Delving for a Gaper’s Hauteur

Stereos on Steroids

Momentous spectrum of possessions and riches. A lavish parade of spoils and collections. To attain the optimal materialistic inanimate objects that individuals crave, fight for, squalor, compete to fondle and own as if you can gain spirituality  from the transition. What am I saying? I am saying we as a society put far too much emphasis on material wealth. When people want a house, they just do not want any house. They want the house they can barely afford. Thus diving into the credit abyss to be enslaved into the master/slave reality that from most people do not realize freedom until they are old and grey. In most cases people become too old to enjoy the spoils. After which it is divided up by greedy in-laws, offspring and siblings.

Sell your Parents Soul To the Highest Bidder

Now most parents for these offspring would say, “my son and/or daughter would never be greedy with my assets.” All one has to do is to see how many of our elderly get chucked into old folk’s homes and institutions because their own offspring cannot be bothered to let them live out their golden years in peace and dignity in the properties that they struggled all their life to  pay for. I have seen it generation after generation. And the whole point of the endeavor is to seize their assets so the can liquidate and take the spoils of their parent’s labor. Just attempt to argue with one of these offsprings that are in the process of alienating their own mother or father or both. They will have justifications hidden up their sleeves that will bewilder your psyche. In most cases it is just plain ruthlessness and greed.

Whips and Chains Toil in Vain

But the elderly are not the only people that are being pushed into oblivion from this rapacious behavior. It is a general master/slave routine. Slave masters are everywhere. They are in every job or career that you may have the misfortune of doing as a vocation. When you work for these establishments the management is so top heavy that it is a wonder that any of these businesses actually make any money. But they do make money mainly because, well, look at your paycheck. I mean, really look at your paycheck, instead of letting them direct deposit your money while running to the bar everyday after work spending money that you really do not have on alcohol and/or drugs with friends you really do not have. Anyone that has lost a job and went bankrupt quickly see how many  friends they truly possess. That number is usually non-existent. The only friends you will see are the friends that want to purchase your possessions for a bargain basement prices.

Bargain Jobs for Bargain Wages

I get a feeling of dread when I get a job now. Because I know almost automatically that the job will not be what they advertise the job to be. Private employers are usually barebone operations that break every safety code and rule in existence. That is mainly because they get taxed to death by our trusty governments in order to make sure that the business does not prosper all that much. Which in turn makes sure that the everyday average Joe or Jane that may work for this company does not prosper either. Corporations on the other hand fit into the “top heavy” category which translates into 4 to 5 people controlling one person that actually does any meaningful or productive work. Middle Management, in corporations ensure that the top controlling executives of the company, subsidiary, or branch will not interrupted during their salon appointments or golf games. Almost like, Royalty? Exactly like royalty.

Working Hardly at Screwing the Pooch

What on earth makes people in upper management so much better then everyone else? Absolutely nothing as far as I am concerned. But upper management and CEO’s would argue that point by saying they work 10 times as hard. Blasphemy! Does the term “Hardly Working” ring a bell? It should, because if it does not then that would mean you are extremely brainwashed. Then you may ask this question; If this is true, then why don’t I just retaliate and confront this unfairness? Because we are conditioned to believe that we are being treated fairly and dare not complain. People are starving in Africa and dying from viruses like Ebola.  However, if you look at these things logically and for what they are, then you would see that it is just another way that these over educated, greedy, ruthless, and self centered people (1 percenters) attempt to keep the masses scared  of that reality being a possibility where ever you may live. That way, they can justify keeping their wealth and not helping these starving, diseased people while they keep you spinning in circles afraid to question and demonstrate dissatisfaction.

Gimme Some of That

It is monarchy all over again. As far as I am concerned, the 1 percenters have achieved exactly that in the last 26 years. They have successfully made the job market an employers market, enabling the employer to dictate the terms of employment no matter how ridiculous and unsafe. They have approximately 100 people chasing the same carrot (100 people attempting to get one solitary job). Unemployment is high however the unemployment statistics for any country are not an accurate measure of worker prosperity or even how many people are actually working. The afflicters are happy how it looks because it does not make the employers, politicians or the 1 percenters look bad. However, anyone looking for a job at the moment knows the difference. The person working in McDonalds knows the difference. What is this difference? What it means to prosper compared to what means to plunder. However, there just enough slave masters to keep the unruly in line ordering the slime pie that the 1 percenters brew up on a moment to moment basis. The blood and guts stew is brewing just for you and all you have to do is grab your bowl, and hold it out showing your mealy mouthed look of pathetic-ness and they will serve up a ladle full just for you!

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Knavery of the Pillarist

So you think you can Augur Life Skills?

You do not have to travel to far to witness the debauched approach of employers attempting to handle the labor force. There is an alarming, systematic “flash in a pan-ism” infiltrating our life lines. Our right to mature and receive the benefits of aging are being stripped away by scholars, Knaves, systemisers that figure they can learn wisdom by reading a book or listening to a lecture. In essence, they figure they can automate or simulate the absorption of “life skills”. To even think you can teach “life skills” with a text book, computer program, or eBook, that has been created to eliminate the need for generational wisdom, is absolutely retarded.

Life Skills, not Timothy Leary Pills

The only way to learn life skills is to live life. That is why they call it “Life Skills”. They do not call it, S.S. “Simulated Skills” To watch TV programs that show a young group of geniuses solving life’s problems in forty minutes or less, is not “Life Skills”. Thus if you take TV programs or methods like this seriously, then, SAO, “Smoke Another One”, or, HAD, “Have Another Drink”, or, PAPP, “Pop Another Prescription Pill”. Timothy Leary was the psychedelic, hallucinogenic, LSD  guru that attempted to learn wisdom by the use of drugs, ultimately attempting to stimulate inner growth by the use of drugs. An early example of some scholar attempting to gain wisdom by short cut. Kind of like Basil Brown who drank carrot juice until he died of vitamin A poisoning. But, it is proof that he had to live through that experience to die, learning that you should not drink that much carrot juice. Of course, he could of avoided dying by being aware of vitamin overdose warnings. Perhaps he wanted to die or he just did not possess any “life skills”, like being able to read or reason.

The Fool Succeeds Where the Hermit Knows Not to Tread

There are no short cuts to attain “life skills”. You have to live through the trials and tribulations that mold these skills. We can also learn from the mistakes of others. Like people that have the wisdom and benefit of living through experiences gained. Although we may be able to absorb most of what these experienced people tell us, we still have to live through these experiences to truly learn these lessons. These experienced people can only provide the knowledge, teaching us the best way to “live” through the situations. Older people that have survived as long as they have, offer valuable insights and wisdom that we should all listen to, and cherish the fact that they are willing to share. Yet, we seem as a society, to spurn this offer of valuable insight and throw these experienced, enlightened people in old folks homes to rot.  What a waste. Have you ever gone to the dump lately? People have absolutely no idea of the value they dump on a weekly basis. All one has to do is open their eyes to see the treasure.

Conformed Fear of Ridicule

Capitalistic societies seem to adopt the “flash in the pan-ism” philosophy on the merits that it “fits” into their 1 percent agenda of “Global Financial Domination”.  They use secret societies, IE: The Illuminati to achieve this aspiration through, where it makes sense, fear and ridiculousness. Scare the scare-able and ridicule the ridicule-able. This method is very effective especially in the “ridicule” aspect, keeping people down and non-inquisitive when pertaining to their illusive degradation only to keep conformed people in control by the use of the “conformed fear of ridicule”. You have to think of “purse strings” as the “puppeteer’s strings”. Purse strings are used by the one percenters to keep you dancing to their financial tune. Puppeteer’s strings are used to keep the puppets dancing to their whimsical control. Thus, the 1 percenters are the CEO’s puppeteers. CEOs are the  politician’s puppeteers, politicians are the employers puppeteers, and the employers are the everyday Joe’s and Jane’s puppeteers. Where does the religious or the cleric fall into this progression? It doesn’t, at least not anymore. They are beginning to be considered social outcasts because of the 1 percenter’s social engineering.

Free Mason’s Jar

It is hard to conceive how these ridiculous organizations have gained so much power and following. Mostly because, at one time, people looked to them as an alternative to anarchy. Anarchy was an useful tool during the medieval periods, creating the allusion that there was a need for one commerce to keep all who conformed, safe and secure. As people became more educated and less ignorant, it became exceedingly harder for the 1 percenters to keep control as an open monarchy rule. Thus trading monarchy for secret power societies that manipulate power structures, like parliaments, and democracies, to basically create a so called safe alternative to socialism. Socialism was the downfall to monarchy and is the downfall to the 1 percenters reign of power. They definitely knew this before it even was conceived by Carl Marx. Marxism, by conception, was to make everyone equal in their productivity. Everyone worked and earned equal retribution of the societies assets. No one would have control over anyone else, and everyone would have an equal share to the spoils of their productivity, and an equal say in the political direction. In theory, it was pristine. Only truly greedy people would find fault in this system, like the 1 percenters.

Spy verses Spy

Socially planted surrogates were quickly placed by the 1 percenters when socialism overthrew monarchy in Russia. Quickly, they were able infiltrate the political arena of the newly established reign of power that by design, was to put the workers of society in control.  These surrogates were very successful, and because of the death of Vladimir Lenin, his successor, (The one percenter’s main surrogate) Joseph Stalin, caused socialism to fail. That is to say, Joseph Stalin corrupted socialism into a communist dictatorship, hardly resembling what Carl Marx conceived, and what Lenin tried to implement as the reigning power structure of the new socialist society. Socialism died with Vladimir Lenin in 1924. Joseph Stalin was a full fledged dictator. Thus it is easy to see why his new communist party was the enemy of so called democracies of the world and also the enemy of the socialist oriented parties of Russia. Divided and conquered ensuring its death, even though it was a very slow death. To make a long story short, the workers of Russia were never in control.

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Genesis, Mendacity, Aborticide


Abortion is nothing new and has been widely practiced in commercial corporate North America, and other countries, legally and illegally, for a century or more. Of course, I am almost positive it has been practiced for millenniums, just in a more hushed, crude mannerism. Biblically, it is an absolute no no. However, we have scholars and study groups that attempt to twist the Bible’s word for their own purposes. These skeptics usually ride on the LTDEWWITBTCATHF (let’s tear down every word written in the bible to contradict anyone that has faith) wagon. It is currently a pretty big wagon. Lets face the fact that there are a lot of “sinners” that cling to this sinister, perfidious, barouche. The main argument for abortion is, in my opinion, pretty lame.

Murder, She Rout

Sperm is ejaculated from the penis into the vagina or artificially inseminated into the womb. The sperms then begin their journey (race) towards the egg to impregnate. Once a lucky sperm manages to get to this low percentile target, and penetrates the egg, the fetus starts to grow. Not before. Not after. Right at that moment of conception. Done deal. Pretty simple concept. Not rocket science. Pro-abortionists would have you believe that because it is not classified as a real human being yet, you can kill the fetus. Like eating a fertilized chicken egg. Wrong. Anyone that has cracked open a fertilized chicken egg that received the correct amount of heat (98 degrees), for a about eight hours, will see blood in this egg. No, that is not voodoo. It is the fetus starting to grow and form. Because the human egg, instantly, recieves the correct amount of heat, the fetus starts growing immediately.

No Brains, No Pain

Pro-abortionists hinge on the fact that the brain has not developed. They believe there is no real living being to worry about, thus it can be killed without remorse. They maintain that the fetus is somehow not conscience therefore has no worth. Any woman that had an abortion, or miscarriage, most likely would have a different opinion. Women that are “victims” of abortion/miscarriage develop great remorse and emotional issues after the fact. They have feelings of great loss in the “spiritual” and voided sense. However, that is not allowed in commercial corporate North America because it does not “fit” into a ruthless, capitalist, greed-orientated society.

Dictated Pro-Choice

Yes, you read correctly.” Women that are “victims” of abortion/miscarriage”. I do not believe any woman is in the proper state of mind to make that decision when pregnant. I am not suggesting they cannot make their own decisions, but it seems when a woman makes this decision, it is rarely, solely, their own because of the emotions involved. These women always seem to have others around them, family, friends, doctors or professionals pushing them into this decision. Saying that it is for the best. Best for who? If these women would of consulted a cleric, minister or priest, they may of had a different light shone on the situation. More balanced. Clerics, ministers and priests (if competent) would not tell the woman what to do, rather point out the positive aspects of pro-life. This can create a more stable decision-making environment allowing her the power to make the right choice rather than being pushed into a serious decision that may scar the woman’s psyche for life.

Only You Can Prevent Feticide

But the “barouche” pushes on into the depths of idiocy, not respecting other countries’ morals, values or traditions, force-feeding everyone with their capitalist, self-righteous propaganda-pabulum. Genocide. Feticide. Lets call it what really is and not attempt to twist the meaning of established philosophy. In fact, we seem to frown more on “herbicide” then “feticide”. We are being told not control what plant forms grow in certain areas with herbicides because it is not “natural”, yet we are encouraged to abort a fetus from a woman’s body. Something terribly wrong with that picture. Has anyone ever camped in a controlled camping site/area and collected dead wood laying about in the bush to make a camp fire? Then, have some “retard park attendant/ranger” come out of no-where and say “put that wood back where you found it because you are “disturbing” the natural reforestation”. Yes, that happened to me once. I then asked the park attendant “do you want me to place every piece of dead wood back in it’s exact, original location?”. Unfortunately, you cannot do that with an aborted/miscarried fetus.

eJACulation the Ripper

Illustration-wise, dead wood really has no relation to a dead fetus, other then being good fertilizer, but it does show the stupidity of what we are “brainwashed” to think is important. Dead wood important, new human fetus not important. This does not suggest all women that have had abortions should be metaphorically “burned at the stake”, or even censured. It means our value system is so corrupted and manipulated by whatever the current, 1 percenters, agenda propagates through our learning systems like a computer virus. Dismantling the Bible and the faith it invokes. Tearing away our spirituality, with small, sharp, fish hooks, ripping your soul into tiny little smidgens of distorted belief. Yes, like “Hell Raiser”. However, it is not the “prime evils” that are coming to rip your soul apart. It is a bunch eccentric, egotistical, snobbish, money grubbing 1 percenters monetarily subverting our beliefs and spirituality. If you want money? Drink from the poison well and become “agents of misfortune”. Or just sell your soul.

Put a Rubber on it

Women that want (have) the choice to abort a child should think about the responsibility of having such a choice. Moralistically, abortion is not a sound choice because it implies carelessness. Contraceptives are available so, really, there is no excuse not to use them, even in 3rd world countries because they are not that expensive. But, because of capitalism, they have not figured out how to turn a profit by educating and supplying people that, have no knowledge and/or, cannot afford contraceptives. That would mean they would have to give them away as “charity”. So what is the solution? Legalize abortion in all countries and apply pressure on countries that refuse to legalize abortion. That way they can push more health care and make more money! Sell more drugs back to the countries they steal the drugs from in the first place.

Viral Cloud of Disdain

Viruses, that are linked to birth defects, seemingly convey the justification for abortion. There are many substances that are linked to birth-defects that we ingest or breath-in everyday. No matter what the health or viral concerns may be in whatever country, respect has to be shown for life and should not be treated as a disposable product at any stage of existence. Once the fetus starts to grow, it is alive, brains or no brains. To think otherwise is irresponsible and nefarious. But of course, commercial corporate North America has already normalized abortion so what do we have to worry about? Just kill it before it spreads.

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Originally Published on January 30, 2016

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Propaganda Panacea Proselytism

Everyday Deceptive Boondoggle

Having a recent conversation with my brother about employment factors and the realities of what may shift employability from one extreme to another opened my eyes on the shared attitudes of people that are fortunate enough to have a stable income. People that have stability in their assets and proceeds, whether they are retired or still working, blue collar or white collar, have a dangerous perception on why people are unemployed or destitute. Dangerous in the fact that, they do not fault the government. They fault the social aspect, the community and/or the persons underemployed, jobless or indigent. Summarily leaving the government “painfully” faultless. The government, whether municipal, provincial/state, or federal, is and, should be held accountable for any unemployment or necessitous. Hey, these individuals (Politicians) are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their so-called service to the people and after 8 years , are eligible to a premium pensionable retirement. Thus, why should they not be held accountable?

Extortion Coercion Opprobrium

People that control the government decide where our taxes are applied and can create the environments for prosperity where all can benefit. To keep the masses working is to the best benefit of the government. They work for us, not the other way around. So why are they (politicians) paid so handsomely and assured a prosperous future after service? To keep us in a working, viable country to ensure all can prosper and retire in dignity. Does this happen? I do not think anyone can argue that prosperity does not indeed happen for everyone. In fact, I would go as far as saying that the majority of people are not assured anything whatsoever. When I pay my tax dollar, I get no guarantee that the government is spending my tax dollar in my best interest. Whether you live in Canada, United States or even Mexico, political scandals are leaked out to alternative media feeds, streams, and/or print. Some of these scandals are so obvious that the main con stream media has no choice but to publish these infractions. Most of these scandals are about misappropriated money/funds, pensions, grants and/or resources. Do the infracting politicians, that are suspected of involvement, really need to be stealing more money than they already, legally, harvest from the system? Perhaps because they are ravenous?

Concessive Depressive of the Molested

Perceptions that do not fault the government for the downfalls of society is a major copout because people that protect the government in this manner are afraid of change. They fear this change because of the impact it may have on their livelihood. Understandable. But still, if you have a room of hundred people, and only one is filthy rich, cannot anyone see the problem with this picture? That one person has exceedingly more wealth then the ninety-nine remaining people in that room combined. IE: 99% of the population of that room holds 1% or less of the prosperity, while the 1% of the population of that room holds 99% of the prosperity (wealth). If any person believes that this is a fair ratio, then they are either stupid, ignorant, or simply unaware. Or they are the 1 percenter person of that room. If I was in a room of 100 people and I had 100 apples and I gave 1 apple to the 99 remaining people to share. I would think it would be safe to say I was being greedy.

Monarch-Capitalism Theorem

Why can 1 percent of the population have and keep this ratio of prosperity from the remaining 99 percent? It is because the government of the people allow this to happen. The government works for the masses, but is controlled by the 1 percenters. Sad, but a harsh truth. If anyone complains or makes accusations in this manner, they are called communists. I call this ratio the Monarch-Capitalism Theorem. Because, that one person in that capitalist room is definitely as rich, if not more, then any, past or present, Monarch. Again, I am sure, some university scholar can mathematically prove the necessity of this Monarch-Capitalism ratio. Why we as the masses should accept and protect it’s conceptive deceptiveness, and embroider and cherish this idealism, as true democracy, vital to freedom and liberty. But, it would still sound like propaganda-scandalous.

Vainglorious Cognoscenti’ Indoctrination

How much does one person really need to live? To exist? You can bet your 1/99th slice of that apple the 1 percenters know exactly how little one person needs to survive in todays capitalist economy. They know right down to the penny. Anything over that, in their voracious-envisioned concept would be their definition of prosperity for the masses. Needless to say, much of that prosperity has to be borrowed from the debt-pushing banking institutions. In that manner, they even make more money (interest) off your borrowed prosperity. Cogent acceptance is the key that makes this portentous economy work, otherwise, we would just take our fair share. Admit the fact, that if there was 1 person in one room with all the apples, expecting 99 people to share only one apple, in reality, no holds barred, what do you think would happen? The one percenter person, in this room, would be overrun and the apples would be shared and distributed in a more equal fashion, even at the discretion of the “populace mentality”.

Prorated Proletariat

There would be people that would argue that the “populace” cannot govern itself. That it would be rampant and unorganized. Possibly. But to get to that point, you would have to “antagonize the multitude”. Why does there have to be a “mob mentality” at all? Because, that is the natural result when you give so little to so many, expecting them to accept and be content with the few scraps thrown from the 1 percenters plethora. A sense of anxiousness is always the element of the multitude because they really have no idea the power they have unified. If they did, that anxiousness and discord would be consecrated into one ominous force to be reckoned and feared by those who would be foolish enough to oppose. However, that never seems to happen because each person that makes up the mob is conquered and divided mentally. Brainwashed. If we followed the biblical cautionary guidance against “coveting”, then we would be unified with our neighbors, thus less susceptible to the “commercial citadel of babel” that convinces us, by the use of “covet level possessions”, to either buy that “covet level possession” or just be envious of thy neighbor.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on January 14, 2016

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The Bravura of Competition Piquant

Exposing Private Lies

We as human beings compete from natural instinctiveness. So it may seem. Has it been bred into us, inbred into us, or is it a greedy need to grasp something before someone else does? I do not believe this personally because I think, when we are born, we have no competitive nature other then to survive. We were given brains like no other species. Thus why do we still act like jackals scrounging and fighting over a gazelle killed and half eaten by a neighboring lion family. Is this a desired behavior, or a side effect of social decimation. We, as humans, everyday, think and act in terms of competition. We behave in this mannerism like it is natural instinct. That is a potentially dangerous scenario that, in most cases, ends in some form of languid conflict.

Children that come up through the school system are taught that competition is good for the spirit and character. From kindergarten, and up through high school, this idealism is forcefully forged into their impressionable brains. Everyone in the classroom is aware who is the top student, and who is the dunce. The teacher is the culprit that usually exposes the weaknesses and strengths of all the students. What is the exact reasoning for this exposure? Why does this progression have to be evident to everyone in the classroom? Is it because we as adults, want to push our children to these idiotic extremes that were never attained when we were young? Thus we allow the school system to employ the competitive empowerment that is more destructive then getting the strap from the principle.

The Foully of Forged Evolution

Has the school system and their teachers progressed? I would think that they have most likely regressed and are far worse then ever before especially in the capitalist environment. If you look up the definition of “competition” you will be negatively informed, contradicting your brainwashed impression of competition. When a child wants to play a sport, the school system only has room for a certain amount of participants to play on the “school teams” therefore, pick the cream of the recruits of all who apply to play. What percentage of students get to be on these teams? Depends on the size of the school. In a sense, everyone gets to participate in physical activity during “gym class” and that is the forum that the competitive destructiveness and constructiveness begins. All at he hands of the haughty, drill sergeant mentality, serf driving gym teacher.

Some children progress in this precarious environment and most children become scarred for life in this “boor huddle of torment”. Why then do it at all? Because, the school system has to provide a certain amount of physical activity for your children, therefore use this opportunity to sift out the undesirables and promote the 1 to 2 percent that may make the school teams. Usually this is a performance based criterion, “natural ability”, that is utilized, therefore systematically decimating the other undesirables’ will to compete. This also means that any children that could of been “taught this ability potential” will most likely not develop the motivation to evolve because their will has been “shot down in flames” by the process. Teaching involves patients, encouragement, and nurturing. Most gym teachers that have these qualities are not employed.

Social Disgrace 101

Schools in the last 20 to 30 years have become social runnels, ultimately leading the majority of students to mediocracy. Is this a desired social result? To the 1 percenters and wealthy, it is a successful deviant necessary to keep the majority of the population to remain without hope or prosperity. In basics, you become a slave mentally and physically because you will have no notion that you are enslaved and will work until you die or until you are just not useful anymore. What does this say about our education system? Not much, thus if you send you children to school because you need day care and do not stay attuned to their progress and mental well being, you might as well send you child right to the street to survive as social outcasts. Because that is where they may end up as prostitutes, porn actors, gang members, drug pushers, and/or junkies, or just plain homeless and destitute.

The “professional bum” analogy may exist, but is used as an excuse by certain individuals to avoid the mental need to help the helpless. Thus, you can see how competitively twisted out social thinking is when we evaluate who the “top bum or bums” may be. Perhaps we could develop a “bum championship system”. This synopsis probably would get ratings and would have more then enough participants. This would also increase the suicide ands murder rate, in turn, thinning out our population of social undesirables because lets face it, if you cannot be evaluated as a “top bum” or even a “ranking bum”, drastic measures would be utilized because what is left to lose? This thought is far from original because there are many movies, current and past, that use this epitome.

The Thrill of Agony, the Victory of Defeat

Sports, from grade school to university, ultimately leading to professional, minor or major, teams keep this contorted vying spirted and augmenting like a cloud of airborne viral contamination, infecting all who breathe this essence of voraciousness. We have all cheered on our home professional team populated with possibly 1 or none local players, in a championship series, in a mob like presence, possibly breaking into a riot if our team wins or loses all in the name of capitalist competition. On the other hand, it could be just an excuse to lute local businesses for the “covet level possessions” the most people struggle or cannot afford to buy. But let us not forget Olympic type sports and endeavors that basically produce the same reckonable causatum. The ultimate gag-reel for the wealthy and 1 percenters.

We that Reject Brainwashed Residuals

There are a lot of parents that are wise to this downfall of public or mass populated schools no matter if they are public, private, religious or not. These smart parents homeschool their children in attempt to teach their children proper values and educate them in stress free environments free of stupid competitive attainment. Does this work? It works because children learn better in controlled, happy environments when allowed to evolve and chose freely to aspire the directions that they would “naturally” take when given these opportunities free of bullying and tyrannical suppression. Parents that are smart enough to take this venue also teach their children the realities that they will face instead of sheltering the child, using (screened) current news events to show what society can be like negatively and positively. (Screened meaning no brainwashed main con stream media, advertising, programming with advertising or any medium sponsored by commercialism.)

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Originally Published on January 5, 2016

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Hollywood Idol Garrotter

Corny Maze of Idolatry

There are many illusive stories that come out of Hollywood, but this genus is my favorite. No one can be sure if it is real or just a way to draw people into the celebrity maze of worship. It is intriguing to say the least. It would make sense to draw more people back to the hobknob of the entertainment industry because a lot of people, now, are just not interested in Hollywood obloquy. There are (were) famous personalities running scared of this phenomenon and in some cases, created a small media storm in its wake. However, in the end, this rebellion, would be orchestrated into a aberrant rant or a drug-induced delirium. I mean really, how hard would it be to convince the main con stream media to abdicate the personality and satirize such a story?

Virtual Coliseum of Reality

Is there any truth to the obscure stories that seem to surface mostly in the alternative media hub? I think these stories are somewhat credible, once you sift out the ridicule and defamation woven into these reports (clips). Normal people would ask, “why would they make fun of these stories?”. A CEO of a corporation would answer, “to make the story more goading and salable”. My answer would be: they (CEO’s and the 1 percenters) want to make these claims look ridiculous thus people will be entertained and not take them seriously. What happens to the surviving personalities that make these claims? They usually bend to the galling because these claims usually prevents them from applying their trade and making money.

Actors, performers, entertainers are a commodity. These chattels represent large fortunes and investments conveying large potential, present and future, emoluments. Not to mention residuals. In the end, if the personality conforms and drops the accusations, in most cases, they are allowed to continue their vocation. But the damage has already gutted their career because people, are too gullible and, are too quick to imbibe the propaganda pabulum. In a nutshell, commercial corporate North America and the 1 percenters know their audience and know how to pull the executive strings. Psychology, to be sure, plays a large role when these solecisms slip out of control from the puppet master’s grasp.

Dubious Witness or Just Ludicrous

Vague stories seem to trickle out of Hollywood and other saltlicks of the entertainment industries about bribes, sexual abuse and coercion, murder, sacrifice, satanic rituals, pedophilia, rape, payola, etc.. Some of these stories seem to involve some of the greatest current actors, male and female, in accusations that borderline the unbelievable and ludicrous. Yet, these stories are there if one looks for them. Some of these reports even involve highly respected political figures. Alternative news streams have these stories in the population but are not on the surface. One must dig a bit to find them using key words and or phrases. Of course, what would serve as a competence criterion to the validity of these stories?

Certainly, whether true or not, the personalities involved would not dare to address these allegations for the simple reason of the obscure sources, or at least whatever sources, that were used having been defamed (debunked by gatekeepers) or left in obscurity. Thus, there would be no pressure to address these accusations, unless they were formally charged and had a lawyer present. Still, some of these celebrities tend to dance that fine line allowing these stories to circulate, possibly for extra exposure, or more likely because there is no real control over these sources and/or stories/reports. However, these stories must of spawned from somewhere.

Curve Ball of Coercion

Still, even personally watching or reading some of these stories gives me chills down my spine. I can think of one celebrity that, since I viewed a human sacrifice story involving that celebrity, I cannot sit through any of their movies anymore. I end up turning it off. Is this a desired result from the reading/viewing of these allegation stories? Possibly wanting that desired result for that particular personality? Or is it “just desserts”? But, that particular personality does not seem to be getting less famous on the overall entertainment spectrum. Could it be because that celebrity decided to “play ball” in order to circumvent this ominous publicity? I think, whether these allegations are true or not, the latter would be the most likely case.

Nonetheless, when these stories surface either by the celebrity in their own defence, when involving direct threats or allegations, legal or otherwise, or through some low key obscure alternative media stream, or orphaned story on a website, the results are the same. Unless the personality ends up dead by suicide, accident, natural causes or otherwise, the end always seems desperate, erratic, crazed, incoherent, self-inflicted and isolated. The ones that are smart enough to remain in the “light” seem to evade the permanent, destructive tailwinds of this slander machine once set in motion. Anyone thinking this is a new thing, should think again. You can read history books, that are used to educate our children, that are based on conjecture and fables.

Despoilment of the Benign

So whatever ominous entity exists that induces these events that seem so destructive and calumnious, remain in the shadows creeping about like a chameleon, never to be clearly seen or heard. Specifically, it is not mysterious at all. It is just a group of wealthy or hired individuals, assembled by the 1 percenters. Their purpose is to brainwash and control the masses. An effective method is to control the entertainment industry and productions, to ensure their slimed quilled epitaph is followed to the letter, and any deviation will result in enigmatical dubiety, or death and mayhem.

People would like to think the world is a straight forward place with no real mysteries to challenge our narrow thought process. But that is not because we cannot think in the abstract. It is because, we were weaned and nurtured off censured information in the attempt to keep the masses calm and compliant, and easily led into slavery, serving the 1 percenters idealism of what society should become. In reality, it is just a bunch of overly greedy people that cannot give up or share their legacies and wealth that has been inherited on to them from generation to generation.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on December 20, 2015

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Good Old Fashioned Divorce

Cold Shoulder to Cheat On

Marriages and relationships are becoming a disposable institution. Matrimony just does not seem to have any value and, for a price, can wiped away like it never existed. First sign of trouble or disagreement, people, want a divorce and/or separation. Even though they gave their vows, “for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, until death do they part”, just seems to be a phrase that means absolutely nothing. We cannot kid ourselves no longer. It happens far too frequently to have any real meaning to the individual that initiates the separation/divorce. People that vow to this promise, and break it, do not show any remorse after the separation or the divorce. In some extreme cases, some individuals celebrate the death of a marriage.

For Vanity, not Worse, Definitely not in Sickness, Only Health, For Richer, but Definitely not Poorer, Until it Gets Tough, Do We Part

Many marriages suffer from infidelity, money problems, social problems, alcohol and substance abuse issues, physical and mental abuse, child and sexual abuse and/or just plain compatibility (communication) problems. The latter (communication) is the most likely common culprit that breaks up marriages. Interfering friends, relatives, etc. that only serve as a communication barrier to the couple trying to work it out. How many times have you heard from a family member or so called friend, “she/he should just leave him/her”. Most likely if the couple were talking to a priest, cleric, or even a marriage counsellor, these individuals would offer some sort of reconciliation solution or plan to follow.

Two-Faced Division Decisions

So why are couples so hell bent on leaving each other. Morality plays a role, and just common faith in religion. No matter what a person’s religion is, the marriage institution is a sacred bond between two people. Even if the ceremony is performed by a judge, the matrimony ceremony is performed as a sacred bond between the couple. Thus, once married, the two people have vowed to spend their lives with one another no matter what happens until death do they part. So why is the law, and/or society so light on the occurrence of divorce. If a spouse leaves another spouse for little or no reason, then why should these individuals be able to file for the separation or divorce without at least submitting provable, valid reasons why the separation/divorce should take place. Biblically, most reasons for divorce and separation occurrences are not supported and would not be tolerated.

Heart Breaker, Law Shaker

Women argue that is has to be this way because if it was not, the woman would be trapped in the marriage. But they neglect to recognize that the man also is bound to the institution, and should not either be able to end it arbitrarily. Women should be bound to the marriage just as much as the man. If you take vows for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, until death do we part, what part of those vows are unclear? Most men and women are unfit to enter the matrimony of marriage, simply because they have not been taught proper values and the true meaning of marriage. They think it is a big party and a way to get money (gifts). It is regarded as an illusive vanity parade for the youth, vowing to each other for at least the length of the honeymoon. Thus hopefully, if you are entering this institution, you are planning a long honeymoon, just in case you want it to last more then a couple of days.

Tongue Tied Twisted Tongue-Lashing

Some women and men, or both, would argue: “hey, we wrote our own vows”. Ok, so what vows were written? I do not buy that excuse because, only a fool would agree to “for vanity, not worse, definitely not in sickness, only health, for richer, but definitely not poorer, until it gets tough, do we part”. I mean really. Most written vows, even poorly written, promise more. Most written vows are fairly close to God’s traditional vows: “for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, until death do we part”. This is because, you have to promise something, or it is not a vow. Religious or not, it is still a commitment to keep the marriage sacred. Forsake all others. Even if it is a marriage performed under the Satan religion, the vows extensively pledge both bride and groom to each other’s service forever. So, what does this mean? It means people do things for vain and pecuniary reasons, not spiritual reasons. Possibly, they will come up with capitalist vows that promise vanity, wealth, and material. But I think we covered that genus.

For Copious We Trust, Fissured We Stand

When two corporations merge, they become one. Sometimes the entities will retain their identity, sometimes the smaller entities are fazed out or “swallowed-up”. It could also mean “all chewed up and spit out”. Exactly. We, even if we do not know it, are by-products of capitalism. So we act, even when getting married, like possessed “agents of fortune” from hell. But we covered that, because even a marriage in hell promises more. So, what category does a marriage in commercial corporate North America reside? Shekels. It seems to be a harsh reality, but true. Most people will end marriages because it is not “turning a profit”. Not economically feasible. Not copious. At the same time, people will stay in marriages that are profiting, at least until they can find a lawyer that will not take most of the divorce spoils. That usually indicates a lover that happens to be a lawyer.

Prenuptial agreements may prevent people from marrying strictly for money. But that is only imposed if one or the other, or both, are wealthy and greedy at heart, or just have no trust for their fiancé. Either way, that sort of an agreement, in my opinion, puts a large calmant of mistrust in the marriage, thus will be doomed for failure, at least until a swanker suitor appears on the horizon.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on December 14, 2015

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Renewable Energized Corporate Prototyped Nepotism

I Just do not Have the Power, Captain!

What is renewable energy anyway? Energy that is somehow recaptured? Recycled? Or is it just a way of saying, “In order to make renewable resources cost efficient, we have to tax the royal ordure out of the tax payer”. Yes, if you look at the trending bandwagon on renewable energy, or anything recyclable for that matter, commercial corporate North America has to make sure it turns a profit before it can be adopted to save the environment. I mean, in a capitalistic society, making money is the first and foremost priority. They just would like you to think they really give a “night soil”.

We have had renewable energy capabilities for about a century. We have wind and solar power that is anything but new. I remember, a science project in the 6th grade. Our project was making solar cells from the bottoms of old beer bottles that would capture and retain heat, to transfer this heat into an electrical charge, through a wire (induction) to light up a small watt light bulb. It did not require anything out of the ordinary or illusive like technology corporations would like everyone to think, thus enabling these corporations to put astronomical price tags on solar and wind systems. These systems are very simple technology. Besides, energy cannot be destroyed. Only change form. Ergo, who gave corporations the right to over-charge us (the masses) for naturally produced energy technology.

From REO Speedwagon to Greenie o Bandwagon

However, the issue is, if they (corporations) sell these systems for an affordable price, whereby the “average joe” can buy a system and be 90% off the grid, what will that do to their profit margins? That would be unacceptable. They need to keep the masses “hooked” on petroleum energy so they can keep the “pecuniary strings” attached. Keep control of the peasants for the 1 percenters. You know, keep the carbon foot print large enough so they can start taxing us (the masses) to pay for their “Greenie o Bandwagon”, which is a feeble attempt to make anything with “Green” stamped on it’s label something new and vibrant that will save the earth. Sounds like “fools gold” turning our fingers “green”.

Made by Flower Power.

These systems most likely (solar and wind) would take a huge bite out of the carbon foot print. Why then make them expensive? Why not offer government subsidies (real subsidies) that kick back some money to the “average joe (or jane)” that goes into astronomical hock when purchasing these systems? This does not seem to be an obvious incentive or a incentive at all for the masses, making this only affordable for the wealthy and the 1 percenters. When shopping for these systems, you can quickly see that they are charging people about $800.00 to $1000.00 per kilowatt of generation. IE: You will pay about one dollar per watt for the initial system. That does not include the storage batteries, system integration to your electrical panel, etc.. This ratio is much higher for solar systems.

Anyone that says these systems are affordable, are selling these systems. There are plenty of ways to make these systems from scratch, and a lot of people are sharing this information, some for a profit, enabling people to attempt to get off the grid, but are not likely solutions for the layman. Tesla, in his time devised a way to generate free power for people and was successful, but anyone familiar with that story, knows how that story ended. Large fortunes, at that time, were made from the generation and selling of power, so why give it away? Commercial corporate North America, or any profit orientated country, just could not fathom that concept. Thus, the rest is history, or at least what the banal history books say.

Recycled Psycho Technology

In the 50’s and earlier, there were recyclable bottles and containers that people had to pay a deposit and as long as they returned these containers, would not have to repay this deposit and buy just the product. Great system. Thus, how did the disposable container take priority over the returnable (recyclable) container? Did they not think that this would create a disposal problem? Or did they even think at all other then how much more money they could make and how many jobs they could eliminate and increase their already large profit margins. Brilliant! Just bury the disposable, non-biodegradable substances in the ground and let future generations worry about the problem.

Who is Going to Pay For What I Already Paid For?

Even now, with dump sites encouraging people to recycle certain recyclable materials, setting up recycle bins and/or areas, does not go far enough because it is only encouraged and not mandatory. EI: Some people just do not get it and still dump recyclable material to get buried. Incentives could be used to encourage more recycling because, lets be honest: if I buy something that has a recyclable container, I paid for that container, thus I should get something back for that container when I recycle that material. Therefore, I would go out of my way to recycle more because I am getting some money to recycle what I paid for in the first place.

However, recycle collectors and dealers that are corporations, would have to kick back some money for these collections. Could this happen? Sure it could, but then, our government is the only entity that could enforce such a policy. Instead, our government (commercial corporate North America) infringes eco fees on certain things like tires, electronics and other products. Great strategy. Piss off the consumer. That way, a portion of these consumers, will dump these products to be buried, just out of plain spite.

The Eroding Cornerstone of our Community

In a nutshell, corporate and profit mentality is why we are in this mess in the first place. So, why would we (the masses) have to pay for their brilliant idiocy? Because corporations cannot, by policy, pay for cleaning up their own messes that would cut into their hard earned profits. That would make no sense and would overload their corporate slide rule, cookie cutter apperception. One could attempt to use the argument that these large corporations employ lots of people, therefore have the right to use this scrutiny. But that opinion is only shared by people that have the good fortune of retaining their jobs over the many that have been victims of curtailment and downsizing. You must also realize that cities, including the one you live in, are nothing more then corporations, so it is easy to see how other corporations can enter you city gates, to rape and pillage. They all (Corporations) speak the same language. Greed.

Company Recycled Union Reunion Communion

Yes, there are unionized labor forces in some of these companies. But if you look closely at these unions, they are highly integrated with the corporations (companies). Unions are corporations, so this integration is easily manifested. And, everyone knows that most union officials are very easily bought. Companies basically own any union that represent their labor force. I guess it would be fitting to say, “Recycled Unions”. Because, everyone knows that most of the “real unions” were busted up in the eighties and nineties. Thus, the companies (corporations) seen an opportunity to pick up the union pieces and recycle them into the “company owned unions”.

This enables the company (corporation) to pull the strings from behind the “cloak room” and spy on their employees at the same time, getting rid of the troublemakers that know the labor legislation. In other words, purge anyone out that would have a backbone and stand up for there labor rights before they are “officially” accepted into the union. This can turn into an infinite amount of time, depending on how much money you have to pay to be a permanent union member ($1000.00), and/or how long they can keep you on part time status, which would not entitle you to be a full fledge member. What is worse is they steal union dues from you, in the mean time, because it comes right off your paycheck.

Quid Pro Status Quo

To put it plainly, large corporations just do not support municipal communities anymore. They do not employ the numbers they did in the past, therefore really have no entitlement to the “pillar of the community” title once enjoyed before they cut the throats of the blue collar, backbone workers in exchange for computerized, automation, robotics and/or labor outsourcing (using other countries with little or no labor laws for slave labor). Nothing really new. They have been doing this since the 80’s. There are many corporations that hire a fair number of people, IE: department store chains, call centers, but nothing like the numbers employed in the past. The final analysis would not be favorable to these corporations. Most of these places do not pay much more then minimum wage. These corporations really do not promise people, that have this misfortune of working there, much more then a fop suit, and possibly a matching hat or silly dress codes. These corporations do not offer prosperity or pensions. Therefore, setting up a futuristic, social, disastrous nightmare. Who will clean that up? You can bet the 1 percenters and corporations will scheme around that social decimation.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on December 8, 2015

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Application to Madness (Corporate Employment Dictatorship)

Equal Opportunity Spoiler

I recently applied for a position in a certain large industrial fabrication corporation looking for continuity testers. I was optimistic about this position because the position was a union job which would of commanded a respectable wage. I surprisingly got an interview and they said they would have a “small test” included (exact words). I dug up my old college books, found some practice tests that simulated similar test questions related to this sort of position. Having the correct college background for this vocation, I figured it would be a shoe in for me and was fairly confident, even though I had 2 days to study in preparation for the test.

Because they said “short test”, I was not too worried about the test itself, however, I have been caught like that before, not being prepared with my mind “in gear”, for that type of scrutiny. Thus I studied for hours, until I was scoring 90 to 100 % on the practice testing. So I was ready, and was very confident as I approached the interview time, and thought I had absolutely nothing to lose. Was I wrong? Dammed right I was wrong. I mean, you cannot trust corporate logic to do the predictable. But you can certainly trust them to do the underhanded and ambiguous.

So I went to the interview. I was 15 minutes early. The interviewers were 15 minutes late. I was not impressed. I do not think that has ever happened. At least not to me, and I have been to many interviews of all types, for many different vocations. Never did I wait more then 5 minutes to get into the interview. Because it was at 10:00 am, I figured they were on a coffee break. But, they certainly have nothing to prove. They can get away with anything, because they are the “interviewers”.

Don’t Worry, All you Need is a Time Machine to Finish the Test!

So they hit me with the standard interview type questions, trying to trip me up, but I was composed and prepared thus aced through that part of the interview. At the end, they said it was time for the test, so they flopped a schematic binder on the table in front of me, along 3 different electrical/electronic components, and a fluke voltmeter(All part of the test). They handed over a 5 page test and said “you have 15 minutes”. Now, anyone in their right mind would of said “you are joking, right?”. But being a moron, I tried to do the test.

I completed the first page, and a couple of questions on the next page, but the time was up. I knew I messed up some of the questions I did complete, and was sure it was an instant failure. They said that no one completes the test. Really? And then it dawned on me. Just tell the “preferred” applicants what is on the test, provided they even have to do the test. But at that point, my hopes were completely shattered. I put on my coat and left. I cannot explain the lowness I felt leaving that building. But, what do you expect from interviewers that barely know the interviewing position. It is obvious they were looking for experience (even though the job ad did not state this). Clearly, my resume showed that I had zero experience, so why even ask me to the interview?

My Master Wrote Me a Quota!

Quotas. They need to interview a certain amount of people off the street (to satisfy that pain in the ass human rights organization and give the appearance they are an equal opportunity employer). Thus setting them up to fail, giving them (HR) the opportunity (unbeknown to the head corporate office) to squeeze in their family members and buddies before anyone else (which gives you an idea how disconnected those overpaid, corporate office CEOs, and executives are to the branch offices). If you dispute this, then you are obviously related to some one that hired you. If the test is impossible to pass, or even get 50%, and you complain that they discriminated you in some way, they can say, “no, he failed the entrance test”. Of course, they would not admit to the ridiculous time limit to do the lengthy test. Now most of you may say, “companies all have policies against hiring relatives”. Well you can live that illusion if you like, because it is just a policy. In other words, if you believe that, I have some swamp land I would love to sell you.

I Would be Happy to Kneel Under your Desk, Master!

Now, this also sets you up further, if by some miracle they still want to hire you, because you will be in total shock that they are actually giving you the position . Thus, you will be their total corporate slut, at least for the first 3 months anyway, snivelling and grovelling, basically kissing their corporate asses until your lips get gangrene. And that, my friends, is exactly how they want their corporate slaves, err, employees to act. Like little whining, subordinate maggots, bowing down to kiss their royal, corporate anuses. And the most hilarious thing is, the interviewers, (HR) do not have a clue, but because they want to keep their cushy, overpaid positions, and squeeze in their relatives, will not question the ridiculous interview methods, dictated to them (HR), to inflict.

Land of the Grave, Home of the Bereaved

Corporate North America has the worst reputation in the world for employers. It used to be the other way around, but now, it is reversed. If you really looked at the big picture in the last 25 years, how corporate North America has basically cut the throats of the blue collar worker, the backbone of society, and how these victims and their families have fallen from grace. Unemployment, bankruptcy, homelessness, prostitution, substance abuse, alcoholism, murder, fraud, theft, larceny, human trafficking, etc., all by-products of corporate commercial North America’s greedy, capitalistic nightmare orchestrated by the wealthy and the 1 percenters. Why are the 1 percenters so hell bent on turning North America into the “New Third World Continent”?

Because they are “pigs” in the true sense of the word. They have no concept of justice or sharing. They are so greedy that generation after generation are just taught to be more greedy, clutching on to there insane fortunes, devising brand new ways to screw the common person over and over again, keeping their pockets full of money, while your grandparents starve in a under funded old folks home. Is that your fate? Let us hope not. Be optimistic. But wait, that is exactly what the 1 percenters want you to be, so you will be blinded to their hands rummaging through your pockets one last time, trying to steal your last few pennies you managed to keep from their clutches thus far.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on November 30, 2015

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Step-Mother of Inventions. Did I not see that before?

Full 360 Asphalt Pirouettes

I remember a while back, decade or two ago, a Mad Magazine article about the evolution of the roller skate, whereby it evolved into the roller blade, and back again. By the article’s illustration, the wheels went from side by side horizontal alignment, slowly intersecting vertically, then slowly back to the horizontal, (original) alignment. Thus showing a loop of inventions, or more realistically, modifications, of the roller skate, to the roller blade, right back to the roller skate. I thought the article (comic) was priceless because it showed the folly of original creation. The surrogate of innovation. The Step-Mother of invention.

Genuine Intention or Intensive Forgery

Inventions have and still are, built off something else, an idea, or article, or sometimes a series of articles or ideas already though of or created. This has always been the norm and as long as the outcome was genuinely original, then it received a patent for the idea or prototype, or actual creation. Intellectual creations can be registered/patented as original, but are extremely difficult to prove if someone plagiarizes. Still, these systems are in place and are anything but inexpensive to utilize, thus making it a system for the wealthy and the 1 percenters (corporations) to use after they steal the original thought from an employee or an unsuspecting inventor/artist submitting their idea/material for evaluation.

Songwriter Competition! Win a Trip to Nashville and Meet the Stars!

I mean lets be serious. Why do you think Nashville had so many famous artists with fabulous, original material that are No. 1 hits? Because these artists were talented, or good for that matter? We have all seen the obscure ads in magazines, papers, new rags, asking people to submit their material (poems/music) for evaluation for different motivations, like stardom, fame, money, prizes. But in a nutshell, it was a scam to steal your intellectual property. Where else do you think these halfwit artists get their material? From you dummy. Most of these artists are not artists. They are performers/musicians that never had an original thought in their lives.

Invention Prevention Protection for the Relentless Pretentious

To be fair, their are some artists that have made it through the swine dribble, able to perform their original material, but few and far between. If you think I am just spit-balling, then just take a look at all the patents that Tesla submitted and how few came to reality. Why? Because he had no interest in serving the wealthy and the 1 percenters. He wanted to serve the masses even though he was spawned from a wealthy family. Thus the 1 percenters (mainly Edison) made it their goal in life to trash Tesla at every turn. Despite all the reputation trouncing and defamation, Tesla is still today a very respected and renown inventor. He died broke by the way.

Publishing Stealing House

Internet publishing makes things a bit easier to submit original thoughts, create a following, make money, but all in all, has not solved the problem of plagiarism. It has made it far worse, sort of speak, because there are some people on the internet that have mastered the “high jacking” of intellectual property. If you come out with an original thought, they will “high jack” it and call it their own. If a movie is in the theater or a new CD/Blu ray have been released, they “high jack” the internet stream and publish it via VPN (virtual private network), torrents, or both. The more unexperienced “high jackers” just upload the content to YouTube to get several thousand hits to make some fast money before the material is taken off their channel by the internet anti-plagiarizing entity. Who are, or what is this entity? I don’t know.

Cannot say I feel sorry for the corporations or greedy performers/musicians/actors/producers that plagiarized the material in the first place. But I do feel for the legitimate artists/musicians/actors/producers that are genuinely trying to promote their original material. You see I left out corporations in the latter statement. I mean, why feel sorry for those money grabbers. Corporations are like the mafia, or syndicate (and the mafia does exists), always trying to make money off the blood and sweat of others.

Hollywood Street Sweepers

Hollywood is a mess and always has been and always will be until they, all of the sudden, clean up their act, which will never happen. Hollywood has a foundation of death, prostitution, broken ambitions, ideals, dreams, that forms a cess pond of lust and destruction fuelled from the original thoughts of unsuspecting residum. It is a wonder that anything good can be spawned from that corporate stench mill of venality. The key word here is corporation, corporate, conjoint, hoarded, syndicated. If you are in, you are just a tool, or fool of compliance for the top executives that are just puppets for the 1 percenters.

Go Back to your Plow, Johnny!

So, if you are thinking of starting your career in Hollywood, please think again and find something else to do, unless this description excites you. Then, by all means, go for it, and good luck. In a nutshell, there is nothing truly original, but if you come up with a good idea, do not tell your employer. Work with it yourself. Try to manifest the idea on your own, then try to sell the idea in pieces, keeping the key pieces until you see some money. Promises of money means, “give us your idea and we will evaluate it’s marketability, then, don’t call us, we will call you.” Next thing you know, you see your idea making millions of dollars for the 1 percenters who have written you off totally, into ambiguity. In other words, “who are you again?” they will deny any collaboration with you.

Just a Good, Red Blooded All Corporate North American Thief

Step-Mothers of Invention are everywhere. They are the ones that stole an original idea, or just took credit for the creation that was not originally successful or orphaned. There are so many examples of this plagiaristic phenomenon that it is almost getting to be accepted as normal, red blooded behavior. You will notice that I said, “almost” because we that are not brainwashed to think that this is normal behavior, think it is iniquitous and attuned, mutilated ruminative. Original thought processes are obtained from inspiration and integrity, which is why I think, their are only a few individuals that are truly capable. Mainly because there are too many money grubbing people that get lured to the rapacious.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on November 21, 2015

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