciated

Feared Speared

Lets hear it for the rich! Yes the rich is why we toil as such. Toil to make ends meet, toil to feed our families. Toil to pay for our homes. Pay to be entertained (brainwashed). What is my opinion of the 1 percenters? Eat them. Hunt them, shoot them, and eat them and mount their heads with expressions of exasperated feared lunacy. Yes they would be like shooting the fabled sasquatch, or getting the “big fish” out of the fishing hole, or snagging the loch ness monster. Freezing the facial expressions when you impale them with a home-made spear or one from Sears if you prefer. Or keep them and bound them to a rotisserie and roast them alive, all except their heads so you can mount them with the remaining resultant expression. What a day that would be! Or you could just make them your slaves, they cute ones anyway. They would also make great pets. Just keep them on a short or electric shock leashes. Hell, trade them with you friends!

Prized Flamed Game

If you prefer to eat your bagged 1 percenter, then they would be very tasty with tabasco sauce and/or mustard, or even baste them with your favorite or home-made barbecue sauce. Sounds delicious, my mouth is watering as I type this blog. Yum, yum! Finger licking good. The Colonel would be insanely jealous for not thinking of that first. But yet, if alive, he and his family would be a prime candidates for the rotisserie. Yes, roasting the Colonel’s great, great, great grand daughter, or son! I mean really, we do not discriminate gender or age. However, the old ones may have to marinated or stewed. That even sounds better! Boil the S.O.B.s in cauldrons like they used boil black slaves that were not obedient in the old south. Or at least the slave men that were caught screwing the 1 percenter’s wives because the masters were too busy screwing the young slave women. Or like in Nazi Germany, where almost every non-brainwashed person knows that the 1 percenters profited off that war, like they profit off every war world war or not. Though the enslavement and treatment of the Jews were more extreme and inhuman, kept the select few Jewish women and men to perform as circus animals for the SS and/or elite alike, whomever they would be, most likely from the royal family or some deranged 1 percenters visiting checking out their investments.

Seasoning of the Rich

Just keep in mind, that they represent 1 percent of the population, so even though there are not enough of them to go around, we could all share them. If you were in a room with 100 people, that 1 person in that room that represents that 1 percenter who would roast nicely on an open fire, like a pig in a spic, searing and sizzling to perfection and would feed that 99 people in that room and probably have leftovers.  The leftovers could make nice sandwiches or hors d’oeuvre on crackers. But wait! instead of eating them all. we could have 1 percenter farms and breed them for meat, or slaves, and we could enter them in the fall fairs across the world, showing off your prized 1 percenter and win ribbons and trophies alike! We could keep them in stalls next to the horses. Depending on the breeding, they might even be worth almost as much as a prized thoroughbred horse! They could scrub our floors, take care of our offspring, do all the mundane time consuming chores freeing up more time for us to do the fun things in life. The possibilities are endless. We could race them as horses and bet on which prized thorough bred 1 percenter would win the race. How would you get them to run around the track? Just have them chase a solid gold carrot so you could get as many laps out of them as you wanted. The winner would be rewarded by allowing him to clean out the horse stalls. The losers would have to go back to their masters and be punished.

Whip the Money Whipped

But we would not physically abuse our 1 percenters because they would probably like that sort of punishment. No, we would punish them in the way they would most despise. Scrub that floor, clean the toilet. Peel potatoes. Clean out the barn, make my bed, wash my feet. Lick the toe jam from between my toes. But wait, we are getting back to the activities they may like. We must keep them in anguish and despair. Cut the grass with a pair of scissors. That should keep them busy for a while. Scrub the walls with a tooth brush. Shine my shoes. Wash my clothes with a wash board at the creek. Wash and squeegee the windows. Cook supper and serve it up. Instead of eating in the dining room, we will eat in the living room and use the one percenters as coffee tables, eating the last roasted 1 percenter’s left overs while watching episodes of how to train your 1 percenter to do tricks almost as good as dogs can. Yes, dogs would be higher in class. And of course, they would have to clean up the dog stool as well. In fact, they would be at the end of the food chain where most barnyard animals would be worth more and be more useful. And after supper, the 1 percenters would make great foot stools. But while they are lazing around as foot stools, we could still have them do additional things, like macramé or knitting, making doilies, mittens, sweaters or even blankets.

Jungled and the Crotched

But, that may be just a dream, however, you can bet your last 1 percenter produced covet level brain washing tool that they would do the same thing  to you in a New York minute. That is why they pollute the internet with brainwashed advertising and cess spew-age in attempt to keep the masses believing we are powerless. Powerless to do anything and keep being slaves so the 1 percenters can remain “high on the hog” watching gag reels of the bungled and the botched (you and me) scurry around like circus animals trying to steal the show to be noticed. They have done “all the above” to us at one time or another. When will we awake from this proselytized cajoled slumber.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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